Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge was an American psych-rock band from New York that released five albums on Atco between 1967 and 1969. The rhythm section of bassist Tim Bogart and drummer Carmine Appice subsequently recorded four albums in hard-rockers Cactus and two in the powertrio Beck, Bogart and Appice with guitarist Jeff Beck.

Members: Mark Stein (lead vocals, organ, keyboards), Vince Martell (lead guitar, vocals, 1966-70), Tim Bogert (bass, vocals), Joey Brennan (drums, 1966), Carmine Appice (drums, vocals), Sal D’Nofrio (bass, 1970), Jimmy Galluzi (drums, 1970), Ron Mancuso (guitar, 1982-84)

Vanilla Fudge formed in 1966 as The Electric Pigeons, assembled by singer/organist Mark Stein and bassist Tim Bogert. They first interacted in the New Jersey beat group Rick Martin & the Showmen.

Inspired by the organ-dominated soul-rock of The Rascals, they formed The Pigeons with Bronx-born guitarist Vince Martell, formerly of east coast beatsters Ricky T & the Satans Three. After two short-term drummers, they hired Carmine Appice from the 43rd St cover band Thursday’s Children.

In April 1967, The Pigeons signed to Atlantic Records, which insisted they change their name. They chose Vanilla Fudge, a reference to their mix of white pop and soul.


  • Vanilla Fudge (1967)
  • The Beat Goes On (1968)
  • Renaissance (1968)
  • Near the Beginning (1969)
  • Rock & Roll (1969)
  • Mystery (1984)


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