Hatfield and the North ‎– The Rotters’ Club (1975)

The Rotters’ Club is the second of two albums by Canterburian jazz-rock ensemble Hatfield and the North, released in 1975 on Virgin.

A1. “Share It” (3:02)
A2. “Lounging There Trying” (3:10)
A3. “(Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw” (0:46)
A4. “Chaos at the Greasy Spoon” (0:30)
A5. “The Yes No Interlude” (7:02)
A6. “Fitter Stoke Has a Bath” (7:38)
A7. “Didn’t Matter Anyway” (3:03)
B1. “Underdub” (3:55)
B2. “Mumps
—a. “Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut (Quiet)” (1:59)
—b. “Lumps” (12:35)
—c. “Prenut” (3:55)
—d. “Your Majesty Is Like a Cream Donut (Loud)” (1:37)

CD reissue bonus: “Halfway Between Heaven and Earth” (6:07)

Phil Miller — guitars
Pip Pyle — drums, percussion
Richard Sinclair — bass, vocals
Dave Stewart — organ, electric piano, noise generator

Jimmy Hastings — flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Mont Campbell — French horn
Lindsay Cooper — oboe, bassoon
Barbara Gaskin — backing vocals
Amanda Parsons — backing vocals
Ann Rosenthal — backing vocals
The Hatfields — producer
Tim Hodgkinson — clarinet
Dave Ruffell — assistant engineer, assistant producer
Laurie Lewis — sleeve design, cover art

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