Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix (1942–1970) was an American rock guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer who released three 1967–68 albums on Track–Reprise with his London-based power-trio The Experience, followed by the 1970 live release Band of Gypsys. Early Life He was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942, in Seattle, to James Allen “Al” Hendrix (1991–2002) and […]


Russia were an American hard-rock band from Seattle, Wash., that released a self-titled album on Warner Bros. in 1980. Members: Griff Stevens (lead vocals, woodwinds), Tom Richard Brighton (guitar, vocals), Richard Allyn White (keyboards, vocals), Larry Tuttle (bass, vocals), Jeff Swisstack (drums) Discography: Russia (1980)


Heart are an American hard-rock band from Seattle that debuted with the popular album Dreamboat Annie on Canadian small-press Mushroom in 1975, followed by five studio albums on the CBS imprints Portrait and Epic between 1977 and 1983. In 1985, the band issued a self-titled album on Capitol that spawned a new round of success […]


Queensrÿche were an American metal band from Bellevue, Wash., that released an EP and three albums on EMI America between 1983 and 1988, followed by three further titles on the label during the subsequent decade. Members: Michael Wilton (guitar, backing vocals), Eddie Jackson (bass, backing vocals), Scott Rockenfield (drums, percussion, keyboards), Chris DeGarmo (guitar, backing […]

The Pepper Porter Band

The Pepper Porter Band were an American hard-rock band from Seattle that released the album Invasion on local-press First American in 1980. Members: Pepper Porter (guitar, backing vocals), Steve Teasley (bass, lead vocals), Paul Rieland (lead vocals, keyboards), Rob Reuber (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Nelson McFarlan (drums), Dave Horton (guitar), Fred Horton (drums), Ken Huseby […]


Ballin’jack were an American brass-rock band from Seattle that released two albums on Columbia between 1970 and 1972, followed by a third album and a live disc on Mercury in 1973/74 . Members: Luther Rabb (bass, vocals), Ronnie Hammon (drums), Glenn Thomas (guitar, mandolin), Jim Coile (saxophone, flute, clarinet), Tim McFarland (trombone, piano, backing vocals), […]


Bighorn were a symphonic/hard-rock band from Seattle that self-released a standalone single in 1974, followed by an eponymous album on CBS Canada in 1978. Members: Bob Andersen (drums), Steve Adamek (drums), Toby Bowen (guitar, vocals), Robb Clarke (vocals), Peter Davis (keyboards), Tom Erak (bass), Michael Ipsen (bass), Steve Isham (keyboards), Marv Jensen (keyboards), James Kenfield […]