The Humblebums

The Humblebums were a Scottish folk-pop combo, best known as the launching vehicle of comedian Billy Connolly and singer–songwriter Gerry Rafferty. Connolly formed the act with guitarist Tam Harvey for the 1969 Transatlantic release First Collection of Merry Melodies. Harvey cleared for Rafferty, who wrote the bulk of their second release, The New Humblebums. Connolly and Rafferty recorded their 1970 album Open Up the Door with folk violinist Barry Dransfield and Jody Grind guitarist Bernie Holland.

Rafferty first went solo in 1971 with Can I Have My Money Back? He formed another band, Stealers Wheel (essentially a duo with Joe Egan), that scored a hit with “Stuck In the Middle With You” and made three albums, including the acclaimed 1973 release Ferguslie Park. He relaunched his career in 1978 with the album City to City and the hits “Baker Street” and “Right Down the Line.” Connelly found fame as a standup comic.

Members: Billy Connolly (vocals, guitar, banjo), Terry Cox (drums), Tam Harvey (guitar, mandolin), Ronnie Rae (bass), Gerry Rafferty (guitar, vocals)

The Humblebums formed in 1965 in Glasgow.

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  • First Collection of Merry Melodies (1969)
  • The New Humblebums (1969)
  • Open Up the Door (1970)


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