Curved Air ‎– Second Album (1971)

Second Album is the sophomoric longplayer by English symphonic/art-rock band Curved Air, released in 1971 on Warner Bros.

A1. “Young Mother” (5:55)
A2. “Back Street Luv” (3:38)
A3. “Jumbo” (4:11)
A4. “You Know” (4:11)
A5. “Puppets” (5:26)
B1. “Everdance” (3:08)
B2. “Bright Summer’s Day ’68” (2:54)
B3. “Piece of Mind” (12:52)

Sonja Kristina – lead vocals
Darryl Way – violin, backing vocals, piano (A5)
Francis Monkman – guitars, keyboards, VCS3 synthesizer
Ian Eyre – bass guitar
Florian Pilkington-Miksa – drums

Colin Caldwell – engineer

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