Gong was a French–Anglo musical collective that existed through numerous iterations over a four-decade period, starting in 1969. During the first half of the 1970s, the band operated as a space-rock performance act under the leadership of Australian-born guitarist–vocalist Daevid Allen. Later in the decade, Gong steered toward jazz-rock with drummer–percussionist Pierre Moerlen affixed to […]


Spheroe was a French jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1977, followed by Primadonna in 1978, both on the specialty label Cobra. Members: Gérard Maimone (piano, vibraphone, synthesizer), Michel Perez (guitar), Rido Bayonne (bass, percussion), Patrick “Cactus” Garel (drums, percussion)   Spheroe formed in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, in 1972. Drummer Patrick “Cactus” Garel was […]


Arachnoïd were a French symphonic/space-rock band that released a self-titled album on Divox in 1979. It was later reissued by archivists Musea and has since become a holy grail of the nation’s ’70s scene, alongside releases by Ange, Atoll, Carpe Diem, Mona Lisa, Pulsar, and Shylock. Members: Patrick Woindrich (bass, guitar, vocals), Michel Pilot (rhythm […]


Artcane was a French symphonic-rock band that released the album Odyssée on Philips in 1977. Members: Alain Coupel (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals), Jack Mlynski (guitar, vocals), Stanislas Belloc (bass, vocals), Daniel Locci (drums, percussion) Odyssée Artcane assembled in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in 1973. They recorded their singular album, Odyssée, in 1976 and released it the following year […]

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem was a French space-rock band that released two albums on Arcane/Crypto between 1975 and 1977. Members: Christian Truchi (organ, synthesizer, piano, lead vocals), Gilbert Abbenanti (guitar, 1970-77), Alain Bergé (bass, 1970-77), Claude Méchard (drums, 1970-74), Claude “Marius” David (soprano saxophone, flute, percussion, 1974-79), Alain Faraut (drums, percussion, 1974-79), Georges Ferrero (bass, 1977-79), Gérald […]

Cossi Anatz

Cossi Anatz were a French contemporary jazz ensemble that released the half-live/half-studio album Jazz Afro-Occitan on Disques Vendémiaire/Palm in 1975. The band was led by multi-instrumentalist/composer Michel Marre and featured his percussionist/reedist brother Claude Marre, both fresh from the big-band Le Collectif le Temps des Cerises. Drummer René Nan had been a backing player for […]


Chalibaude were a French folk quartet of the mid-1970s. The band comprised half of the eight-piece Francis Guillon et Son Orchestre on the 1975 one-off Spécial Danse 8. Members: Christian Bonneault (Guitars, Bass, Crumhorn, Banjo, Vocals), Georges Felletin (Violin, Organ), Jean Chevalier (Drums, Percussion, Flute), Michel Lefort (Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Flute, Vocals) Drummer/percussionist Jean […]


 Asgard were a French folk combo that released two albums in the late-1970s. The band coalesced mid-decade around the trio of Bernard Darsch, Patrick Grandpierron, and William Lawday.   Members: Patrick Grandpierron (Vocals, Flute [Irlandaise], Dulcimer, Psaltery), William Lawday, Bernard Darsh, Daniel Mantovani (Guitar), Dominique Urruty (Bass, Steel Guitar, Vocals), Dominique Labarre (Keyboards, Vocals), Umberto […]


Sourdeline are a French folk ensemble that was primarily active as a recording unit during the late 1970s. Formed in 1974, the band recorded two albums for the folk label Discovale. Members: Catherine Burban (vocals, psaltery, dulcimer, spinet), Jean-Pierre Danielsen (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, flute, crumhorn), Jean-Pierre Dalongeville (vocals, guitar, mandocello, mandolin, sitar, crumhorn, 1974-79), Jacky […]

Six Cylindres en V

Six Cylindres en V were a French avant-jazz/rock band from Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, that released the album Dernier Cri on Ayaa Disques in 1984. Members: Yves Colombain (trombone), Patrick Cuisance (saxophone, flute), Marin Favre (vocals, saxophone, violin, percussion, baryton), Yves Menut (vocals, trumpet, flügelhorn), Antoine Prawerman (clarinet, bass, vocals), Jean-Marc Sohier (tuba), Benoît Proust (drums, percussion) […]


Catharsis were a French jazz-rock/psych band that released two albums with accompanying singles on Saravah in 1971/72, followed by four further albums on assorted labels, including two on Sonopresse between 1974 and 1976. Members: Roland Bocquet (Farfisa organ, piano, vocals), Niles Brown (guitar, violin, vocals), Charlotte (vocals, violin), Yves de Roubaix (guitar, vocals), Charles Eddie […]


Frantz were a French chanson-psych band that released the album Peut-être aux yeux-silence… on Cat Records in 1970. Members: Jean-François Perrier (acoustic guitar), Gilles Papiri (bass), François Auger (drums), Yves Chouard (electric guitar), Dominique Perrier (organ), Vincent Geminiani (percussion), Alain Wisniak (piano) Discography: Peut-être aux yeux-silence… (1970)


C.O.M.A. (Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik) were a French New Wave band that released a self-titled album on Flamingo in 1979. The band changed its name to Charles de Goal for a four-album run on New Rose between 1980 and 1986, during which time the members also moonlighted as Danse Macabre. Members: Patrick Blain (guitar, bass, […]

ADN’ Ckrystall

ADN’ Ckrystall were a French cold-wave project from Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, that released the album Jazz’ Mad on self-press ADN in 1982. The project was the brainchild of electronic musician Erick Moncollin, who resurrected the nameplate for a further round of releases during the 21st century. Members: Erickrystall Moncollin (synthesizer), Majna (percussion, 1977-78), Prakash (flute, guitar, […]

Jean-Luc Ponty

Jean-Luc Ponty is a French violinist who has been musically active since the early 1960s. Jean-Luc Ponty was born in Avranches, France, on September 29, 1942, to a pianist mother and a violinist father. At 18, he graduated with the Premier Prix from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. For the next three […]


Zoo were a French sax-rock band that released three albums with accompanying singles on Riviera between 1969 and 1972. Members: Michel Bonnecarrère (guitar), Tony Canal (trumpet), Daniel Carlet (saxophone, violin), Joël Daydé (vocals, 1968-70), Christian Devaux (drums), Pierre Fanen (guitar, 1968-70), André Hervé (keyboards), Michel Hervé (bass), Michel Ripoche (saxophone, violin, trombone), Ian Bellamy (vocals, […]

Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre is a French keyboardist and sound technician who has been active since the start of the 1970s, recording first as a soundtrack composer. He gained global prominence with his 1976 release Oxygène, which brought electronic music to a wider audience. He released more than 15 further titles over next quarter-century, mostly on Disques […]


ZNR were a French avant-garde/electro-classical duo that released the popular album Barricade 3 on Isadora in 1976, followed by Traité de Mécanique Populaire on SCOPA Invisible in 1978. The nameplate derived from the surname’s of the two members: Zazou and Racaille. Members: Hector Zazou, Joseph Racaille Discography: Barricade 3 (1976) Traité de Mécanique Populaire (1978)


Zed was the performance moniker of French electronic musician Bernard Szajner, who used the nameplate for his 1979 debut effort Visions of Dune. Subsequently, he reverted back to his real name and released a string of albums during the early 1980s. Discography: Visions of Dune (1979)


Zao was a French Zeuhl ensemble that was active during the 1970s and again at sporadic intervals during subsequent decades. They released five albums on Vertigo, Urus, and RCA between 1973 and 1977. Members: François Faton Cahen (piano, keyboards), Yochk’o Seffer (saxophone, clarinet, flute, tarogato, voice, piano, 1972-76, 1986, 1994, 2004-present), Mauricia Platon (vocals, 1972-74), […]


Zanov is the performance name of French electronic musician Pierre Zalkazanov, who released two albums in the Berlin School-vein in 1976 and 1977. A third album followed in 1983, after which he went quiet until the 2010s when a growing cult around his reissued works prompted a comeback. Since 2014, he has released two CDs […]


Ys were a French folk band that released the album Madame la Frontière on Philips in 1976. Members: Renée Werneer (vocals, violin, tin whistle, dulcimer), Pascal Stive (vocals, clavichord), Jacky Thomas (vocals, bass), Michel Santangeli (vocals, drums, percussion), Pierre Chérèze (guitar) Discography: Madame la Frontière (1976)

Yan Tregger

Yan Tregger is a French composer and vocalist who released numerous library recordings on assorted labels during the 1970s. Discography: Pictures (1970) Freezing Point (1972) Magnum (1973) Stories (1973) Schifters (1974 • Jacky Giordano & Yan Tregger) Rythmiques statiques (1977) Catchy (1978) Ducks and Drakes (1979) Yann Tregger Orchestra (1980) Bloodnight (12ème Festival International de […]


Wurtemberg were a French classical/folk ensemble that released the album Rock Fantasia Opus 9 on Sterne in 1980. Members: Alain Carbonare (organ, piano, acoustic guitar, lyre, bass psaltery, tenor psaltery), Bernard Maitre (synthesizer, dulcimer, xylophone), Gilles Michault-Bonnet (flute, saxophone), Michel Richard (electric guitar, soprano psaltery), Alain Demeusy (bass), Jean-Pierre Garbin (drums), Jean-Marie Hausser (drums) Discography: Rock […]

Working Progress

Working Progress were a French jazz-funk band that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1975. Members: Tony Bonfils (bass, vocals), Jean-Claude Chanavat (guitar), Fernando Martin (piano), Bunny Brunel (double bass), André Ceccarelli (drums), Michel Delaporte (percussion), R. Ceccarelli (vocals), J. David (saxophone, flute), Jean Costa (trombone), R. Laily (trumpet) Discography: Working Progress (1975)


Weidorje were a French Zeuhl band that released a self-titled album on Cobra in 1978. The project was headed by once-and-future Magma members Bernard Paganotti and Patrick Gauthier, who both played on the 1976 album Üdü Ẁüdü, which featured a song called “Weidorje.” Members: Bernard Paganotti (bass, vocals), Patrick Gauthier (keyboards), Kirt Rust (drums), Jean-Philippe […]


Volapük were a French avant-rock band that released four studio albums and a live disc between 1995 and 2003, three of which were issued on Cuneiform. The band was headed by ex-Etron Fou Leloublan drummer Guigou Chenevier. Members: Guigou Chenevier (drums, marimba, vocals, keyboards, sanza), Guillaume Saurel (cello, flute), Michel Mandel (clarinet, bass clarinet, tárogató), […]


Voyage were a French electro/space-funk band that released four albums on Sirocco between 1977 and 1982. Members: Marc Chantereau (vocals, keyboards, percussion), Pierre-Alain Dahan (lead vocals, drums, percussion), Slim Pezin (vocals, guitars, percussion), Sauveur Mallia (bass) Discography: Voyage (1977) Fly Away (1978) Voyage 3 (1980) One Step Higher (1982)


Vortex were a French Zeuhl band that released a self-titled album on JBP in 1975, followed by the popular Les Cycles de Thanatos on F.L.V.M. in 1979. Members: Jean-Pierre Vivante (keyboards), Jacques Vivante (bass), Jean-Francois Trouillet (flute, 1975-77), Gerard Jolivet (saxophone, clarinet), Francois Gerald (drums, 1975-77), Maurice Sonjon (vibraphone, xylophone, 1976-79), Alain Chaleard (xylophone, vibraphone, […]


Visitors — alternately known as Force 5 — was a French space-rock project comprising some of the nation’s leading library and jazz-rock musicians. The project had two iterations: the first with a self-titled album on Decca in 1974; the second with an eponymous release on Montage in 1981. Members: Gerard Brent (vocals, guitar), Marc Attali […]


Vertø was a French electronic/Zeuhl project headed by guitarist Jean-Pierre Grasset and featuring contributions by Benoît Widemann and members of Potemkine. The project yielded two albums on the experimental small-press labels Pôle and Fléau between 1976 and 1978. Members: Jean-Pierre Grasset Discography: Krig / Volubilis (1976) Reel 19.36 (1978)

Univeria Zekt

Univeria Zekt were an alter ego of French super-band Magma, supplanting the popular nameplate for the 1972 release The Unnamables on Thélème Philips. Members: Christian Vander (drums, vocals, percussion), Klaus Blasquiz (vocals, percussion), Francis Moze (bass, organ), François Faton Cahen (piano), Claude Engel (guitar, flute, vocals), Teddy Lasry (saxophone, flute, organ), Jeff “Yochk’o” Seffer (saxophone), […]


Trust was a French art-rock/psych band that released the album Le Mutant on Philips in 1970. Members: Charles Benarroch, Denys Lable, Jacky Chalard, Jean Schultheis Background Trust assembled in Paris in 1969 when percussionist Charles Benarroch and bassist Jacky Chalard teamed with guitarist Denys Lable and keyboardist Jean Schultheis. Benarroch (b. 1944) first recorded in […]

Trisomie 21

Trisomie 21 are a French coldwave combo that released two EPs and five albums on Stechak, Scarface, and PIAS between 1983 and 1989. Members: Philippe Lomprez (drums, vocals), Hervé Lomprez (guitars, keyboards), Laurent Dagnicourt (bass, ?-1992), Bruno Objoie (guitar, 1989-present) Discography: Le Repos des enfants heureux (EP, 1983) Passions Divisées (1984) Wait & Dance (EP, […]


Triode was a French jazz-rock and folk band that released the 1971 album On n’a pas fini d’avoir tout vu on Futura. Members: Michel Edelin (flute), Pierre Chérèze (guitar), Pierre-Yves Sorin (bass), Didier Hauck (drums) Triode formed when flutist Michel Edelin teamed with guitarist Pierre Chérèze, drummer Didier Hauck, and contrabassist Pierre-Yves Sorin. On n’a […]


Triangle were a French sax-rock/psych band that debuted with a pair of singles on Odeon in 1969, followed by three albums with accompanying shortplayers on Pathé between 1970 and 1973. Members: Papillon [Gérard Fournier] (bass, vocals, 1967-73), Pierre Fanen (guitar, 1967-69), Jean-Pierre Prevotat (drums), Alain Renaud (guitar, 1969), François Jeanneau (saxophone, keyboards, 1970-74), Paul Farges […]

Treponem Pal

Treponem Pal were a French art-rock band that debuted a single on self-press Calista in 1976, followed by an eponymous album on Gratte-Ciel in 1977. Members: Laurent De Gasperis (bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Serge Baumer (drums, percussion), Alain Berquez (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Gary Picketson (piano, electric piano, lead vocals), Pierre […]

Speed Limit

Speed Limit were a French jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Le Chant du Monde in 1974, followed by a second eponymous title on RCA Victor in 1975. Members: George Jinda (drums, percussion), Yochk’o Jeff Seffer (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, vocals), Jean-Louis Bucchi (electric piano, piano, vocals), Gérard […]

Transit Express

Transit Express were a French jazz-rock quartet that released three albums on RCA Victor during the mid-1970s. On the third album — Couleurs Naturelles (1977) — the band were joined by American violinist David Rose, who plied a similar vein of music on his subsequent solo releases. Members: Dominique Bouvier (drums, vibraphone, percussion), Jean-Claude Guselli […]

Théâtre du Chêne Noir

Théâtre du Chêne Noir were a French avant-garde theatrical troupe that released two experimental/spoken word recordings during the early 1970s, followed by a pair of jazz-rock albums on self-press Chêne Noir Disques in 1976. Members: Abel Valls, Benedicte Maulet, Daniel Dublet, Gérard Gelas, Guy Paquin, Jean-Louis Cannaud, Jean-Marie Redon, Jean-Pierre Chalon, Monik Lamy, Nicole Aubiat, […]


Terpandre were a French symphonic-rock band that recorded an album in 1978 that was ultimately released eponymously on Dionysos in 1981. Members: Bernard Monerri (guitar, percussion), Jacques Pina (piano, electric piano, clavinet, Mellotron), Michel Tardieu (keyboards), Michel Torelli (drums, percussion), Paul Fargier (bass) Discography: Terpandre (1981)

Teddy Lasry

Teddy Lasry (born 1947) is a French multi-instrumentalist and composer who released numerous library recordings on Patchwork and Sonimage between 1975 and 1987. Two of his albums were issued on RCA Victor during the late 1970s, including the popular 1976 release E=MC². Discography: Tutti flutti (1975) E=MC² (1976) Escalade (1976) Patchwork 24: Racing (1976 • […]


Tangerine were a French folk-rock band that debuted with the album De l’autre côté de la forêt on Arcane in 1975, followed by Mémoire on Crypto in 1976. Members: Valéry Btech (vocals, guitar, piano), Marc Donahue (guitar, flute, keyboards, saxophone, bongos, vocals), Gabriel Malka (guitar, vocals), Charlie Sabban (guitar, vocals), Francis Lockwood (keyboards), Jean My […]


Synthesis were a French jazz-rock ensemble that released a self-titled album on Arc in 1976. Members: André Cazalet, André Ceccarelli, Annie Wystraete, Chantal Alexandre, Chantal Curtis, Christian Lété, Didier Lockwood, Francis Cournet, François Jeanneau, Frédérique Gegembach, Guy Khalifa, Hamid Belhocine, Ivan Jullien, Jacques Bolognesi, Kako Bessot, Marc Chantereau, Marc Steckar, Marianne Mille, Paul-Jean Borowsky, Paula […]


Surya were a French jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on Cornélia in 1979. The album was re-released the following year under violinist Didier Lockwood’s own name on the Inner City label. Members: Jean My Truong (drums), Didier Lockwood (violin), Francis Lockwood (keyboards), Dominique Bertram (bass, 1977), Bunny Brunel (bass, 1977), Sylvin Marc (bass), […]

Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language

Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language were a French jazz-rock band that released two albums on Moshé-Naïm in 1975. Members: Georges-Edouard Nouel, Gérard Curbillon, Jo Maka, Louis Xavier, Saint-Yves Dolphin Discography: Lambi (1975) Rhytmic Eclectic Language (1975 • Franck Valmont & Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language) Foukie (Owa Tchu Wa) (EP, 1979)

Super Freego

Super Freego were a French New Wave/avant-garde band that released the album Pourquoi es-tu si Méchant? on RCA in 1982. Members: Max De Pol (guitar), Hervé Dupon (guitar, keyboards), Karaki (bass, vocals), Rockez Melendy (drums, percussion), M. Skolarczyk (vocals) Discography: Pourquoi es-tu si Méchant? (1982)


St-Erhart were a French jazz-rock band that released the album Paprika on Oméga in 1981. Members: Philippe Geiss (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, maracas), Emmanuel Séjourné (vibraphone, marimba, piano, bell tree), Claude Boussard (bass), Gilles Fontan (drums, cowbell, triangle, Vibra-Slap) Discography: Paprika (1981)


Ruth were a French coldwave band that released the longplayer Polaroïd/Roman/Photo on the Paris Album label in 1985. Members: Thierry Müller (guitar, synthesizer, electronics), Philippe Doray, Ruth Ellyeri Discography: Polaroïd/Roman/Photo (1985)


Space were a French electro/space-funk band that released four albums on Vogue between 1977 and 1980. Members: Didier Marouani [aka “Ecama”] (synthesizers, 1977-79, 1982-present), Roland Romanelli (synthesizers, 1977-80), Joe Hammer (drums, percussion, 1977-78), Cissy Stone (vocals, 1980), Jannik Top [aka Yannick Top] (bass, 1980), Patrice Tison (guitar, 1980) Discography: Magic Fly (1977) Deliverance (1977) Just […]


Sortilège were a French hard-rock/metal band that debuted with a self-titled EP on Rave-On in 1983, followed by two albums on Steamhammer between 1984 and 1986. Members: Jean-Philippe “Bob Snake” Dumont (drums), Stéphane Dumont (guitar), Didier Demajean (guitar), Daniel Lapp (bass), Christian “Zouille” Augustin (vocals) Discography: Sortilège (EP, 1983) Métamorphose (1984) Larmes de Héros (1986)


Shylock were a French symphonic-rock band that released two albums on CBS between 1976 and 1978. Members: André Fisichella (drums, percussion), Frédéric L’Épée (guitars), Didier Lustig (keyboards), Serge Summa (bass guitar) Discography: Gialorgues (1976) Île de Fièvre (1978)

Serge Blenner

Serge Blenner (born April 23, 1955) is a French electronic musician who released numerous albums on the German Sky label during the 1980s and ’90s. Discography: La Vogue (1980) Magazin Frivole (1981 • Serge Blenner’s La Vogue) Fracture Interne (1982) Plaisir Ardent (1985) La Dimension Prochaine (1986) Les Architectes du Temps (1987) Equateur (1988) Musique […]

Sax Pustuls

Sax Pustuls were a French avant-garde/New Wave band that released two singles and the album L’avis des Animaux on Epic during 1981 and 1982. Members: Philippe Herpin [aka Tom Pinpin] (saxophone, bass clarinet, keyboards, vocals), Pierre Fablet (guitar, 1978-80), Sergeï Papaïl (bass, 1978-80), Didier Convenant (1978-80), Richard Dumas (1978-80), Daniel Paboeuf (saxophone, 1980-82), Nicole Calloc’h […]

Sauveur Mallia

Sauveur Mallia is a French musician and producer who partook in the space-funk projects Arpadys, Voyage, and the Utopic Sporadic Orchestra during the 1970s. Between 1977 and 1987, he released numerous albums of library music on Tele Music. Discography: Industrial Rock (1977 • Sauveur Mallia & Pierre-Alain Dahan) Spatial & Co (1979) Spatial & Co […]


Sapho (born Jan. 10, 1950) is a French vocalist who debuted with a self-titled chanson album on RCA in 1977. A switch to New Wave yielded a second eponymous album on Sonopresse in 1980, followed by 1981–87 titles on Pathé, Celluloid, and EPM. Discography: Sapho (1977) Sapho (1980) Le Paris stupide (1981) Passage d’enfer (EP, […]


Sandrose were a French symphonic/psych band that released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1972. Members: Jean-Pierre Alarcen (guitar), Rose Podwojny (vocals), Christian Clairefond (bass), Henri Garella (organ, Mellotron), Michel Jullien (drums, percussion) Discography: Sandrose (1972)


Saïno were a French jazz-rock band that self-released two albums on namesake Saïno Records between 1982 and 1984. Members: Members: Didier Lainé (bass), Philippe Lainé (lead guitar), Rémi Bouchaud (rhythm guitar), André Griffon (drums), Claude Kerville (keyboards, 1980), Thierry Jamard (keyboards, 1980-82), Pierre Ortion (keyboards, 1982-present), Jean-Yves Bouchaud (vocals, 1983-84), Jo Raimbault (vocals), Fred Bossard […]

Rhésus O

Rhésus O were a French jazz-rock/psych band that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1971. The band featured three bassists, including Francis Moze, who played on the 1970/71 albums Magma and 1001° Centigrades by chamber-rock heavyweights Magma. Members: Serge Lenoir (Bass), Francis Moze (Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Xylophone), Guy Pedersen (Double Bass, Bass), Thierry Blanchard […]


Rockets were a French electro/space-funk band that released eight albums and a live disc between 1976 and 1985 on Decca, Derby, Rockland, and Vogue. Members: “Little” Gerard L’Her (bass, rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1969-?), Christian Le Bartz (vocals, vocoder, synthesizer, electronic percussion, 1969-83), Guy Maratrat (guitar, 1969-75), Gérard Barth (drums, 1970-71), Patrick Mallet (drums, 1971-74), […]


Pseu was a French chamber-rock/Zeuhl band that recorded an album in 1982 that was ultimately released in 2004 on Musea. Members: Philippe Dulong (guitar), Christophe Codet (drums), Eric Baron (bass), Thierry Jardiner (keyboards), Christian Coutzac (vocals) Discography: Pseu (2004, recorded 1982)


Ripaille were a French symphonic-folk band that released the album La Vieille que l’on Brûla on Ballon Noir in 1977. Members: Gérard Duchemann (lead vocals, keyboards), Patrick Audouin (keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), Patrick Droguet (guitar), Michel Munoz (drums), Jacquy [aka Jacky] Thomas (bass, percussion, backing vocals), Michel Santangelli (drums) Discography: La Vieille que l’on […]


Rictus were a French symphonic-rock band that released three albums on assorted labels between 1981 and 1988. Members: Roland Brultey (keyboards, backing vocals), Jean-Claude Schmidt (vocals), Daniel Aizier (guitar), Daniel Corbont (bass), Jean-Marie Wisselmann (drums), François Corbont (drums), Agnès Brice (bass, backing vocals), Stephen Durand (guitar, backing vocals), Loïc Mahé (drums, backing vocals), Jean-Luc Machurey […]

Richard Gilly

Richard Gilly (born Sept. 15, 1948) is a French singer/songwriter who was mostly active as a recording artist during the 1970s. He released three albums between 1971 and 1977 and an album per-decade between the 1980s and 2000s. Discography: Richard Gilly ‎(1971) Les Froides Saisons ‎(1975) Richard Gilly ‎(1977) Richard Gilly ‎(1984) Rêves D’éléphant ‎(1993) […]


Rialzu were a French jazz-rock/Zeuhl band that released a self-titled album on Ricordu in 1978. Members: Christophe Mac-Daniel (organ, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Dominique Gallet (violin, vocals), Gilles Renne (guitar), François Daniel (bass, backing vocals), Olivier Renne (drums, percussion), Jean-Philippe Gallet (backing vocals), Françoisû Auge (backing vocals) Discography: Rialzu (1978)


Rahmann were a French Zeuhl band that released a self-titled album on Polydor-subsidiary Ramsès in 1980. Members: Mahamad Hadi (guitar synth, electric guitar, fretless guitar, oud, bouzouki), Amar Mecharaf (drums, percussion), Michel Rutigliano (piano, grand piano, synthesizer), Gérard Prevost (acoustic bass, bass), Louis-César Ewande (percussion), Nadia Yamina Hadi (vocal), Didier Lockwood (violin), Sylvain Marc (bass), […]


Pulsar was a French space-rock band that released the albums Pollen (1975) and The Strands of the Future (1976) on Kingdom Records, followed by the 1977 CBS release Halloween. Adopting a minimal-wave sound, they issued the 1981 album Bienvenue au conseil d’administration! on self-press Compagnie du Théâtre de la Satire. Members: Jacques Roman (keyboards, Hammond […]


Potemkine were a French jazz-rock/Zeuhl band that released three albums on Pôle, Voxiegrave, and Phaeton between 1976 and 1978. Members: Michel Goubin (piano), Charles Goubin (guitar, piano, vocals, 1971-79), Xavier Vidal (violin, 1971-79), Gilles Goubin (bass, 1971-73), Maurice Bataille (drums, 1971-73), Philippe Goubin (drums, 1974-82), Dominique Dubuisson (bass, 1974-79), Rémy Sarrazin (bass, 1980-82), Jean-Marc Belkadi […]

Bernard Lubat

Bernard Lubat (born May 12, 1945) is a French jazz-funk/library musician who released numerous albums in solo and combo configurations for assorted labels during the 1970s, including the two-volume Vibrations series for Tele Music. Discography: Vibraphones (1970 • Bernard Lubat / Hervé Roy) Bernard Lubat and His Mad Ducks (1971) Lubat, Louiss, Engel Group Live […]