Fusion Orchestra ‎– Skeleton in Armour (1973)

Skeleton in Armour is an album by English symphonic/jazz-rockers Fusion Orchestra, released in 1973 on EMI.

A1. “Fanfairy Suite for 1,000 Trampits – Part One / Sonata in Z” (11:39)
A2. “Have I Left the Gas On” (8:35)
B1. “OK Boys, Now’s Our Big Chance” (0:45)
B2. “Skeleton in Armour” (5:16)
B3. “When My Mama’s Not at Home” (3:33)
B4. “Don’t Be Silly, Jilly!” (0:09)
B5. “Talk to the Man in the Sky / Fanfairy Suite for 1,000 Trampits – Part Two” (11:50)

Bass Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, Jew’s Harp, Design – Dave Cowell
Drums, Gong, Timpani, Percussion, Sleeve Design – Dave Bell
Guitar [2nd], Slide Guitar, Steel Guitar [Hawaiian], Synthesizer, Harmonica – Stan Land
Lead Guitar, Synthesizer [Hammond Bass Pedals] – Colin Dawson
Vocals, Flute, Piano, Electric Piano, Celesta, Synthesizer, Harmonium, Percussion, Organ [Hammond], Twelve-string Guitar – Jill Saward

Producer, Arranged By [Brass Arrangements] – Jeff Jarratt
Engineer – John Kurlander, Mike Jarratt, Pete Mew, Richard Langham, Sam

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