English bands, musicians, and singers.



2nd Vision, 2.3, 3, 3 Mustaphas 3, The 4 Skins, 4th Street Orchestra, 5 Hand Reel, 10cc, 13th Chime, 14 Iced Bears, 23 Skidoo, The 23rd Turnoff, 32nd Turn Off, 52nd Street, 64 Spoons, 100% Proof, The 101ers, 9:30 Fly, 999, 1000 Mexicans, 1919, 5000 Volts

A Band Called O, A Certain Ratio, A Fleeting Glance, A Flock of Seagulls, A Raincoat, A-Austr, Aardvark, ABC, Absolute Elsewhere, The Academy, Accolade, Ace, Acoustic Alchemy, The Action, Adam and the Ants, Adam Ant, The Adicts, Adrian Gurvitz, Adrian Snell, Adrian Wagner, Advertising, The Adverts, Aerial FX, Affinity, Afraid of Mice, After the Fire, Agincourt, Agnes Strange, Airbridge, Airbus, Airrace, Airwaves, The Alan Bown Set, Alan David, Alan Gowen, Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Hull, Alan Parker, The Alan Parsons Project, Alan Price, Alan Skidmore, Alan White, Alaska, Albert Hammond, Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias, The Albion Band, Alco, Alfalpha, The Alice Island Band, Alison Moyet, Alkatrazz, All About Eve, Allan Holdsworth, Alternative TV, Alun Davies, Alvin Lee, Alvin Stardust, Amalgam, Amazing Blondel, Ananta, And Also the Trees, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Andrew Leigh, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Andrew Poppy, Andromeda, Andy Bown, Andy Clark, Andy Desmond, Andy Fraser, Andy Gibb, Andy Mackay, Andy Partridge, Andy Quin, Andy Roberts, Andy Summers, Angel Pavement, Angel Witch, Angletrax, Animal Nightlife, The Animals, Ann Odell, Annabel Lamb, Anne Briggs, Anne Clark, Annie Haslam, Anthony Moore, Anthony Phillips, Any Trouble, Arbre, ARC, Arcadia, Arcadium, Argent, Argus, Ark, Armada, Armageddon, Art, Art Bears, Art Objects, Art of Noise, Artery, Arthur Brown, The Artwoods, Arzachel, Asgærd, Ashkan, Ashton Gardner & Dyke, Asia, Aslan, Astral Sounds, The Astronauts, Aswad, Athletico Spizz 80, Atlas, Atmosfear, Atomic Rooster, The Attack, Au Pairs, Aubrey Small, Audience, Ausgang, Automatic Fine Tuning, Autumn, Avenger, Aviator, Axe, Axis Point, The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, AzimuthTOP

B-Movie, Babe Ruth, Baby Whale, The Babys, Bachdenkel, Bachelors Gate, Back Door, Back Street Crawler, Bad Company, Badger, Bad Manners, Baker Gurvitz Army, Bakerloo, Balaam and The Angel, Bananarama, Band of Joy, Bandit, Bankstatement, Barbara Moore, Barbara Thompson, Barclay James Harvest, Bards of the Barleycorn, Barry Andrews, Barry Dransfield, Barry Gibb, Barry Gray, Barry Ryan, Basement 5, Basil Kirchin, The Battered Ornaments, Bauhaus, B.B. Blunder, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Be-Bop Deluxe, Bearded Lady, The Beat, The Beat Merchants, The Beatles, Beau, The Beautiful South, Beck Bogert & Appice, Beckett, Bedlam, Bee Gees, Bees Make Honey, Beggars’ Hill, Bell + Arc, The Belle Stars, Belouis Some, Beltane Fire, Ben, Bernie Marsden, Bethnal, Bette Bright, The Bible, Big Audio Dynamite, bIG fLAME, Big In Japan, The Big Sound Authority, The Bigroup, Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, Billy Fay, Bill Nelson, Billy Bragg, Billy Currie, Billy Idol, Billy Nicholls, Bim, Black, Black Cat Bones, Blackfoot Sue, Black Magic, Blackmayne, Black Sabbath, Black Slate, Black Velvet, Black Widow, Blancmange, Blanket of Secrecy, Blind Faith, Blind Fury, The Bliss Band, Blitzkrieg, Blodwyn Pig, The Bloomsbury Set, Blossom Toes, The Blow Monkeys, The Blue Aeroplanes, Blue Goose, Blue Mink, Blue Orchids, Blue Rondo à la Turk, Blue Zoo, The Blues Band, Blurt, Bobby Harrison, Bob Downes, Bob Pegg, Bob Theil, Bobak Jons Malone, The Bolshoi, The Bombay Ducks, Bond and Brown, The Bonzo Dog Band, Both Hands Free, The Bowles Brothers Band, Bow Wow Wow, The Box, Box of Frogs, Boxer, Boys Don’t Cry, Brainchild, Bram Stoker, Brand X, Brandywine Bridge, The Breakfast Band, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, Brian Auger & The Trinity, Brian Bennett, Brian Eno, Brian Protheroe, Brian Short, Bridget St John, The Brilliant Corners, Brinsley Schwarz, British Lions, Broken Glass, Broken Home, Bron Area, Bronco, Bronski Beat, Bronz, The Broughtons, Brownsville Banned, Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club, Bruford, The Brunning Sunflower Blues Band, Brut, Bryan Ferry, Bucks Fizz, The Buggles, Bulldog Breed, Bullet, The Bully Wee Band, The Bureau, Burlesque, The Button Down Brass, Buzzcocks, ByzantiumTOP

Cabaret Voltaire, Cair Paravel, Camberwell Now, Camel, Camera Obscura, Candida Pax, Candle Factory, Canis Major, Canterbury Glass, Capability Brown, Caravan, Cardiacs, Care, Carmel, Carnaby Street Pop, Carolanne Pegg, Casino, Cat Stevens, Catapilla, The Catch, Catherine Howe, Cayenne, C.C.S., C Cat Trance, Centipede, Central Line, Chad & Jeremy, Chain Reaction, The Chameleons, Champion, The Chanter Sisters, Charge, Charge, Charles Hayward, Charlie, Charlie Dore, Chateaux, Chaz Jankel, Chevy, Chick Churchill, Chicken Shack, Chicken Shed, Chicory Tip, Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers, Chillum, Chimera, China Crisis, Chopyn, Chorale, Chris and Cosey, Chris Britton, Chris Cutler, Chris Eaton, Chris Farlowe, Chris Foster, Chris Harwood, Chris Judge Smith, Chris Rea, Chris Spedding, Chris Squire, Chris White, Chris Youlden, Christie, Christine McVie, The Christians, Chromium, Circus, Cirkus, City Boy, Claire Hamill, Clancy, Clark Hutchinson, The Clash, Classix Nouveaux, The Cleaners From Venus, Clear Blue Sky, Cliff Richard, Cliff Wade, Clifford T. Ward, Climax Blues Band, Clive John, Clive Langer & The Boxes, Cloud, Cloven Hoof, CMU, C.O.B., Cochise, Cockney Rebel, Coley, Colin Blunstone, Colin Hare, Colin Newman, Colin Scot, Colin Towns, Collision, Colonel Bagshot, Colosseum, Colosseum II, The Colourfield, Colourbox, The Communards, Complex, The Comsat Angels, Comus, Consortium, Continuum, Cook Da Books, The Cortinas, Cosmic Eye, The Count Bishops, Courtney Pine, Cowboys International, Cozy Powell, Craft, Crass, The Cravats, Crawler, Crawling Chaos, Crazy Mabel, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Cream, The Creation, Creation Rebel, The Creatures, Creepy John Thomas, Cressida, Crispian St. Peters, Crispy Ambulance, Crooked Oak, Cuddly Toys, The Cult, Culture Club, Cupid’s Inspiration, The Cure, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Curved Air, Cutting Crew, CWT, Cymande, Cyril Tawney, CzarTOP

Dada, Daddy Longlegs, Dalek I, Dalis Car, The Damned, Dana Gillespie, Dancer, The Dancing Did, Dando Shaft, Danielle Dax, Danny Kirwan, The Danse Society, Danta, Dantalian’s Chariot, Dare, Dark, Dark Star, Darling, Darryl Way’s Wolf, Darts, Data, Dave Berry, Dave Carlsen, The Dave Clark Five, Dave Cousins, Dave Davies, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, Dave Ellis, Dave Evans, Dave Greenslade, Dave Holland, Dave Lambert, Dave Mason, Davey & Morris, David Bedford, David Bendeth, David Bowie, David Byron, David Coverdale, David Dundas, David Essex, David Gilmour, David Grant, David Harrow, David Holland Quartet, David Sylvian, David Vorhaus, Dawnwind, Daylight, Dead Fingers Talk, Dead Sea Fruit, Deaf School, Dear Mr. Time, Death In June, Decameron, The Decorators, Dee D. Jackson, Deep Feeling, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Delegation, Delivery, Delta 5, Demon, Demon Fuzz, Department S, Depeche Mode, Derek Scott, The Desperate Bicycles, The Deviants, Dexys Midnight Runners, D. Greenfield & J.J. Burnel, Diabolus, Diagram Brothers, Diamond Head, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dif Juz, Dire Straits, Dirty Tricks, Discharge, Dislocation Dance, Dizrhythmia, Doctors of Madness, Dogfeet, The Dog That Bit People, Dog Soldier, The Doll, Doll by Doll, Dollar, The Dolphin Brothers, Don Bradshaw-Leather, Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet, Don Shinn, Downliners Sect, Dragonfly, Dramatis, Dransfield, Dr. Feelgood, The Dream Academy, Driver, The Drones, Druid, The Druids, Dr. Z, The Dub Syndicate, Ducks Deluxe, Duffy, The Dukes, The Dukes of Stratosphear, Dulcimer, Duncan Browne, Duncan Mackay, Duran Duran, The Durutti Column, Dusty SpringfieldTOP

East of Eden, Easterhouse, Easy Street, Eater, Echo & the Bunnymen, Eclection, Eddie & Sunshine, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Eddie Hardin, Eddie Howell, Eddie Jobson, Edgar Broughton Band, Edge, The Edge, Edwards Hand, Egg, Elecampane, Electric Light Orchestra, Elias Hulk, Elixir, Elkie Brooks, Elli, Ellis Beggs & Howard, Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, Elton Dean, Elton John, Elton Motello, Elvis Costello, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Empire, The End, England, England, England’s Glory, The Enid, Episode Six, The Equals, Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton, Eruption, Esperanto, Esquire, Essential Logic, Eternal Triangle, Ethel the Frog, Europeans, The Europeans, Eurythmics, Evensong, Every Which Way, Everything but the Girl, Experiments With Ice, Eyeless in Gaza, Eye to EyeTOP

Fable, Fabulous Poodles, Faces, The Factory, Fad Gadget, Fairfield Parlour, Fairport Convention, The Fall, Family, Family Fodder, Fancy, Fandango, Fantasy, Fashion, Fastway, Fastbuck, Fat Mattress, F.B.I., Felt, The Ferris Wheel, Fiat Lux, Fickle Pickle, Fiddler’s Dram, Fields, Fields of the Nephilim, Fine Young Cannibals, Fire, The Firm, First Aid, First Light, Fischer-Z, Fish Co., Fishbaugh Fishbaugh & Zorn, Five Day Rain, The Five Day Week Straw People, Five Star, The Fixx, Flame, Flaming Youth, Flash, Flashman, Fleetwood Mac, Flesh for Lulu, The Flies, Flintlock, The Flying Lizards, The Flying Machine, The Flys, FM, F. McDonald / C. Rae, Foggy Dew-O, Foghat, Folkal Point, Force, Forest, Forever Amber, Fotheringay, The Foundations, The Fox, Fox, Francis Monkman, Frank Ricotti, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Fraser, Frazier Chorus, Fred Frith, Free, Freedom, Freeze Frame, Freeez, Fresh Maggots, Friends, Fringe Benefit, Fripp & Eno, Frogmorton, Fuchsia, Fun Boy Three, Funkapolitan, Furniture, Fusion Orchestra, Future Shock, Fuzzbox, Fuzzy Duck, Fynn McCoolTOP

The Gadgets, Gallery, Galliard, The Game, Gang of Four, Gary Boyle, Gary Brooker, Gary Farr, Gary Glitter, Gary Numan, Gary Walker & The Rain, Gaskin, Gaslight, Gass, Gavin Bryars, General Public, Generation X, Genesis, Genocide, Gentle Giant, Geoff and Trevor Bastow, Geoff Whitehorn, George Harrison, George Michael, Georgie Fame, Gerald Masters, Gerry Butler, G.F. Fitz-Gerald, The Ghost, The Ghoulies, Giles Farnaby’s Dream Band, Giles Giles and Fripp, Gilgamesh, Gillan, Ginger Baker, Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Ginhouse, Girl, Girls at Our Best!, Girlschool, Gizmo, Glaxo Babies, Glencoe, Glenn Hughes, Gloria Mundi, The Glove, Glyder, Gnidrolog, Go West, The Godfathers, Godley & Creme, Godot, The Gods, Golden Avatar, Goliath, The Gorillas, Gonzalez, Gordon Beck, Gordon Giltrap, Gordon Haskell, Gordon Jackson, Gothic Horizon, Grace, Gracious, Graduate, The Graeme Edge Band, Graham Bond, The Graham Bond Organization, Graham Bonnet, Graham Collier, Graham Davies, Graham Gouldman, Graham Kendrick, Graham Nash, Graham Parker, Grail, Grand Prix, Grand Theft, Grannie, Grapefruit, Graphite, Gravy Train, Grease Band, The Greatest Show on Earth, Green Bullfrog, Green Man, Greenslade, Greg Lake, Grim Reaper, Gringo, Groundhogs, Gryphon, GTR, Guitar Orchestra, Gun, Gygafo, GypsyTOP

The Habibiyya, Hackensack, Haircut One Hundred, Hambi & the Dance, Hannibal, Hanson, Hapshash & the Coloured Coat, Hard Corps, Hard Meat, Hard Stuff, Hardin & York, Harsh Reality, Harvey Andrews, The Hat Shoes, Hatfield and the North, Havenstreet, Hawkwind, Hazel O’Connor, Head Machine, Headline, Heads Hands & Feet, Headstone, Heaven, Heaven 17, Heavy Jelly, Heavy Metal Kids, Hedgehog Pie, Hellhound, Hello, Help Yourself, Hemlock, Henry Badowski, Henry Cow, Henry Lowther Band, Herbal Mixture, The Herd, Here and Now, Herman’s Hermits, Heron, He Said, Het, Hi-Tension, High Tide, The Higsons, The Hitmen, Hokus Poke, Holy Mackerel, The Hollies, Hollow Ground, Home, Home Service, Honey Bane, Honeybus, The Honeycombs, Honky, Hookfoot, Horden Raikes, Horse, Hot Chocolate, The Housemartins, Howard Devoto, Howard Jones, Howard Riley, Howard Werth & The Moonbeams, Hudson-Ford, Hugh Cornwell, Hugh Hopper, Hughes / Thrall, The Human League, Humble Pie, Hummingbird, Hungry Wolf, Hunt & Turner, Hunter MuskettTOP

I Drive, I-Level, I Start Counting, I’m So Hollow, Ian A. Anderson, Ian Anderson, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Ian Gillan Band, Ian Hunter, Ian Lynn, Ian Matthews, Icarus, Ice, The Icicle Works, The Idle Race, If, ‘Igginbottom, Iguana, Iguazu, Illusion, Imagination, Immaculate Fools, In Camera, Incognito, Incredible Hog, Indian Summer, Indians in Moscow, The Inmates, Inner City Unit, International Studio Orchestra, Intergalactic Touring Band, Interview, Intimate Strangers, The Invaders, Invisible Men, Iona, IQ, Irmin’s Way, The Iron Maiden, Iron Maiden, Isolation, Isotope, It Bites, It’s Immaterial, Ithaca, Iva Twydell, The Ivy LeagueTOP

Jack Bruce, Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley, Jack Parnell & His Orchestra, Jack the Lad, Jackie Lomax, Jackson Heights, Jacqui Brookes, Jade, Jade Warrior, Jadis, Jaguar, Jah Wobble, Jake Thackray, Jaki Whitren, J.A.L.N. Band, The Jam, The James Taylor Quartet, Jan Dukes de Grey, Jancis Harvey, Jane Kennaway, Jansen and Barbieri, Japan, Jason Crest, Jasper, The Jazz Butcher, Jeanette, Jeff Beck, Jellybread, Jenny Darren, Jeremy Spencer, Jerusalem, Jess Roden, Jet, Jethro Tull, Jigsaw, Jim Capaldi, Jimmy Campbell, Jimmy Stevens, J.J. Burnel, Joanna Carlin, JoBoxers, Jodo, Jody Grind, Joe Cocker, Joe Jackson, Joe Soap, The John Cameron Quartet, John Cooper Clarke, John Du Cann, The John Dummer Blues Band, John Entwistle, John Fiddy, John Foxx, John G. Perry, John Greaves, John Howard, John James, John Lennon, John Lodge, John Martyn, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, John McLaughlin, John Miles, John Parr, John St. Field, John Stevens’ Away, John Surman, John Taylor, John Verity Band, John Watts, John Wetton, Johnny Almond Music Machine, Johnny Warman, John’s Children, Jon and Vangelis, Jon Anderson, Jon Astley, Jon Lord, Jona Lewie, Jonesy, Jook, Joy Division, Judas Jump, Judas Priest, Judie Tzuke, Juicy Lucy, Julia Fordham, Julian Lennon, Julian’s Treatment, Julian Jay Savarin, Julie Driscoll, Julie Mairs & Chris Stowell, Juliet Lawson, July, Jumble Lane, Junco Partners, June Tabor, Junior’s Eyes, Just Others, Justin Hayward, JustineTOP

Kahondo Style, Kajagoogoo, Kaja, Kajanus & Pickett, Kaleidoscope, Kalima, The Kane Gang, Kate Bush, Keats, Keef Hartley Band, Keith Christmas, Keith Cross / Peter Ross, Keith Emerson, Keith Mansfield, Keith Papworth, Keith Tippett, Kelly Marie, Ken Hensley, Ken Martin, Ken Scott, Kestrel, Kevin Ayers, Kevin Coyne, Kevin Lamb, Khan, Kiki Dee, Kilburn and the High Roads, Killing Floor, Killing Joke, Kim Wilde, King, King Crimson, King Harry, The King of Luxembourg, Kingdom Come, The Kinks, Kippington Lodge, Kirby, Kirsty MacColl, Kissing the Pink, Kit Hain, Knocker Jungle, Kokomo, The Koobas, The Korgis, Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit, Krazy Kat, Kristine Sparkle, Kursaal FlyersTOP

Labi Siffre, Lackey & Sweeney, Lady June, Lal and Mike Waterson, The Lambrettas, Landscape, Last Exit, The Last Man in Europe Corporation, Latin Quarter, Lazy Farmer, Lea Nicholson, Leaf Hound, Led Zeppelin, Legend, Legend, The Legendary Pink Dots, Leisure Process, Le Mat, Lemon Kittens, Lene Lovich, Lenny Zakatek, Leo Sayer, Leon Rosselson, Les Fleur de Lys, Lesley Duncan, Level 42, Leven Signs, Leviathan, Leyton Buzzards, Liar, Lick the Tins, Lieutenant Pigeon, Life, Light of the World, Lightyears Away, The Lilac Time, Limahl, Limelight, Limey, Linda Hoyle, Linda Kendrick, Linda Lewis, Lindisfarne, Lindsay Cooper, Liner, The Lines, Linx, Liona Boyd, Lionheart, Lisa Stansfield, Little Free Rock, Liverpool Express, Liverpool Scene, Live Wire, Living in a Box, Local Heroes SW9, Locomotive, Locust, The Lodge, Lol Coxhill, London, The London Jazz Composers Orchestra, The Long Hello, Longdancer, Loose Ends, Loose Tubes, Lora Logic, The Lotus Eaters, Louise Tucker, Love and Rockets, Love Sounds, Loving Awareness, Low Flying Aircraft, Lowlife, The Lucy Show, The Lucys, Ludus, The Lurkers, Luther Grosvenor, Luxuria, Lynsey de Paul, LyrixTOP

M, Maddy Prior, Madness, Magazine, Magenta, Magic Carpet, The Magic Mixture, Magna Carta, Magnum, The Maisonettes, Major Surgery, Majority One, Malcolm McLaren, Malcolm Cecil, Man Jumping, Manasseh, Mandalaband, Mandingo, Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Mandy More, Mandy Morton, Manfred Mann, Manfred Mann Chapter Three, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Manicured Noise, The Marbles, Marc & the Mambas, Marc Almond, Marc Brierley, Maria Barton, Marie Celeste, Marie Little, Marianne Faithfull, Marillion, Mark-Almond, Mark Fry, Mark King, Mark Shreeve, Mark Wirtz, Mark Andrews & the Gents, Marshall Hain, Marsupilami, Marti Caine, Martin Ansell, Martin Briley, Martin Springett, Martin Stephenson & the Daintees, Martyn Bates, Marvin Welch & Farrar, Mason + Fenn, Mass, Masterswitch, Matching Mole, Mathetai, Matt Bianco, Matthew Ellis, Matthew Fisher, Matthews’ Southern Comfort, Matt Johnson, Matumbi, Max Middleton & Robert Ahwai, Maximum Joy, Maxine Nightingale, May Blitz, Mayfield’s Mule, McDonald and Giles, McGuinness Flint, Meal Ticket, Medicine Head, Medium Medium, Megaton, The Mekons, The Members, Memo, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Merton Parkas, Metabolist, Methuselah, Metro, Michael Chapman, Michael de Albuquerque, Michael Des Barres, Michael Garrick, Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix, Michael Nyman, Michael Pinder, Mick Abrahams, Mick Clarke, Mick Farren, Mick Fleetwood, Mick Grabham, Mick Greenwood, Mick Jagger, Mick Karn, Mick Ronson, Mick Softley, Mick Stevens, Midas Touch, Midnight Flyer, Midwinter, Mighty Baby, The Mighty Flyers, The Mighty Lemon Drops, Mike & The Mechanics, Mike Absalom, Mike Batt, Mike Cooper, Mike d’Abo, Mike Harrison, Mike Hugg, Mike McGear, Mike Moran, Mike Oldfield, Mike Osborne, Mike Rutherford, Mike Stuart Span, Mike Vickers, Mike Westbrook, Mind Doctors, The Mirage, Mirage, Miriam Backhouse, Mirkwood, The Mission, Missing Brazilians, Mo-dettes, Mobiles, Modern English, Modern Eon, Modern Romance, Modernaires, Mogul Thrash, The Momes, Money, Mongrel, The Monks, The Monochrome Set, Monsoon, Monument, The Mood, The Moody Blues, Moon, Moonkyte, Moonrider, More, Morgan, Morning Glory, Morris On, Morrissey Mullen, Mother Gong, Mother Superior, Mothmen, Motiffe, Motörhead, The Motors, Mott the Hoople, Mourning Phase, Mouse, The Move, The Movies, Mr. Big, Mr Fox, Mud, Mungo Jerry, Murray Head, Muscles, Music Box, Music for Pleasure, Musical Youth, Mystery MakerTOP

Najma, Naked Eyes, Naked Lunch, Narnia, The Nashville Teens, Nasty Pop, National Head Band, National Health, National Pastime, Natural Gas, The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor, Necromandus, Neil Ardley, The Neon Hearts, New Age Steppers, New Model Army, New Musik, New Order, News From Babel, Nicholas Greenwood, Nic Jones, The Nice, Nick Drake, Nick Garrie, Nick Heyward, Nick Ingman, Nick Lowe, Nick Carter, Nick Mason, Nick Pickett, Nick Straker Band, Nicky Hopkins, Nicol and Marsh, Nigel Mazlyn Jones, Nightwing, Nik Kershaw, Nine Below Zero, Nine Ways to Win, Nirvana, Nite People, Nitzer Ebb, No Dice, Nobody’s Business, Noir, Norma Winstone, The Normal, The Norman Haines Band, N.S.U., Nucleus, NutzTOP

Oberon, Octopus, Odin, Ollie Halsall, Olympic Runners, Omaha Sheriff, Omega, One, One Day, One the Juggler, The Only Ones, Onslaught, The Open Mind, Oppenheimer Analysis, Opposition, Ora, Orang-Utan, Orange Bicycle, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Original Mirrors, Oscar, Out of Darkness, The Outfield, Outside Edge, The Outsiders, Ovary Lodge, Ozo, Ozric Tentacles, Ozzy OsbourneTOP

Pablo Gad, Pace, Pacific Drift, Paice Ashton Lord, Paladin, The Pale Fountains, Panama Limited Jug Band, Paparazzi, Paper Bubble, Paper Lace, Paradise, Parchment, The Parlour Band, Parrish & Gurvitz, Partners in Crime, The Passage, Passion Puppets, The Passions, Patrick D. Martin, Patto, Paul Brett, Paul Brett’s Sage, Paul Brookes, Paul Carrack, Paul Hardcastle, Paul Jones, Paul Korda, Paul Kossoff, Paul McCartney, Paul Roland, Paul Ryan, Paul Young, Pauline Murray and The Invisible Girls, Paz, PC Kent, The Peddlers, Pendragon, Penetration, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Pentangle, Perfect Zebras, Pet Shop Boys, Pete Atkin, Pete Bardens, Pete Brown & Piblokto!, Pete Dello and Friends, Pete Shelley, Pete Townshend, Pete Wingfield, Peter Banks, Peter Bennett, Peter Collins, Peter Frampton, Peter French, Peter Gabriel, Peter Green, Peter Godwin, Peter Hammill, Peter Milray, Peter Murphy, Peter Noone, Peter Reno, Peter Sinfield, Petula Clark, Ph.D., Phenomena, Phil Collins, Phil Daniels & the Cross, Phil Manzanera, Phil Miller, Phil Potter, The Philarmonics, Philip Catherine, Philip Jap, Philip Oakey, Phillip Goodhand-Tait, Phoenix, The Photos, Picadilly Line, Pictures, Pigbag, Pink Fairies, Pink Floyd, Pink Military, Pinnacle, Pinpoint, Pip Pyle’s Equip’Out, The Piranhas, Pisces, Plainsong, Planet Earth, Planet Gong, The Planets, Plastic Penny, Plummet Airlines, Pluto, PM, Poeme Electronique, The Pogues, The Police, Poliphony, Poly Styrene, The Pop Group, Possessed, The Power Station, Powerhouse, pragVEC, Praying Mantis, Prefab Sprout, Prelude, Presence, The Pretenders, The Pretty Things, The Primitives, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, Private Lives, Procol Harum, The Professionals, Progress, Protos, The Psychedelic Furs, Public Foot the Roman, Public Image Limited, Punchin’ Judy, Punishment of Luxury, The Purple Gang, Purple Hearts, PussyTOP

Q-Feel, Q-Tips, Quando Quango, Quantum Jump, Quatermass, Quartz, Quasar, Queen, The Quick, Quiet Sun, Quiet World, Quincicasm, Quintessence, QuiverTOP

Radiator, RAH Band, Rainbow, Rainbow Ffolly, The Raincoats, Ralph McTell, Ramases, Random Hold, Rare Amber, Rare Bird, The Rats, Raven, Raw Material, Ray Owen’s Moon, Ray Russell, Ray Thomas, The Real Thing, Reality from Dream, Red, Red, Red Beat, Red Box, Red Dirt, Red Guitars, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Red Summer, Red Television, Re-Flex, Refugee, Reg King, Reluctant Stereotypes, The Remo Four, Renaissance, Renaldo & The Loaf, Renia, Repetition, Rexy, Rich Kids, Richard Harris, Richard Thompson, Richard & Linda Thompson, Richard Strange, Richard Wright, Rick Astley, Rick Hayward, Rick Wakeman, Ricotti & Albuquerque, Riff Raff, Rikki and the Last Days of Earth, Rikki Sylvan, Rio, Rip Rig + Panic, Rise With the Son, Ro Ro, Roaring Boys, Robert Calvert, Robert Campbell, Robert Fripp, Robert Fripp & The League of Gentlemen, Robert John Godfrey, Robert Palmer, Robert Plant, Robert Wyatt, Robin Gibb, Robin Jones, Robin Scott, Robin Trower, Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians, Rock Follies, Rockpile, Rod Stewart, Roger Bunn, Roger Chapman, Roger Daltrey, Roger Eno, Roger Hodgson, Rolling Stones, Roman Holliday, Ron Wood, Ronnie Lane, Ronnie Ross, Roogalator, Room, The Room, Ross, Rough Diamond, The Roulettes, Roxy Music, Roy Harper, Roy Wood, Ruby, The Rumour, Rumplestiltskin, Runner, The Running Man, Rupert Hine, Rupert’s People, Russ Ballard, Ruth Copeland, The Ruts, Ruts DCTOP

Sad Café, Sad Lovers & Giants, Sade, The Sadista Sisters, Saffron Summerfield, Saigon, Sailor, Salamander, Sally Oldfield, The Sallyangie, Sam Apple Pie, Sam Brown, Sam Gopal, Samantha Jones, Sammy, Samson, Samson, Samuel Prody, Samurai, Sandy Denny, Saraband, Saracen, Satan, Satisfaction, Saturnalia, Savage, Savage Progress, Savoy Brown, Saxon, The Scaffold, Scarecrow, Schleimer K, Schunge, The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Scritti Politti, Scrounger, Seal, Second Hand, Second Image, Second Layer, Secret Affair, Section 25, Sector 27, The Selecter, Semuta, The Servants, Seven Ages of Man, Seventh Wave, Sex Gang Children, The Sex Pistols, Shabby Tiger, The Shadows, Shaftsbury, Shakatak, Shakey Vick, ‎Sham 69, Shanghai, Shape of the Rain, Sharks, Sheila Chandra, Shelleyan Orphan, Shide & Acorn, Shiny Men, Shiny Two Shiny, Ship of Fools, Shirley Collins, Shiva, Shoot, The Shortwaveband, Shriekback, The Shrubs, Shuttah, Shy, Silver Birch, Silverhead, Simon Dupree & The Big Sound, Simon Finn, Simon Park, Simon Townshend, Simply Red, The Sinceros, Sindelfingen, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Sirkel & Co., The Sisters of Mercy, Skeletal Family, Ski Patrol, Skin Alley, Skip Bifferty, Skrewdriver, Sky, Skywhale, Slack Alice, Slade, Slapp Happy, Slaughter and the Dogs, Sledgehammer, The Slits, Slowbone, Small Faces, Smith & d’Abo, The Smiths, The Smoke, Smokie, Snafu, The Snake Corps, Snakefinger, Sniff ‘n’ the Tears, Snips, Snowy White, The Soft Boys, Soft Cell, Soft Head / Soft Heap, Soft Machine, Solid Gold Cadillac, Solstice, Sonja Kristina, Sonny Worthing, Sore Throat, The Sorrows, SOS, The Sound, The Southern Death Cult, Spandau Ballet, Sparrow, Spartan Warrior, Spear of Destiny, The Specials, Speedy Keen, The Spencer Davis Group, Spherical Objects, The Spiders From Mars, Spinning Jenny, Spirit of John Morgan, Spirogyra, The Spizzles, Splinter, Spontaneous Combustion, Spooky Tooth, Spöön Fazer, Spreadeagle, Spriguns of Tolgus, Spring, Squeeze, Stackridge, Stack Waddy, Stained Glass, Stallion, Starry Eyed and Laughing, Status Quo, Steamhammer, Steel Mill, Steel Pulse, Steeleye Span, The Stellar Workshop, Stephen Tin Tin Duffy, Steps, Steve Ashley, Steve Beresford, The Steve Gibbons Band, Steve Hackett, Steve Harley, Steve Hillage, Steve Hillman, Steve Howe, Steve Miro & the Eyes, Steve Swindells, Steve Tilston, Steve Winwood, Stewart & Kyle, Still Life, Sting, Stinky Winkles, Stone Angel, Stonefield Tramp, Stonehouse, Storyteller, Strange Days, The Stranglers, Strapps, Strawbs, Stray, Streetband, Streetwalkers, Stretch, Strider, Strife, Stuart & Sandy Cave, Stud, Stump, The Style Council, Suburban Studs, Sun Treader, Subway, Subway Sect, The Sun and the Moon, Sunday, Sunforest, Supercharge, Supernaut, Supertramp, Sutherland Brothers, Swamp Children, Swans Way, Sweet, Sweet Sensation, Sweet Pain, Sweet Slag, Sweet Thursday, Swell Maps, Swing Out Sister, Syd Barrett, Symarip, The Syn, Synanthesia, Synthesizers Unlimited, SystemTOP

T2, T’Pau, Taggett, Tales of Justine, Talk Talk, Tank, Taxxi, Tea and Symphony, The Teardrop Explodes, Tears for Fears, Television Personalities, Tempest, The Tempest, Tennent-Morrison, Ten Years After, Terra Nova, Terry Reid, Terry Stamp, The The, Theatre of Hate, Then Jerico, Therapy, Thinkman, Third Ear Band, Third Quadrant, Third World War, Thirteen at Midnight, ‎This Driftin’s Gotta Stop, This Heat, Thomas Dolby, Thomas Lang, Thompson Twins, Thrashing Doves, Three Man Army, Throbbing Gristle, Thunderclap Newman, Thundermother, Tickawinda, Tiger, The Tigers, Tik & Tok, Tim Blake, Tim Curry, Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, Tim Hodgkinson, Tim Hollier, Tim Souster, Time, Time Wasters, Timebox, Tina Charles, Tindersticks, Tinkerbells Fairydust, Tintern Abbey, Titus Groan, Tobruk, Toe Fat, Tokyo Blade, Tom Newman, Tomorrow, Tom Robinson Band, Tones on Tail, Toni Campo, Tonton Macoute, Tony Ashton, Tony Banks, Tony Hazzard, Tony Rose, Tony T.S. McPhee, The Tornadoes, Touchstone, The Tourists, Toyah Willcox, Tracey Thorn, Tracey Ullman, Tracie, Tractor, Trader Horne, Traffic, Tramline, Tranquility, The Transmitters, Trapeze, Trees, The Tremeloes, Trevor Billmuss, Trevor Duncan, T. Rex, Triarchy, Trickster, Trifle, Trinity House, Triton, The Troggs, Tröjan, Tronics, Troy Tate, Tubby Hayes, Tucky Buzzard, Tudor Lodge, Turning Point, Turquoise, TV Smith’s Explorers, Twelfth Night, Twice as Much, Twink, Twinkle, Tygers of Pan Tang, Tyla Gang, Tyrannosaurus Rex, TysondogTOP

UB40, UFO, Ugly Custard, UK, UK Decay, UK Players, Ultrafunk, Ultravox, Uncle Dog, Under the Sun, Unicorn, Unit 4 + 2, Unrest Work & Play, UPP, Uriah Heep, U.V. PØPTOP

The Valley of Achor, Van der Graaf Generator, Vanity Fare, The Vapors, Vapour Trails, Vardis, Vashti Bunyan, Velvet Glove, Velvett Fogg, Venus in Furs, The Vibrators, Vice Versa, Vicious Pink, Vigrass & Osborne, Vinegar Joe, Violinski, The V.I.P.’s, Virginia Astley, Virginia Wolf, Visage, Vision, Visitor 2035, Vitamin Z, Vivian Stanshall, Voltz, Voyager, The VulcansTOP

Wah!, The Walkie Talkies, Wally, Walrus, Wang Chung, Warhorse, Warm Dust, Warrior, The Waterboys, Waterfall, Wavemaker, Way of the West, The Way We Live, Weaselsnout, Web, West Bruce & Laing, West Coast Consortium, Westwind, Wham!, Whisky David, Whistler, White Door, White Noise, Whitesnake, White Spirit, The Who, Wicked Lady, Widowmaker, Wigan’s Ovation, Wild Horses, Wildfire, Wilding/Bonus, Wildlife, The Wild Swans, Wild Turkey, Wil Malone, Wimple Winch, Wings, The Winkies, Winston’s Fumbs, Wire, Wishbone Ash, Witchfinder General, Witchfynde, Wizzard, Wolf, The Wolfgang Press, Woo, Wooden Horse, The Wooden O, The Woodentops, Woody Kern, Woody Woodmansey’s U-boat, Woolly Wolstenholme, The Work, Working Week, The World, World of Oz, World Party, Wreckless Eric, The WurzelsTOP

X-Ray Spex, XTC

Yachts, The Yardbirds, Yazoo, Yellow Dog, Yellowstone & Voice, Yes, Young & Moody

Zakarrias, Zed, Zee, Zen, Zior, The Zombies, Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, Zorch, Zounds, Zzebra