Driver were a Canadian hard-rock trio that released the album No Accident on A&M in 1977. Members: Peter Glinderman (vocals, guitar), Dennis Coats (bass), Stephen Roxford (drums) Prior to forming Driver, bassist Dennis Coats had notched songwriting credits on albums by Doyle Holly, The Original Caste, and Appleshine. Driver issued one album, No Accident, in […]


Wanka were a Canadian hard-rock band from Toronto that released The Orange Album on Axe Records in 1977. Members: Chris Gibb (bass, vocals), Mike McConnell (drums), Mark Pickett (rhythm guitar, vocals), Howard Samuel (lead guitar, vocals), Doug Paul Smith (keyboards, vocals) Wanka was formed in the early 1970s by two English transplants on the Toronto […]


Annihilator were an Canadian metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, that self-released two demo EPs in 1985/86, followed by two albums on Roadrunner in 1989/90. Members: Jeff Waters (guitar, vocals, bass), Big John Bates (lead vocals, 1984-85), Dave Scott (bass, 1984-85), Paul Malek (drums, 1984-86), Ray Hartmann (drums, 1987-91, 1999-2001), Dennis Dubeau (vocals, 1987-89), Randy Rampage […]

David Roberts

David Roberts (born Sept. 13, 1958) is a Boston-born/Canadian-raised musician and songwriter who released the album All Dressed Up on Elektra in 1982. The album was produced by Jay Graydon and features appearances by Bill Champlin, David Foster, and members of Toto. Discography: All Dressed Up (1982) Better Late Than Never (2008) The Missing Years […]


Mannequin were a Canadian hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Back Roads in 1982. Members: Brian Malloney (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Jim Huff (lead guitar, vocals), Steve Woods (drums, keyboards, percussion, lead vocals), John Wright (bass, lead vocals) Discography: Mannequin (1982)


Loverboy were a Canadian modern-rock band that released five albums on Columbia between 1980 and 1987. Members: Mike Reno (lead vocals), Paul Dean (guitar, vocals), Doug Johnson (keyboards), Scott Smith (bass, vocals, 1979-2000), Matt Frenette (drums), Spider Sinneave (bass, 2001-present), Richard Sera (keyboards, vocals) Discography: Loverboy (1980) Get Lucky (1981) Keep It Up (1983) Lovin’ […]

The Guess Who

The Guess Who is a Canadian rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, formed in 1965. The band achieved home-country fame with a string of singles during the mid-1960s before breaking internationally with a lengthy run of albums on RCA Victor, starting with their 1968 release Wheatfield Soul and its lead-off track “These Eyes.” Members: Garry Peterson […]


Airborne were a Canadian folk-rock band from Vancouver that released the album Songs for a City on self-press Ocean Record in 1977. Members: David Giddings (guitar, vocals), Darryl Bohn (guitar, vocals), Ron Hjorth (guitar, bass, vocals), Bruce Johnston (vocals), Lorne Fiedler (keyboards), Donn Tarris (bass, vocals), Gaymond Wong (keyboards), Lorne Davidson (bass, vocals), Pat Caird […]


Rose were a Canadian rock band from Barrie, Ont., that released the folk-pop/harmony album Hooked on a Rose on G.A.S. Records in 1973, followed with the children’s album Earth Air & Water on Young & Rubicam that same year. In 1977, the band released back-to-back hard-rock albums on Polydor. Members: Brian Allen (guitar, vocals), Ron […]