John Martyn

John Martyn — aka Iain David McGeachy (Sept. 11, 1948 — Jan. 29, 2009) — was an English singer/songwriter and guitarist from New Malden, Surrey, who released eight studio albums and a live disc on Island between 1967 and 1980, followed by a pair of 1981/82 titles on WEA and a further round of Island albums during the late 1980s.

London Conversation

John Martyn released his debut album, London Conversation, in October 1967 on Island.

The Tumbler

John Martyn released his second album, The Tumbler, in October 1968 on Island.

John and Beverley Martyn – Stormbringer!

In February 1970, John and Beverley Martyn released Stormbringer!, their first of two albums as a duo on Island and Warner Bros.

Recorded Summer 1969, Woodstock, USA

John and Beverley Martyn – The Road to Ruin

In November 1970, John and Beverley Martyn released The Road to Ruin, their second of two albums as a duo on Island and Warner Bros.

Bless the Weather

John Martyn released his third solo album, Bless the Weather, in November 1971 on Island.

Solid Air

John Martyn released his fourth solo album, Solid Air, in February 1973 on Island.

Inside Out

John Martyn released his fifth album, Inside Out, in October 1973 on Island.

Sunday’s Child

John Martyn released his sixth album, Sunday’s Child, on January 28, 1975, on Island.

Live at Leeds

In 1976, John Martyn released Live at Leeds, a 49-minute document of his February 13, 1975, show at Leeds University.

One World

John Martyn released his seventh solo studio album, One World, on November 4, 1977, on Island.

Grace & Danger

John Martyn released his eighth studio album, Grace & Danger, on October 13, 1980, on Island.

Glorious Fool

John Martyn released his ninth album, Glorious Fool, in September 1981 on WEA.

Well Kept Secret

John Martyn released his tenth solo studio album, Well Kept Secret, in August 1982 on WEA.


John Martyn released his eleventh album, Sapphire, in November 1984 on Island.

Piece by Piece

John Martyn released his twelfth album, Piece by Piece, in February 1986 on Island.


  • London Conversation (1967)
  • The Tumbler (1968)
  • Bless the Weather (1971)
  • Solid Air (1973)
  • Inside Out (1973)
  • Sunday’s Child (1975)
  • Live at Leeds (1975)
  • One World (1977)
  • Grace & Danger (1980)
  • Glorious Fool (1981)
  • Well Kept Secret (1982)
  • Sapphire (1984)
  • Piece by Piece (1986)
  • The Apprentice (1990)
  • Cooltide (1991)


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