Gnidrolog ‎– Lady Lake (1972)

Lady Lake is the second of two albums from the original formation of English symphonic/folk rockers Gnidrolog, released in 1972 on RCA Victor.

A1. “I Could Never Be a Soldier” (11:37)
A2. “Ship” (6:41)
A3. “A Dog With No Collar” (2:10)
B1. “Lady Lake” (8:54)
B2. “Same Dreams” (2:47)
B3. “Social Embarrassment” (6:31)

Peter Cowling — bass, cello, cover design, writer
John Earle — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute, lead vocals
Colin Goldring — rhythm guitar, recorder, tenor horn uk, vocals, writer
Stewart Goldring — lead guitar, writer
Nigel Pegrum — percussion, flute, oboe
Dick Parkinson — production
Bruce Pennington — illustration
Charlotte Fenrich — piano

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