Martin Circus

Martin Circus were a French art-rock band that debuted with a live album on Vogue in 1969, followed by a string of releases on the label during the following decade. After the ambitious two-record set Acte II, the band’s music veered toward comedy pop.

Members: Gérard Blanc (guitar, vocals, 1969-?), Bob Brault (bass), Gérard Pisani (saxophone), Alain Pewzner (guitar, 1969-?), Sylvain Pauchard (keyboards, 1969-?), René Guérin (drums, 1969-?), Patrick Dietsch (vocals, guitar, 1969), Paul-Jean Borowsky (vocals, keyboards, 1969), Jean-François Leroy (drums, 1969)


  • En direct du Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus (live, 1969)
  • Acte II (1971)
  • Acte III (1974)
  • Marylène (1975)
  • Tu joues ton cœur (1976)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus (1977)
  • Disco (1978)
  • Martin Circus (1979)
  • Shine Baby Shine (1979)
  • De sang Froid (1980)

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