UK Punk Bands


Acme Sewage Co. ‎

The Adverts:

Alternative TV:

The Alternators: One 1978 NRG Records single: “No Answers” (b/w the synth-squirting “Kid Don’t Know”), both comped. 1000 copies.>

The Ants: Adam Ant’s first-recorded band, evolved from the B-Sides (a prototype of the Monochrome Set). Cut several demos and two songs (“Deutscher Girls,” “Plastic Surgery”) for Derek Jarman’s 1978 punk-dystopian film Jubilee, in which Ant co-starred. Managed by SEX-staffer Jordan. Became Adam and the Ants prior to first single, “Young Parisians” (b/w “Lady”).

The Artattacks

Arthur Comics

The A.T’s: ska .>



Bazoomis: Formed late 1976 in New Southgate (name pronounced bezumiye = Russian for “madness”). Played five Aug.–Oct. 1977 Roxy dates. Recordings surfaced on the 17-track archival comp White Washed Kids (2014). First drummer Arnold Lane (named after the 1967 Pink Floyd song) cut two 1981–82 electro-pop singles. Guitarist Miki Toldi and bassist Johnnie Christo surfaced in The Expressos, which morphed (without Toldi) into The Escape Club.>


Bee Cee Cee

Big In Japan

The Bleach Boys


Blitzkrieg Bop

Blunt Instrument

The Boomtown Rats:

The Boys

The Buzz: .>

The Buzzcocks:

Cane: Watford trio, formed 1975. “College Girls'” featured on 1977 V.A. Streets comp. 1978 maxi-single “3×3” — the mid-tempo “Dice” b/w the blazing “Suburban Guerilla” and “D. K. Dance” (aka “College Girls'”) — on punk/reggae indie Lightning Records. Singer/guitarist Kip (aka Malcolm Herring) did stints in The Vibrators and mod-revivalists The Chords.>

The Cane: >

The Carpettes: >

Celia & The Mutations


The Clash:

Cock Sparrer

The Cortinas: Bristol quintet. Initially R&B, turned punk for two 1977 singles: “Fascist Dictator” (b/w “Television Families”) and “Defiant Pose” (b/w “Independence”), the latter with an alarming Hipgnosis sleeve. Reverted back to R&B/pub-rock for 1978’s True Romances. Guitarist Nick Sheppard joined the latter-day Clash (Cut the Crap era).

The Crowbars:>


The Damned:

The Defendants: .>

The Depressions:

The Desperate Bicycles

The Dials: >

The Doctors: The Doctors of Madness nameplate abbreviated for their 1977 blazer “Bulletin,” included on their 1978 swan song Sons of Survival along with the brisk cuts “’50s Kids” and “Back from the Dead,” the latter co-written with Adverts frontman TV Smith. DoM’s 1976 debut Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms is punk-prescient on select tracks (“Waiting,” “B-Movies Bedtime”).

The Doll: Jumpy organ ditty “Trash” on the 1977 Beggars Banquet comp Streets, followed by the similar 1978 a-side “Don’t Tango On My Heart.” Three 1979 new wave singles, including “Desire Me” (UK #28), and the 1980 album Listen to the Silence. Late-period members Denis Haines (keyboards) and Jamie West-Oram (guitar) surfaced, respectively, in Dramatis and The Fixx. Easily described as Lene Lovich meets The Yachts.>

The Drive: From Dundee, Scotland. One 1977 single: “Jerkin'” (b/w “Push ‘N’ Shove”) on three-press NRG Records. A-side comped on Streets.>

The Drones:

The Dyaks

Easy Cure:


Eddie and the Hot Rods:

The Exile

The Flys

The Frantic Elevators

The Front


F-X: .>

Generation X:



The Homosexuals

Ian Dury and the Blockheads

The Jam:

The Jerks

John Cooper Clarke

Johnny and the Self Abusers: Glasgow sextet, issued Sept. ’77 Chiswick single “Saints and Sinners” (b/w “Dead Vandals”). Splintered on the same day into Simple Minds (Jim “Pripton Weird” Kerr, Charlie “Argue” Burchill, Brian McGee) and the Cuban Heels (John “Johnnie Plague” Milarky, Allan “Sid Syphilis” McNeill). Additional songs (“Cocteau Twins,” “Subway Sex,” “18,” “Wasteland”) exist on an unofficial Retro Records comp.

Johnny Curious and the Strangers: .D

Johnny Moped

The Jolt

The Killjoys

Leyton Buzzards



Lucy: Punk–metal quartet on London indie Lightning Records. Two 1977–78 singles: “Really Got Me Goin'” (b/w “Oy”) and “Never Never” (b/w “Feel So Good”). First recorded act of guitarist Phil Collen (Girl, Def Leppard).>

The Lurkers



Martin and The Brownshirts

The Members:


The Mirrors: Pub-punk quartet, issued two 1978 Lightning singles: “Cure for Cancer” (b/w “Nice Vice”) and “Dark Glasses” (b/w “999”), both produced by Bill Farley (Zior).>

The Models

Morning Spunk

The Mutants


The Neon Hearts

New Hearts

Nipple Erectors 

No Way

The Nosebleeds: Mancunian punks, formed as Wild Ram in 1976 by Slaughter & the Dogs roadie Edmund Garrity. Became Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds for the 1977 Rabid single “Ain’t Bin to No Music School” (b/w “Fascist Pigs”), the a-side comped on Streets. Guitarist Vinnie Reilly formed The Durutti Column with bassist Pete Crooks and drummer Toby Toman, who later worked with Ludus and Nico. An unrecorded 1978 lineup (“I Think I’m Ready for the Electric Chair”) featured singer Steven Morrissey (later Smiths) and guitarist Billy Duffy (Theatre of Hate, The Cult).>

The Now

The Only Ones:

The Outcasts

The Outsiders:

The Panik


Pete Newnham

The Pigs

The Police:

The Pork Dukes

Predator: .D


Public Zone: One 1977 Logo single, the four-chord pop-rocker “Naive” (b/w “Innocence”), by the trio of Duncan Browne, Peter Godwin, and Sean Lyons (aka Metro) with Police drummer Stewart Copeland. Produced by Hugh Murphy (Jody Grind, Gracious, Stray, Diabolus, Justine, Gerry Rafferty).

Radiators from Space


The Reaction

The Red Lights: .>

The Reducers: .>

The Rezillos

Riff Raff

Rikki and the Last Days of Earth:

The Rings: “I Wanna Be Free” (b/w “Automobile”) on Chiswick, 1977, produced by Martin Gordon (Sparks, Jet). Fronted by ex-Tomorrow/Pink Fairies drummer Twink. Guitarist Alan Lee Shaw and drummer Rod Latter surfaced later in ’77  in Maniac. Archivists NDN Records reissued the single with four additional tracks on the 2017 10″ EP The Rings.

Le Ritz

Satan’s Rats

The Secret

The Sex Pistols:

Sham 69

The Sick Things

Siouxsie and the Banshees:

The Skunks

Slaughter and the Dogs

The Skids:


The Slits:

Some Chicken

Speedometors: .D

The Spitfire Boys



Stiff Little Fingers

Stormtrooper: D

The Stranglers:

The Suburban Studs

Subway Sect

The Table

Terry and the Idiots

The Tights: .>


Trash: First drummer Brian Devoil co-founded Twelfth Night.>

UK Subs


The Unwanted

The Users

The Valves

Vermilion: D

The Vibrators:

Vice Creems:

The V.I.P.’s: .D

Warsaw Pakt

The Wasps


X-Ray Spex:

The Zeros

Zorro: D


Bored Teenagers series