Hiroshima were an American New Age/smooth jazz ensemble from Los Angeles.

Members: Members: Daniel Kuramoto (flute, saxophone, woodwinds), June Kuramoto (koto), Johnny Mori (percussion, taiko, 1974-2003), Dave Iwataki (keyboards, 1974-79), Danny Yamamoto (drums), Peter Hata (guitar, 1974-84), Dane Matsumura (bass guitar, 1977-80), Teri Kusumoto (vocals, 1977-82), Jess Acuna (vocals, 1977-82), Richard Matthews (keyboards, 1979-80), Barbara Long (vocals), Margaret ‘Machun’ Sasaki-Taylor (vocals, 1989)

“Winds Of Change”… F# flowing strings overlay sharp, intense bass/piano figure… resolves Bm amid woodwind melody… subtle harmonized Japanese chorus (“Henka No Nagare”… strange flow)… clickety hi-hat/kick-drum figure clamps the main theme… harp midsection forms a tapestry that swells into ensemble interplay with the bass figure and woodwinds amid lush strings… rising, dramatic passages reassert at 5:00 amid further harp filigree… vocals reemerge softly to fadeout “Shinto” blossoming woodwinds, subdue to a passage of flute/harp/string in Am with alternating 2’s… Fender Rhodes amid pizzicato harp and autoharp in flat/sharp keys… waving luminous synths… restatement of opener… rhythmless intro/otro


  • Hiroshima (1979)
  • Odori (1980)
  • Third Generation (1983)
  • Another Place (1985)
  • Go (1987)
  • Ongaku (1988)
  • East (1989)

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