Zzebra were an English ethno-jazz/funk band that released two albums on Polydor in 1974 and 1975. Material for a third album, recorded in 1975, was released in 1999 by archivists Disconforme SL, confusingly with the same cover-art as stateside issues of the band’s second album Panic. The band featured the talents of guitarist Terry Smith (If), percussionist/saxophonist Loughty Amao (Osibisa), and keyboardist Tommy Eyre (Riff Raff).

Members: Loughty Amao (vocals, percussion, saxophone, flute), Liam Genockey (vocals, drums), Dave Quincey (saxophone), Terry Smith (guitar), Gus Yeadon (vocals, piano, guitar), Tommy Eyre (vocals, keyboards, flute), John McCoy (bass)


  • Zzebra (1974)
  • “Zardoz” / “Amusofi” (1974)
  • Panic (1975)
  • Take It or Leave It (1999, recorded 1975)

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