Panthéon ‎– Orion (1972)

Orion is the singular album by Dutch jazz-rock quartet Panthéon, released in 1972 as part of Vertigo’s famed “swirl” series. Tracklist: A1. “Daybreak” (2:30) A2. “Anaïs” (5:00) A3. “Apocalyps” (10:52) A4. “The Madman” (1:20) B. “Orion” (9:27) Credits: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Albert Veldkamp Drums, Percussion – Rob Verhoeven Flute, Alto Saxophone, […]

Byzantium – Byzantium (1972)

Byzantium is the debut album by the namesake English quartet, released in 1972 on A&M. Across the album’s eight tracks — mostly written by manager Jamie Rubinstein — the young members prove competent on a range of sundry instruments. The scratching licks and fold-out vocal refrain of “What Is Happening” segues into the standstill strum and […]

Roxy Music ‎– Roxy Music (1972)

Roxy Music is the debut album by the namesake English art-rock band, released in 1972 on Island Records. Despite its muddy production, the album pioneers sonic territory with the effects-laden, expressionistic contributions of the three main soloists. Evoking a mix of film noir and futurism, the music alternates fractured epics (“Remake/Re-model”, “Sea Breezes”) with simmering […]

Mandrill – Mandrill Is (1972)

Mandrill Is is the second album by American Latin-funk/soul septet Mandrill, released in 1972 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Ape Is High” (5:35) A2. “Cohello” (1:50) A3. “Git It All” (4:30) A4. “Children of the Sun” (5:00) A5. “I Refuse To Smile” (4:05) B1. “Universal Rhythms” (3:24) B2. “Lord of the Golden Baboon” (3:33) B3. “Central Park” […]

Renaissance – Prologue (1972)

Prologue is the third album by English symphonic-folk ensemble Renaissance, released in 1972 on Sovereign/Capitol. The album is the first under the Renaissance-nameplate to feature the “mainstream” lineup of Annie Haslam, Jon Camp, John Tout, Terry Sullivan, and Michael Dunford, the last of whom serves as musical director for this release. Tracklist: A1. Prologue (5:42) […]

GoodThunder – GoodThunder (1972)

GoodThunder is the singular album by the namesake American hard-rock/psych band, released in 1972 on Elektra. Tracklist: A1. “I Can’t Get Thru to You” (3:18) A2. “For a Breath” (5:35) A3. “Moonship” (2:46) A4. “Home Again” (6:48) B1. “Sentries” (2:36) B2. “P.O.W.” (6:50) B3. “Rollin’ Up My Mind” (4:11) B4. “Barking at the Ants” (6:39) […]

Chick Corea – Return to Forever (1972)

Return to Forever is an album American pianist Chick Corea, recorded with a multi-national cast of players and released in 1972 on ECM. The lineup subsequently renamed itself after the album and released a followup under the nameplate. Tracklist: A1. “Return to Forever” (12:06) A2. “Crystal Silence” (6:55) A3. “What Game Shall We Play Today” […]

Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond (1972)

Captain Beyond is the debut album by the namesake English/American hard-rock/art-rock band, released in 1972 on Capricorn. Tracklist: A1. “Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air)” (4:08) A2. “Armworth” (2:50) A3. “Myopic Void” (3:37) A4. “Mesmerization Eclipse” (3:45) A5. “Raging River of Fear” (3:48) B1. “Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Intro)” (1:30) B2. “Frozen Over” […]

Stevie Wonder ‎– Music of My Mind (1972)

Music of My Mind is an album by American soul-funk musician/vocalist Stevie Wonder, released in March 1972 on Tamla/Motown. Tracklist: A1. “Love Having You Around” (7:21) A2. “Superwoman” (8:04) A3. “I Love Every Little Thing About You” (3:46) A4. “Sweet Little Girl” (4:54) B1. “Happier Than the Morning Sun” (5:18) B2. “Girl Blue” (3:35) B3. […]

Todd Rundgren ‎– Something / Anything? (1972)

Something / Anything? is the third solo album by American songwriter/musician/vocalist Todd Rundgren, released in 1972 on Bearsville. Spread out over two LPs, the release is a self-contained effort save for assorted group recordings on side four. Tracklist: A1. “I Saw the Light“ (2:59) A2. “It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference” (3:51) A3. “Wolfman Jack” […]