Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown was an English blues-rock band that released eleven albums on Decca between 1967 and 1974, followed by further titles on London, Town House, and Relix during the subsequent decade. Guitarist Kim Simmonds (1947–2022) was the one constant member throughout numerous lineups. Like John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Savoy Brown served as a launching pad for musicians on the transatlantic rock scene.

Savoy Brown’s most popular albums include the 1969/70 releases A Step Further, Raw Sienna, and Looking In. The backbone of that lineup — guitarist Dave Peverett, bassist Tony Stevens, and drummer Roger Earl — formed Foghat.

Members: Kim Simmonds (guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals), John O’Leary (harmonica, 1965-67), Leo Manning (drums, 1965-67), Bryce Portius (vocals, 1965-67), Ray Chappell (bass, 1965-67), Trevor Jeavons (keyboards, 1965), Bob Hall (keyboards, 1965-70), Chris Youlden (vocals, 1967-70), Bob Brunning (bass, 1967-68), Hughie Flint (drums, 1967-68), Martin Stone (guitar, 1967), Lonesome Dave Peverett (guitar, vocals, 1967-71, 1992-94), Rivers Jobe (bass, 1968), Bill Bruford (drums, 1968), Roger Earl (drums, 1968-71), Tony Stevens (bass, 1968-71), Peter “Scott” Ainsworth (vocals, 1971), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar, 1971-76), Dave Bidwell (drums, 1971-75), Dave Walker (vocals, 1971-72, 1986-91), Andy Silvester (bass, 1971-72), Andy Pyle (bass, 1972-74), Ron Berg (drums, 1972-74), Jackie Lynton (vocals, 1972-74), Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals, 1973-74), Eric Dillon (drums, 1973-74), Jim Leverton (bass, 1973-74), Stan Webb (guitar, vocals, 1973-74), Tom Farnell (drums, 1974-78), Andy Rae (bass, 1974-75), Ian Ellis (bass, 1975-78), Don Cook (bass, 1978-80), Richard Carmichael (drums, 1978-80), Keith Boyce (drums, 1980-82), John Humphrey (bass, 1980-82), Ralph Morman (vocals, 1980-82), Steve Lynch (guitar, 1980), Barry Paul (guitar, 1980-82), Speedo Jones (vocals, harmonica, 1985-86), Chris Romanelli (bass, 1985-86), Jimmy Kunes (vocals, 1985-88), Duck MacDonald (guitar, 1986-88), Jeff Howell (bass, 1986-88), Garry Bordonaro (bass, 1986-88), Joe Hasselvander (drums, 1986-88), Jimmy Dagnesi (bass, 1986-89), Al Macomber (drums, 1986-89), Shmutza-Hideous (percussion, 1986-88), Miffy Smith (keyboards, 1986-88), Pete Mendillo (drums, 1989-91), Lou Kaplan (bass, 1989-90)

Savoy Brown was formed in 1965 in Battersea, South West London, as the Savoy Brown Blues Band by guitarist Kim Simmonds. He co-founded the band with harmonica player John O’Leary, who left before the first album to play with the John Dummer Blues Band. The name was intended to convey a mix of elegance and simplicity: “Savoy,” taken from the American blues label Savoy Records, is a word Simmonds found elegant; “Brown” because it signifies plainness.

Select discography:

  • Shake Down (1967 • Savoy Brown Blues Band)
  • Getting to the Point (1968)
  • Blue Matter (1969)
  • A Step Further (1969)
  • Raw Sienna (1970)
  • Looking In (1970)
  • Street Corner Talking (1971)
  • Hellbound Train (1972)
  • Lion’s Share (1972)
  • Jack the Toad (1973)
  • Boogie Brothers (1974)
  • Wire Fire (1975)
  • Skin ‘n’ Bone (1976)
  • Savage Return (1978)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Warriors (1981)
  • Slow Train (1986)
  • Make Me Sweat (1988)
  • Kings of Boogie (1989)


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