Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer–songwriter who released nineteen studio albums between 1968 and 2007. She emerged with the Sixties North American folk revival that included singers Tom Rush, Judy Collins, and Buffy Sainte-Marie, who recorded Joni’s songs in advance of her debut album, Song to a Seagull. Her 1969–70 albums Clouds and Ladies of […]


Troyka was a Canadian blues-psych trio that released a self-titled album on Cotillion in 1970. Members: Robert Edwards (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Michael Richards (lead vocals, drums, percussion), Ron Lukawitski (bass, bongos, banjo) Background Troyka had its roots in The Ortegas, an early-Sixties Edmonton teen band with guitarist Rob Edwards and bassist Ron Lukawitski. As the […]

The Churls

The Churls were a Canadian psych-rock band from Toronto that released the 1968–69 A&M albums The Churls and Send Me No Flowers. Members: Bob O’Neill (vocals), John Barr (bass), Brad Fowles (drums), Nick McCombie (guitar), Sam Hurrie (guitar), Harry Southworth Ames (guitar) Background The Churls formed in 1967 when singer Bob O’Neill and rhythm guitarist […]

Symphonic Slam

Symphonic Slam was a Canadian maximalist rock trio that released a self-titled album on A&M in 1976. Two years later, frontman Timo Laine issued a solo album on Lady Records that bore the band’s nameplate. Members: Timo Laine (guitar, vocals), John Lowery (drums), David Stone (keyboards) Background Symphonic Slam was the brainchild of Timo Laine*, […]

The Collectors

The Collectors were a Canadian psychedelic rock band that released seven singles and the 1968–69 albums The Collectors and Grass and Wild Strawberries on Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. After the departure of single Howie Vickers, the others carried on as Chilliwack. Members: Ross Turney (drums), Howie Vickers (vocals), Claire Lawrence (saxophone, flute, keyboards), Glenn Miller (bass), […]


Christmas was a Canadian post-psych band from Ontario. In 1970, they held an in-studio jam that appeared (unauthorized) on Paragon, followed by the Daffodil release Heritage. In 1974, they resurfaced as The Spirit of Christmas with the ambitious concept album Lies to Live By. Members: Bob Bryden (vocals, guitar), Tyler Raizenne (bass), Rich Richter (drums), […]


Mashmakhan was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Montreal that released the 1970–71 Columbia–Epic albums Mashmakhan and The Family and scored an international hit with “As the Years Go By.” Drummer Jerry Mercer later joined Halifax stars April Wine. Members: Pierre Senecal (vocals, keyboards), Rayburn Blake (guitar), Jerry Mercer (drums, 1960-71), Trevor Payne (vocals), Brian […]


Jackal was a Canadian post-psychedelic hard-rock band that released the 1973 album Awake on Periwinkle Records. Members: Charlie Shannon (vocals), Steve Hayward, Chris Kellesis (organ), James Kellesis, Lois Mutton (drums), Dave Bernard (guitar, bass) Background Jackal formed in 1969 when organist Chris Kellesis and his bassist brother Jack teamed with singer and schoolmate Charlie Shannon. […]


Moxy was a Canadian hard-rock band that released four albums between 1975 and 1978 on Polydor|Mercury. They gained fame in Ontario and Texas, where import copies of their first album made them a regional phenomenon. Singer Buzz Shearman headed their first three albums: Moxy, Moxy II, and Ridin’ High. He cleared for Michael Rynoski on […]


Dillinger was a Canadian symphonic/hard-rock band from Toronto that released two albums on Daffodil between 1974 and 1976. Members: Jacques Harrison (keyboards, vocals, saxophone, flute, accordion), Robert Harrison (drums, percussion), Paul Cockburn (guitar), Terry Bramhall (bass) Background Dillinger formed in Toronto in 1973 when keyboardist and reedist Jacques Harrison and his percussionist brother Robert teamed […]


Klaatu was a Canadian symphonic art-pop trio that issued four 1973–75 singles, compiled with further material on their 1976 Daffodil–Capitol album 3:47 E.S.T. Rumored to be The Beatles, Klaatu’s members retained their anonymity on the 1977–80 albums Hope, Sir Army Suit, and Endangered Species, then unmasked on their 1981 swan song Magentalane. Members: Terry Draper […]


Garfield was a Canadian art-rock band fronted by musician–songwriter Garfield French. They made the 1976 Mercury album Strange Streets and the 1977 Polydor title Out There Tonight. French continued the Garfield name for the 1979–81 Polydor albums Reason to Be and Flights of Fantasy. Members: Garfield French (lead vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, mandolin), Walter Lawrence […]

Kensington Market

Kensington Market was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Toronto that released five singles and the 1968–69 Warner albums Avenue Road and Aardvark. Members: Luke Gibson (vocals), Keith McKie (guitar, vocals), Alex Darou (bass), Eugene Martynec (piano, guitar), John Mills-Cockell (keyboards, 1969), Jimmy Watson (drums) Background Kensington Market formed in May 1967 when singer–guitarist Keith […]


Zylan was a Canadian brass-rock-soul band from Halifax behind the 1973 Columbia album Rainbows Dreams & Fantasies. They also made a French-sung version, La Différence, for the Québécois market. Members: Peter Fraser (keyboards), Donnie Hann (bass), Blaine Murphy (guitar), Helene Bolduc (vocals), Andy Davis (drums), Steve Annan (guitar), Dave Skinner (drums), Real Pelletier (vocals), Harold […]


Warpig was a Canadian hard-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1972 on FontHill Records. Members: Terry Brett (bass), Rick Donmoyer (vocals, guitar), Terry Hook (drums), Dana Snitch (keyboards, vocals, guitar) Background Warpig evolved from Mass Destruction, a garage band in Woodstock, Ontario, with singer–guitarist Rick Donmoyer and bassist Terry Brett. Donmoyer played beforehand […]

Neil Merryweather

Neil Merryweather (Dec. 27, 1945 — March 29, 2021) was a Canadian bassist, vocalist, and songwriter who emerged on the mid-’60s Toronto scene in a sequence of bands. After moving to Los Angeles, he fronted Merryweather for two 1969 albums on Capitol. Merryweather partnered with singer Lynn Carey for the 1970/71 projects Ivar Avenue Reunion […]

Strange Advance

Strange Advance was a Canadian new wave band that released the 1982–85 Capitol albums Worlds Away and 2WO, followed by the 1988 Current release The Distance Between. Members: Darryl Kromm (vocals, guitar), Drew Arnott (keyboards, drums, vocals), Paul Iverson (bass, backing vocals, 1982-84) Formation They assembled in 1980 when singer–guitarist Darryl Kromm and keyboardist–drummer Drew […]


Rush was a Canadian maximalist hard-rock trio from Toronto, Ontario, that was active for nearly five decades, debuting on vinyl with a standalone single on Moon Records in 1973, followed by a self-titled album on the label in 1974. After a change of drummers, the lineup solidified around the trio of bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee, guitarist […]


Driver were a Canadian hard-rock trio that released the album No Accident on A&M in 1977. Members: Peter Glinderman (vocals, guitar), Dennis Coats (bass), Stephen Roxford (drums) Prior to forming Driver, bassist Dennis Coats had notched songwriting credits on albums by Doyle Holly, The Original Caste, and Appleshine. Driver issued one album, No Accident, in […]


Wanka were a Canadian hard-rock band from Toronto that released The Orange Album on Axe Records in 1977. Members: Chris Gibb (bass, vocals), Mike McConnell (drums), Mark Pickett (rhythm guitar, vocals), Howard Samuel (lead guitar, vocals), Doug Paul Smith (keyboards, vocals) Wanka was formed in the early 1970s by two English transplants on the Toronto […]


Annihilator were an Canadian metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, that self-released two demo EPs in 1985/86, followed by two albums on Roadrunner in 1989/90. Members: Jeff Waters (guitar, vocals, bass), Big John Bates (lead vocals, 1984-85), Dave Scott (bass, 1984-85), Paul Malek (drums, 1984-86), Ray Hartmann (drums, 1987-91, 1999-2001), Dennis Dubeau (vocals, 1987-89), Randy Rampage […]


Nucleus was a Canadian psych-rock band that released a self-titled album on Mainstream Records in 1969. Three fifths of the band formed A Foot In Cold Water. Members: Greg Fitzpatrick (bass, vocals), Sebastian Agnello (keyboards), Bob Horne (keyboards), Hughie Leggat (bass, vocals), John Richardson (guitar, vocals), Danny Taylor (drums) Nucleus evolved from the Lords of […]

Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn (born May 27, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Ottawa, best known for a long string of albums on the True North label, starting in 1970. His biggest hits include “Wondering Where the Lions Are” and the politically-charged “If I Had a Rocket Launcher.” He was born in Ottawa, Ontario, the son of […]

Paul Zaza

Paul Zaza is a Canadian musician, producer, engineer, and film music composer. In 1977, he released three albums of instrumental jazz-funk on the Baby Grand label, plus an album each under the studio group names Just a Little Bit and Hot In Here. The track “Burbank Robber” (from Hot In Here) was used in an […]

David Roberts

David Roberts (born Sept. 13, 1958) is a Boston-born/Canadian-raised musician and songwriter who released the album All Dressed Up on Elektra in 1982. The album was produced by Jay Graydon and features appearances by Bill Champlin, David Foster, and members of Toto. Discography: All Dressed Up (1982) Better Late Than Never (2008) The Missing Years […]


Mannequin were a Canadian hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Back Roads in 1982. Members: Brian Malloney (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Jim Huff (lead guitar, vocals), Steve Woods (drums, keyboards, percussion, lead vocals), John Wright (bass, lead vocals) Discography: Mannequin (1982)


Loverboy was a Canadian AOR band that released five albums on Columbia between 1980 and 1987. Their first album, Loverboy, spawned the hits “The Kid Is Hot Tonight,” “Lady of the ’80s,” and the early MTV staple “Turn Me Lose.” Videos for “Working for the Weekend” and “It’s Over” propelled their 1981 second album, Get […]

The Guess Who

The Guess Who is a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, formed in 1965. The band achieved home-country fame with a string of singles during the mid-1960s before breaking internationally with a lengthy run of albums on RCA Victor, starting with their 1968 release Wheatfield Soul and its lead-off track “These Eyes.” Members: Garry Peterson […]

Small Wonder

Small Wonder were a Canadian art-rock/pop band that released two albums on Columbia between 1976 and 1977. Members: Jimmy Phillips (vocals, keyboards, Mellotron), Jerry Morin (vocals, guitars, bass, violin), Henry Small (vocals, electric violin, mandolin), Bill King (drums, ?-1976) Discography: Small Wonder (1976) Growin’ (1977)


Airborne were a Canadian folk-rock band from Vancouver that released the album Songs for a City on self-press Ocean Record in 1977. Members: David Giddings (guitar, vocals), Darryl Bohn (guitar, vocals), Ron Hjorth (guitar, bass, vocals), Bruce Johnston (vocals), Lorne Fiedler (keyboards), Donn Tarris (bass, vocals), Gaymond Wong (keyboards), Lorne Davidson (bass, vocals), Pat Caird […]


Rose were a Canadian rock band from Barrie, Ont., that released the folk-pop/harmony album Hooked on a Rose on G.A.S. Records in 1973, followed with the children’s album Earth Air & Water on Young & Rubicam that same year. In 1977, the band released back-to-back hard-rock albums on Polydor. Members: Brian Allen (guitar, vocals), Ron […]

John Mills-Cockell

John Mills-Cockell (born May 19, 1943) is a Canadian electronic musician who recorded three albums with the experimental combo Intersystems in 1967/68, followed by a brief stint with psych-rockers Kensington Market. He then formed the electronic trio Syrinx, which issued two albums on True North in 1970/71. As a solo artist, he released two albums […]

Kenny Wheeler

Kenny Wheeler (Jan. 14, 1930 — Sept. 18, 2014) was a Canadian-born/U.K.-based composer, trumpeter, and flugelhorn player who was active on the U.K. jazz scene for five decades. Between 1963 and 1975, he played on albums by Georgie Fame, John Surman, Tony Oxley, Tubby Hayes, Michael Gibbs, Alan Skidmore, Bob Downes, Norma Winstone, Anthony Reebop […]


Instructions were a Canadian New Wave/synthpop band from Ontario that released a self-titled album on Quality Records in 1980, followed by a standalone single on Chameleon in 1982. The album features guitarist Domenic Troiano on several tracks. The band’s proper guitarist, Dave Beatty, played on Robert Connolly‘s 1978 symphonic opus Plateau. Keyboardist Martin Wall released […]


Fosterchild were a Canadian hard-rock band that issued two albums on Columbia in 1977 and 1978, followed by a third release on CBS-subsidiary Vera Cruz in 1980. Members: Barry Boothman (bass), Jim Foster (guitar, vocals), Doug Johnson (keyboards), Peter Sweetzir (keyboards), Gerry Wand (drums), Vern Wills (guitar, vocals) Discography: Fosterchild (1977) Troubled Child (1978) On […]


Fludd were a Canadian pop-rock band from Toronto that released a self-titled album on Warner Bros. in 1971, followed by an album apiece on Daffodil and Attic between 1972 and 1975. Members: Edmund “Ed” Pilling (vocals), Brian Pilling (guitar), Mick Walsh (guitar), Greg Godovitz (bass), Jorn “JJ” Andersen [aka John Andersen] (drums), Mick Hopkins (guitar), […]


Exciter were a Canadian hard-rock/metal trio from Ottawa, Ont., that released the album Heavy Metal Maniac on Shrapnel Records in 1983, followed by Violence & Force on Megaforce Records in 1984. A pair of 1985/86 albums on Combat and a fifth release on Maze Music in 1988 rounded out the decade while the following 20-year […]


Everest were a Canadian melodic-rock band from Toronto that released a self-titled album on Epic in 1984. The band recorded a second album in 1985 that was ultimately released 10 years after the fact on the German Long Island label. Members: Ric McDonald (vocals, bass), Frank Reid (vocals, keyboards), Don Gaze (guitar), Jim MacLellan (drums) […]


Prism were a Canadian hard-rock band from Vancouver that released two albums on GRT/Ariola in 1977/78, followed by four albums on Capitol between 1979 and 1983. Members: Lindsay Mitchell (guitar, 1977-82, 1987-2005), John Hall (keyboards, vocals, 1977-81), Ron Tabak (lead vocals, 1977-81), Tom Lavin (guitar, 1977-78), Jim Vallance (drums, keyboards, 1977-78, 1987-88), Allen Harlow (guitar, […]

Cinema Face

Cinema Face were a Canadian hard-rock band from Ontario that released a self-titled album on Red Sun Records in 1983. A second album appeared during the 1990s on Pacemaker Entertainment. Members: Frank La Magna (guitar, vocals), Armin Hart (keyboards, vocals), Randy Infuso (drums, vocals), Darryl Peterson (bass, vocals) Discography: Cinema Face (1983)

The Hunt

The Hunt were a Canadian hard-rock band from Toronto that released three albums on Daffodil Records between 1977 and 1982. Members: Brian Gagnon (lead vocals, bass, guitar), Gerry Mosby (vocals, bass, keyboards), Paul Cockburn (guitar, vocals, bass), Paul Kersey (drums, percussion), Jacques Harrison (lead guitar, keyboards, flute), Paul Dickinson (guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals), Carl […]

White Wolf

White Wolf were a Canadian hard-rock/metal band from Edmonton, Alberta, that released two albums on RCA between 1984 and 1986. Members: Don Wolf [aka Don Wilk] (vocals), Cam Macleod (guitar, vocals), Rick Nelson (guitar), Martin Kronlund (guitar), Scott Webb (guitar, vocals), David J. Petovar (keyboards), Les Schwartz (bass), Richard Quist (bass, keyboards), Russ Bergquist (bass), […]


Triumph were a Canadian hard-rock band from Mississauga, Ont., that released six albums on Attic Records between 1976 and 1983, followed by three further studio albums and a live double-LP on MCA during the subsequent four-year period. Members: Mike Levine (bass, keyboards), Gil Moore (vocals, drums), Rik Emmett (vocals, guitar, 1975-88), Phil Xenidis [aka Phil […]


Thundermug were a Canadian hard-rock band from London, Ontario, that released three albums on Axe Records between 1972 and 1974. Members: Joe de Angelis (guitar, vocals), Bill Durst (keyboards, guitar), James Corbet (bass), Ed Pranskus (drums), Corey Thompson (drums, 1995), Justin Burgess (drums, 1997) Discography: Strikes (1972) Orbit (1973) Ta-Daa (1974)


Nightwinds were a Canadian symphonic-rock band from Ontario that recorded album’s worth of material circa 1979 that was ultimately released 12 years later on Laser’s Edge. Members: Sandy Singers (vocals), Gerald O’Brien (keyboards), Terry O’Brien (guitar), Mike Gingrich (bass), Mike Phelan (drums) Discography: Nightwinds (1991, recorded 1979)


Charlee were a Canadian blues-rock/psych band from Montréal that released a self-titled album on RCA in 1972. The band was fronted by ex-Influence guitarist Walter Rossi, who subsequently recorded as a solo artist. Members: Walter Rossi (guitar,vocals), Jack “Geisinger” August (bass), Prakash John (bass), Harry Marks (bass), George Gardos (bass), Mike Driscoll (drums) Discography: Charlee […]


Brahman were a Canadian hard-rock band from Vancouver that released a self-titled album on Mercury in 1971. Members: Robbie King (keyboards), David Lanz (piano), Duris Maxwell (vocals, drums), Edward Patterson (guitar), Victor Stewart (vocals), Paul Blaney (bass) Discography: Brahman (1971)


Aerial were a Canadian melodic-rock band from Toronto that released two albums on Anthem Records between 1978 and 1980. The band evolved from the final lineup of mid-1970s pop act Liverpool, which cut four singles on London Records-subsidiary Taurus. Members: Brian Miessner (vocals, bass, guitar), Laurie Currie (drums, percussion, vocals), Malcolm Buchanan (keyboards, piano), Gary […]


Amish were a Canadian hard-rock/psych band from Galt, Ont., that released a self-titled album on Sussex Records in 1972. Bassist Mike Gingrich resurfaced later in the decade with symphonic-rockers Nightwinds. Members: Ron Baumtrog (keyboards), Doug Stagg (vocals), Mike Gingrich (bass), Jack Byrne (guitar) Discography: Amish (1972)

A Foot in Coldwater

A Foot in Coldwater were a Canadian hard-rock band from Toronto that released three albums on Daffodil Records between 1972 and 1974, followed by a fourth on Anthem in 1978. Members: Alex Machin (vocals), Paul Naumann (guitar, vocals), Bob Horne (keyboards, 1971-76), Hugh Leggat (bass), Danny Taylor (drums), Greg Fitzpatrick (bass, vocals), John Richardson (guitar, […]


Streetheart were a Canadian melodic-rock band from Regina, Sask., that released two albums on Atlantic in 1978/79, followed by five studio albums and a live disc on Capitol between 1980 and 1984. Original guitarist Paul Dean left after the first album for international fame with Loverboy. Members: Kenny Shields (vocals), Ken Sinnaeve (bass), Daryl Gutheil […]


Stonebolt were a Canadian hard-rock band from Vancouver that released a self-titled album on Parachute in 1978, followed by three albums on RCA Victor between 1979 and 1982. Members: Ray Roper (guitar, vocals), Dan “Danny” Atchison (bass), Brian Lousley (drums), David Jay Wills (vocals, 1973-?), John Webster (keyboards, 1973-?), Lewis Nitikman (keyboards) Discography: Stonebolt (1978) […]


Avalon were a Canadian symphonic/hard-rock band from Ottawa, Ontario, that issued a standalone single on local-press Snocan in 1976, followed by the album Voice of Life on London Records in 1977. Guitarist Brian Sim hailed from the prior year’s symphonic one-off Joker’s Memory. Frontman Myles Hunter resurfaced in the mid-1980s with a solo album and […]

The Biz

The Biz were a Canadian symphonic/hard-rock band from Vancouver that released the album A Matter of Time on small-press Bent Records in 1978. Members: Richard Loubert (bass), Ken Leckie (drums, vocals), Sandy Lawson (guitar, vocals), Tom Hogge (keyboards, lead vocals) Discography: A Matter of Time (1978)


Syrinx were a Canadian electronic/psych band from Toronto that released two albums on True North Records in 1970/71. The band featured ex-Intersystems/Kensington Market keyboardist John Mills-Cockell, who subsequently issued a string of solo and soundtracks works. Members: John Mills-Cockell (piano, organ), Doug Pringle (saxophone), Malcolm Tomlinson (drums, vocals), Allan Wells (percussion) Discography: Syrinx (1970) Long […]


Skylark were a Canadian soul-pop band from Vancouver that released two albums on Capitol between 1972 and 1974. Keyboardist/composer David Foster soon rose to industry prominence behind the console, producing albums for Chicago, Hall & Oates, Earth Wind & Fire, Olivia Newton-John, and numerous other artists. Members: B.J. Cook (vocals), Donny Gerrard (vocals), Doug Edwards […]

Red Rider

Red Rider were a Canadian hard-rock band from Toronto that released seven albums on Capitol between 1980 and 1989, scoring a huge international hit with “Lunatic Fringe” from their 1981 release As Far as Siam. The final three albums give featured billing to frontman and once-and-future solo artist Tom Cochrane. Members: Tom Cochrane (vocals, guitar), […]


Ptarmigan were a Canadian symphonic-folk band from Duncan, BC, that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1974. Members: Michael Bieling (congas, 1970-71), James Lithgow (guitar, 1970-71), Glen Dias (vocals, alto recorder, tenor recorder, bass recorder, percussion), Dennis Lelonde (alto saxophone, percussion, vocals, 1970-71), Monte Nordstrom (12-string guitar, vocals, 1970-74), Shawn Mullins (percussion, 1970-71), Peter […]


Reckless were a Canadian hard-rock band from Ottawa, Ont., that released a self-titled album on Harvest in 1980. Four years later, a revised lineup issued the album Heart of Steel on Heavy Metal America. Members: Jan Melanson (vocals, 1980), Douglas Lang Adams (guitar, vocals), Steve Madden (backing vocals, guitar), Todd Pilon (bass), Steve Wayne Lederman […]


Promises were a pomp-pop trio formed in Thousand Oaks, California, by Canadian siblings Benny, Jed, and Leslie Maria Knauer. They released the 1978–79 albums Promises and Real to Real on EMI–Electrola and scored an international hit with “Baby It’s You.” Members: Leslie Maria Knauer (vocals), Jed Knauer (guitar, piano), Benny Knauer (keyboards) Discography: Promises (1978) […]

Nash the Slash

Nash the Slash — aka Jeff Plewman (March 26, 1948 — May 2014) — was a Canadian violinist and keyboardist from Toronto who first emerged as a member of FM, appearing on the band’s debut album Black Noise. Between 1978 and 1982, he released two EPs and three proper studio albums on signature-press Cut-Throat Records. […]

Martha and The Muffins

Martha and The Muffins were a Canadian New Wave band from Toronto that debuted with a self-pressed standalone single in 1978, followed by three albums on DinDisc/Virgin in 1980/81. Under the initialed M+M moniker, a trimmed lineup of the band released three further albums on Current/RCA between 1983 and 1986. Members: Martha Johnson (vocals, keyboards), […]

Idle Eyes

Idle Eyes were a Canadian modern-rock band that issued two albums on WEA between 1984 and 1986, followed by a third release on Black Rose Records in 1988. Members: Don Biggar (bass), Tad Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), James Chadwick (drums), Kevin Cook (bass), Miles Fox Hill (bass), Donna McConville (lead vocals, keyboards), Bill Miekle (saxophone), […]


Anvil were a Canadian hard-rock/metal band that released three albums on Attic/Polydor between 1981 and 1983, followed by a pair of albums on Metal Blade/Enigma during the late 1980s. Members: Steve “Lips” Kudlow (guitar, vocals), Robb Reiner (drums), Dave Allison (guitar, 1981-89), Ian Dickson (bass, 1981-93), Sebastian Marino (guitar, 1989-95) Discography: Hard ‘n’ Heavy (1981) […]

Robert John Gallo

A New Place to Live was the recording moniker of Brooklyn-born/Canadian-based folk-psych songwriter/producer Robert John Gallo, who used the name for a 1972 album on Mandala Records. That same year, he released the album Painted Poetry under his own name on Jam Records. In 1977, an album titled Compositions, credited to “Robert John,” appeared on […]

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centauri was a symphonic|hard-rock band from Colorado that existed for twelve years (1971–83). They moved to Canada and released a 1977 self-titled album on Salt Records. Members: Kurt Smith (vocals, guitar), Jess Redmon (keyboards, vocals), Garth Hannum (bass, vocals, 1975-83), Randy Thompson (drums) Background Alpha Centauri sprung from Colorado, a psychedelic rock trio formed […]

Al Michalek Quartet

Al Michalek is a Canadian saxophonist who led a namesake modal-jazz quartet for the 1975 album Voices on Radio Canada International. He later produced the album Fusion 1 by The Humber Jazz Ensemble on World Records. Members: Don Vickery (Drums, Percussion), Lenny Boyd (Bass), Tim Tickner (Percussion, Vibraphone), Al Michalek (Flute, Leader, Tenor Saxophone) Discography: […]

Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova — aka Aldo Caporuscio (born Nov. 13, 1956) — is a Canadian guitarist and vocalist from Montreal who released three albums on Portrait/Epic between 1982 and 1985. Discography: Aldo Nova (1982) Subject: Aldo Nova (1983) Twitch (1985) Blood on the Bricks (1991) Nova’s Dream (1997)

Crack of Dawn

Crack of Dawn were a soul-funk band from Kingston, Jamaica, that settled in Toronto, Ontario, during the mid-1970s. In 1976, the band released a self-titled album with accompanying singles on Canadian CBS, followed in 1981 by a second album on TTR. Members: Jackie Gabriel (vocals), Rupert “Ojiji” Harvey (rhythm guitar), Trevor Daley (trombone), Mark Smith […]

49th Parallel

49th Parallel were a Canadian pop-psych band that released multiple singles on RCA and Venture during the late 1969s, culminating with a self-titled album on Maverick in 1969. Members: Dennis Abbott (vocals, 1966-70), Dan Lowe (guitar), Bob Carlson (guitar), Dave Petch (organ, 1966-68), Mick Woodhouse (bass, 1966-68), Terry Bare (drums), Dave Downey (bass, 1968), Alf […]


CANO — aka Coopérative des Artistes du Nouvel-Ontario — were a French-Canadian symphonic-folk collective from Sadbury in Northern-Ontario. The band released four albums on A&M between 1976 and 1979, followed by a fifth album on Ready Records in 1985. Members: Marcel Aymar (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), David Burt (electric guitar, acoustic guitar), Michel Dasti (drums, […]