Peter Hammill ‎– Fool’s Mate (1971)

Fool’s Mate is the debut solo album by musician/vocalist Peter Hammill, released in 1971 on Charisma.

A1. “Imperial Zeppelin” (3:38)
A2. “Candle” (4:17)
A3. “Happy” (2:36)
A4. “Solitude” (4:58)
A5. “Vision” (3:15)
A6. Re-Awakening” (3:57)
B1. “Sunshine” (4:00)
B2. “Child” (4:25)
B3. “Summer Song (In the Autumn)” (2:13)
B4. “Viking” (4:43)
B5. “The Birds” (3:36)
B6. “I Once Wrote Some Poems” (2:45)

Peter Hammill — lead vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Nic Potter — bass
Rod Clements — bass, violin
Guy Evans — drums, percussion
Hugh Banton — piano, organ
Martin Pottinger — drums
Ray Jackson — harp, mandolin
Dave Jackson — alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute
Bob Fripp — electric guitar

Paul Whitehead — tam-tam, cover art
John Anthony — producer
Robin Cable — engineer
Cleen Mashine Studio — sleeve design

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