Chicago ‎– Chicago 16 (1982)

Chicago 16 is the thirteenth studio album by American melodic-rock band Chicago, released in 1982 on Full Moon/Warner Bros.

A1. What You’re Missing (4:09)
A2. Waiting for You to Decide (4:05)
A3. Bad Advice (2:57)
A4. Chains (3:22)
A5. Hard to Say I’m Sorry / Get Away (5:06)
B1. Follow Me (4:52)
B2. Sonny Think Twice (4:00)
B3. What Can I Say (3:48)
B4. Rescue You (3:56)
B5. Love Me Tomorrow (5:06)

Robert Lamm — piano, keyboards, writer
James Pankow — trombone, percussion, background vocals, horn arrangements, writer
Lee Loughnane — trumpet, flugel horn, cornet, percussion, mixing assistant
Peter Cetera — lead vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar, background vocals, arrangements, vocal arrangements, string arrangements, writer
Bill Champlin — piano, keyboards, guitar, lead vocals, vocal arrangements, writer
Danny Seraphine — drums, percussion, arrangements, writer
Walter Parazaider — saxophone, flute, clarinet, mixing assistant

David Foster — keyboards, arrangements, horn arrangements, producer, string arrangements, writer

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