Jethro Tull ‎– A (1980)

A is the thirteenth studio album by English art-rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1980 on Chrysalis.

A1. “Crossfire” (3:51)
A2. “Flyingdale Flyer” (4:27)
A3. “Working John, Working Joe” (5:01)
A4. “Black Sunday” (6:33)
B1. “Protect and Survive” (3:22)
B2. “Batteries Not Included” (3:47)
B3. “Uniform” (3:30)
B4. “4.W.D. (Low Ratio)” (3:37)
B5. “The Pine Marten’s Jig” (3:23)
B6. “And Further On” (4:19)

Ian Anderson – flute, vocals, acoustic guitar
Martin Barre – electric guitar
Dave Pegg – bass, mandolin
Mark Craney – drums
Eddie Jobson – keyboards, electric violin, synthesizer

Robin Black – sound engineer

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