Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream was a German electronic band from Berlin that released more than 40 studio and live albums during the 20th century. The band was founded in 1967 by multi-instrumentalist Edgar Froese, who led the nameplate through numerous iterations for nearly five decades.

Members: Edgar Froese (guitar, bass, organ, Mellotron, piano, percussive objects, gong, Moog, synthesizer, ARP Solina string ensemble, sequencer, electronics, computer, drum programming, drums, harmonica, vocals, accordion, 1967-2015), Volker Hombach (saxophone, flute, viola, 1967-69), Kurt Herkenberg (bass, 1967-69), Lanse Hapshash (drums, 1967-69), Charlie Prince (vocals, 1967-69), Sven-Åke Johansson (drums, 1969), Steve Jolliffe (vocals, flute, horns, clarinet, clavinet, synthesizer, piano, lyricon, 1969, 1977-78), Klaus Schulze (drums, percussive objects, 1969-70, 1973), Conrad Schnitzler (cello, violin, guitar, 1969-70), Christopher Franke (percussion, lotos flute, zither, synthesizer, cymbals, electronic percussion, sequencer, Mellotron, harpsichord, gong, piano, 1971-89), Steve Schroyder (organ, vocals, 1971-72), Peter Baumann (synthesizer, organ, electric piano, vibraphone, 1972-77), Michael Hoenig (keyboards, 1975), Klaus Krüger (drums, percussion, 1977-78), Johannes Schmoelling (keyboards, electronics, synthesizer, computer, sequencer, drum programming, 1979-85), Paul Haslinger (keyboards, guitar, Chapman Stick, drums, 1986-90)

Tangerine Dream emerged from a series of free-rock groupings assembled in the late 1960s by musician Edgar Froese. His prior band, The Ones, issued the psych-rock single “Lady Greengrass” (b/w “Love of Mine“) on Star-Club Records in 1967. The new project churned three lineups and five members before settling into the trio of Froese, percussionist Klaus Schulze, and English reedist/keyboardist Steve Jolliffe.

The name Tangerine Dream was based on a mondegreen of the Beatles lyric “tangerine trees and marmalade skies.” However, Tangerine Dream was also the title of the 1967 debut album by UK psychsters Kaleidoscope.

Jolliffe, who hailed from UK acid-rockers The Joint (with a pre-Supertramp Rick Davies), left Tangerine Dream in late 1969 to join blues-rockers Steamhammer. Before entering the studio that October, Froese and Schulze were joined by cellist/violinist Conrad Schnitzler.

Electronic Meditation

Tangerine Dream released their debut album, Electronic Meditation, on June 15, 1970, on Ohr.

“Ultima Thule”

In February 1971, Tangerine Dream released the standalone single “Ultima Thule,” a free-form rock instrumental.

Alpha Centauri

Tangerine Dream released their second album, Alpha Centauri, in March 1971 on Ohr.


Tangerine Dream released their third album, Zeit, in August 1972 on Ohr.


Tangerine Dream released their fourth album, Atem, in March 1973 on Ohr.


Tangerine Dream released their fifth album, Phaedra, on February 24, 1974, on Virgin.


Tangerine Dream released their sixth album, Rubycon, on March 21, 1975, on Virgin.


In December 1975, Virgin released Ricochet, the first Tangerine Dream live album.


Tangerine Dream released their seventh studio album, Stratosfear, in October 1976 on Virgin.


In July 1977, Tangerine Dream released Sorcerer, the soundtrack to the namesake American thriller film by director William Friedkin.


In October 1977, Tangerine Dream released Encore, a two-album document of their spring ’77 US tour.


Tangerine Dream released their eighth studio album, Cyclone, in March 1978 on Virgin.

Force Majeure

Tangerine Dream released their ninth studio album, Force Majeure, in February 1979 on Virgin.


Tangerine Dream released their tenth studio album, Tangram, in May 1980 on Virgin.


In January 1981, Tangerine Dream released Quichotte, their third official live album.


In March 1981, Tangerine Dream released Thief, the soundtrack to the American neo-noir crime drama by director Michael Mann.


Tangerine Dream released their eleventh studio album, Exit, in September 1981 on Virgin.

White Eagle

Tangerine Dream released their twelfth studio album, White Eagle, in March 1982 on Virgin.

Logos Live

In December 1982, Tangerine Dream released Logos Live, a document of their November 6 show at London’s Dominion Theatre.

Daydream – Moorland

In May 1983, Tangerine Dream released “Daydream” (b/w “Moorland”) a soundtrack single to the episode Miriam of the German television police drama series Tatort (Crime Scene).


In September 1983, Tangerine Dream released Wavelength, the soundtrack to the sci-fi film by director Mike Gray.


Tangerine Dream released their thirteenth studio album, Hyperborea, in November 1983 on Virgin.


In July 1984, Tangerine Dream released Firestarter, the American sci-fi horror-thriller film based on the 1980 novel by Stephen King.

Poland: The Warsaw Concert

In November 1984, Tangerine Dream released Poland: The Warsaw Concert, a live double-album culled from their December 10, 1983, show at the Venue Torwar Hall in Warsaw.

Le Parc

Tangerine Dream released their fourteenth studio album, Le Parc, in May 1985 on Virgin.

Green Desert

Tangerine Dream released their fifteenth studio album, Green Desert, in January 1986 on Jive Electro. Froese and Franke recorded the album between Atem and Phaedra during Baumann’s absence. Though it remained vaulted at the time, the tapes landed Tangerine Dream their Virgin contract. In 1984, they remixed the original 1973 recording.

Underwater Sunlight

Tangerine Dream released their sixteenth studio album, Underwater Sunlight, in August 1986 on Jive Electro and Relativity.


Tangerine Dream released their seventeenth studio album, Tyger, in June 1987 on Jive Electo / Caroline.

Optical Race

Tangerine Dream released their eighteenth studio album, Optical Race, in August 1988 on Private Music.


  • Electronic Meditation (1970)
  • Alpha Centauri (1971)
  • Zeit (2LP, 1972)
  • Atem (1973)
  • Phaedra (1974)
  • Rubycon (1975)
  • Ricochet (live, 1975)
  • Stratosfear (1976)
  • Sorcerer (OST, 1977)
  • Encore (live 2LP, 1977)
  • Cyclone (1978)
  • Force Majeure (1979)
  • Tangram (1980)
  • Quichotte (live, 1980)
  • Thief (OST, 1981)
  • Exit (1981)
  • White Eagle (1982)
  • Logos: Live at the Dominion – London 1982 (live 2LP, 1982)
  • Hyperborea (1983)
  • Wavelength (OST, 1983)
  • Firestarter (OST, 1984)
  • Poland: The Warsaw Concert (live 2LP, 1984)
  • Le Parc (1985)
  • Green Desert (1986, recorded 1973)
  • Underwater Sunlight (1986)
  • Tyger (1987)
  • Optical Race (1988)


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