Uriah Heep ‎– Demons and Wizards (1972)

Demons and Wizards is the fourth album by English symphonic/hard-rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1972 on Mercury.

A1. “The Wizard” (2:59)
A2. “Traveller in Time” (3:26)
A3. “Easy Livin’” (2:37)
A4. “Poet’s Justice” (4:14)
A5. “Circle of Hands” (6:27)
B1. “Rainbow Demon” (4:30)
B2. “All My Life” (2:46)
B3. “Paradise / The Spell” (12:41)

Lee Kerslake — drums, percussion, songwriter
Mick Box — guitar, songwriter
Ken Hensley — keyboards, guitar, percussion, liner notes, songwriter
David Byron — vocals, songwriter
Gary Thain — bass guitar

Uriah Heep — voices
Mark Clarke — bass, vocals, songwriter (A1)
Peter Gallen — engineer
Ashley Howe — assistant engineer
Gerry Bron — producer
Roger Dean — design, drawings, photography
Dominy Hamilton — photography

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