Chicago ‎– Chicago 17 (1984)

Chicago 17 is the fourteenth studio album by American melodic-rock band Chicago, released in 1984 on Full Moon/Warner Bros.

A1. Stay the Night (3:48)
A2. We Can Stop the Hurtin (4:11)
A3. Hard Habit to Break (4:43)
A4. Only You (3:53)
A5. Remember the Feeling (4:28)
B1. Along Comes a Woman (4:14)
B2. You’re the Inspiration (3:49)
B3. Please Hold On (3:37)
B4. Prima Donna (4:09)
B5. Once in a Lifetime (4:12)

Danny Seraphine — drums
Peter Cetera — bass, vocals, background vocals, arranger, vocal arrangements, writer
Robert Lamm — keyboards, vocals, background vocals, arranger, vocal arrangements
Bill Champlin — keyboards, guitar, vocals, background vocals, vocal arrangements, writer
Chris Pinnick — guitar
Jimmy Pankow — horn arrangements, arranger
Walter Parazaider — woodwinds
Lee Loughnane — trumpet

Michael Landau — guitar
Paul Jackson — guitar
Mark Goldenberg — guitar, arranger, writer
Paulinho da Costa — percussion
David Foster — programming, keyboards, producer, arranger, horn arrangements, writer
Gary Grant — horns
Greg Adams — horns
Ken Cetera — background vocals
Donny Osmond — background vocals
Richard Marx — background vocals

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