Jethro Tull ‎– A Passion Play (1973)

A Passion Play is the sixth album by English symphonic/folk-rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1973 on Chrysalis.


A. A Passion Play — Part I (23:09)
I. Act 1: “Ronnie Pilgrim’s funeral — a winter’s morning in the cemetery” (9:08)
a. “Lifebeats” (instrumental) (1:14)
b. “Prelude” (instrumental) (2:14)
c. “The Silver Cord” (4:29)
d. “Re-Assuring Tune” (instrumental) (1:11)
II. Act 2: “The Memory Bank — a small but comfortable theatre with a cinema-screen (the next morning)” (14:01)
a. “Memory Bank” (4:20)
b. “Best Friends” (1:58)
c. “Critique Oblique” (4:38)
d. “Forest Dance #1” (instrumental) (1:35)
III. Interlude: “The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles” (1:30)

B. A Passion Play — Part II (21:58)
I. Interlude: “The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles” (cont.) (2:48)
II. Act 3: “The business office of G. Oddie & Son (two days later)” (9:30)
a. “Forest Dance #2” (instrumental) (1:12)
b. “The Foot of Our Stairs” (4:18)
c. “Overseer Overture” (4:00)
III. Act 4: “Magus Perdé’s drawing room at midnight” (9:40)
a. “Flight from Lucifer” (3:58)
b. “10:08 to Paddington” (instrumental) (1:04)
c. “Magus Perdé” (3:55)
d. “Epilogue“” (0:43)

Ian Anderson — acoustic guitar, soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, vocals
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond — bass, vocals
Barriemore Barlow — drums, timpani, glockenspiel, marimba
Martin Barre — electric guitar
John Evan — piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals

Robin Black — engineer

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