Clark Hutchinson

Clark-Hutchinson was an English jam-rock duo comprised of keyboardist Andy Clark and guitarist Mick Hutchinson with assorted rhythm players. In 1969, they released the instrumental raga-rock album A = MH² on Decca, followed by the bluesier 1970 release Retribution on Deram. The more song-oriented Gestalt followed in 1971.

Clark — not to be confused with Simon Andy Clark, the keyboardist of Be-Bop Deluxe — surfaced in mid-’70s funksters UPP.

Members: Andy Clark (vocals, keyboards), Mick Hutchinson (guitar), Pete Sears (bass, 1968), Walt Monaghan (bass, 1968), Franco Franco (drums, 1968), Stephen Amazing (bass), Del Coverely (drums)

Clark and Hutchinson first partnered as members of Sam Gopal, a raga-psych group that released the album Escalator on the short-lived Stable Records label in 1969.


  • A = MH² (1969)
  • Retribution (1970)
  • Gestalt (1971)
  • Blues (archival, 1994)


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