Heart are an American hard-rock band from Seattle that debuted with the popular album Dreamboat Annie on Canadian small-press Mushroom in 1975, followed by five studio albums on the CBS imprints Portrait and Epic between 1977 and 1983. In 1985, the band issued a self-titled album on Capitol that spawned a new round of success during the second half of the decade.

Members: Ann Wilson (vocals, flute, guitar, keyboards, violin, tambourine, bass, drums, autoharp, percussion), Nancy Wilson (vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards, mandolin, Mellotron, bass, blues harp, Dobro, synthesizer, dulcimer, mandocello), Steve Fossen (bass, percussion, 1974-81), Roger Fisher (guitar, mandolin, 1974-80), Howard Leese (guitar, keyboards, vocals, mandolin, Mellotron, synthesizer, violin, Moog, bells, organ, cymbal, autoharp, 1977-94), Michael Derosier (drums, percussion, 1977-81), Mark Andes (bass, guitar, vocals, 1982-93), Denny Carmassi (drums, percussion, 1982-93)


Heart germinated from the Seattle-area bar band White Heart, founded in 1970 by bassist Steve Fossen and guitarist Roger Fisher. Their name — inspired by the book Tales from the White Hart by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke — was eventually shortened to Heart in honor of Fisher’s birthday, which happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

In 1972, singer–guitarist Ann Wilson joined Heart. Soon thereafter, she was smitten by Roger’s brother Mike, who’d fled to Canada to avoid the draft. The band eventually settled in Vancouver, where they were joined by Ann’s younger sister, Nancy, in 1974.

In 1975, Heart cut a demo with producer Mike Flicker, who would produce their first five albums. The band grew to a five-piece with guitarist–keyboardist Howard Leese. That summer, they recorded their first album at Can-Base studio, owned by the team behind upstart Mushroom Records.

Dreamboat Annie

Heart’s debut album, Dreamboat Annie, first appeared in Canada in September 1975 on Mushroom Records. The album sold 35,000 within months and prompted Mushroom to issue it stateside in February 1976.


Mushroom released the unfinished second Heart album, Magazine, in February 1977 without the band’s approval.

Little Queen

Heart released their third studio album, Little Queen, on May 14, 1977, on Portrait.

Dog & Butterfly

Heart released their fourth album, Dog & Butterfly, on October 7, 1978, on Portrait.

Bébé le Strange

Heart released their fifth album, Bébé le Strange, on February 14, 1980, on Epic.

Greatest Hits/Live

On November 29, 1980, Heart released the double-album Greatest Hits/Live. It contains one record of highlights from their first five studio albums and one record with live numbers and three new studio tracks.

Private Audition

Heart released their sixth studio album, Private Audition, on June 5, 1982, on Epic.


Heart released their seventh album, Passionworks, on August 20, 1983, on Epic.


Heart released their self-titled eighth studio album on June 21, 1985, on Capitol.

Bad Animals

Heart released their ninth studio album, Bad Animals, on June 6, 1987, on Capitol.



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