Rabbitt was a South African rock band that released three albums between 1975 and 1977 on Jo’Burg. Trevor Rabin headed their first two albums, Boys Will Be Boys! and A Croak and a Grunt in the Night, both issued stateside on Capricorn. Duncan Faure led their third album, Rock Rabbitt. Rabin launched a solo career and resurrected Yes for their 1983 comeback album 90125. Faure surfaced in The Rollers.

Members: Trevor Rabin (guitar, vocals, keyboards, 1972-77), Errol Friedman (guitar, 1972), Fransula Roos (keyboards, 1972), Lou Forer (bass, 1972), Cedric Samson (drums, 1972), Ronnie Robot (bass, 1973-78), Neil Cloud (drums, percussion, 1973-78), Selwyn Schneider (guitar, 1973), Duncan Faure (vocals, guitar, keyboards, 1975-78)


Rabbitt formed in 1972 from the ashes of Conglomeration, a teen rock group with bassist Ronald Friedman (aka Ronnie Robot), drummer Neil Cloud, and guitarist–keyboardist Trevor Rabin. They linked with local music mogul Patrick van Blerk and cut their first two singles for the South African label Map.

Early Singles

In late 1972, Rabbitt cut their first single: “Locomotive Breath,” a Jethro Tull cover backed with “And the Planets Danced,” a co-write by producer Patrick van Blerk and arranger Fransua Roos.

A. “Locomotive Breath”
B. “And the Planets Danced”

In 1973, Rabbitt released “Hallelujah Sunshine,” an early production credit for Robert John Lange. Rabin co-wrote the b-side , “Hidden Feelings,” with producer Patrick van Blerk.

A. “Hallelujah Sunshine”
B. “Hidden Feelings”

Rabbitt signed to the Jo’Burg label for their second 1973 single: “Backdoor of My Heart” backed with “Share the Loving Things,” both co-written by van Blerk and Roos.

A. “Backdoor of My Heart”
B. “Share the Loving Things”

Rabbitt paused for a year and reformed as a quartet with keyboardist–guitarist Duncan Faure. They recorded the Rolling Stones cover “Yesterday’s Papers” and commenced work on their first album.

Boys Will Be Boys!

Rabbitt released their debut album, Boys Will Be Boys!, in 1975 on Jo’Burg. It features six originals by mastermind Trevor Rabin, whose songs range from smouldering rock (“Savage”) to velocity metal (“Hard Ride”). He co-wrote three songs with producer Patrick van Blerk, including the ballads “Lifeline” and “Charlie,” the album’s hit single. Side One closes with their second take of the Jethro Tull cover “Locomotive Breath.”

Rabin plays all guitars (electric and acoustic), plus keyboards and synthesizers. He sings lead on eight songs. Keyboardist Duncan Faure sings lead on “Hard Ride,” which features a violin solo by Trevor’s father Godfrey Rabin.

1. “Something’s Going Wrong with My Baby” (4:45)
2. “Savage” (4:43)
3. “Lifeline” (6:00)
4. “Locomotive Breath” (3:35)
5. “Hard Ride” (4:05)
6. “Baby’s Leaving” (2:20)
7. “Eventides” (2:34)
8. “Looking for the Man” (4:00)
9. “Death of Tulio” (0:22)
10. “Charlie” (2:35)

Sessions took place in 1974–1975 at RPM Studios in Johannesburg, where Rabin arranged and co-produced the album with Patrick van Blerk and engineer Julian Laxton.

Pro Arte – strings arrangement
Bram Verhoef – conductor

Rabbitt paired “Charlie” and “Looking for the Man” as their fourth single. It reached No. 1 on the South African singles chart.

In 1976, Boys Will Be Boys! appeared in the UK on Electric Light Orchestra‘s Jet Records label. In December of that year, the albums appeared in the US on the Allman Brother‘s Capricorn label. US copies reverse the cover photo with seventeen rabbits airbrushed onto the image.

A Croak and a Grunt in the Night

Rabbitt released their second album, A Croak and a Grunt in the Night, in early 1977 on Jo’Burg. Each side opens with guitar preludes followed with linked songs; all composed by Trevor Rabin apart from the group-written “Working for the People” and contributions by drummer Neil Cloud (“Dingley’s Bookshop”) and keyboardist–guitarist Duncan Faure (“Lonely Loner Too,” “A Love You Song”).

Producer Patrick van Blerk co-wrote four songs with Rabin: “Everybody’s Cheating,” “Hold On to Love,” “Gift of Love,” and the title track. Guitarist Rabin doubles on electric piano, harmonica, and tubular bells on Croak, which features Duncan Faure on rhythm guitar, organ, and piano.

1. “T.C. Rabin in D Minor” (0:24)
2. “I Sleep Alone” (2:52)
3. “A Croak and a Grunt in the Night” (2:37)
4. “Everybody’s Cheating” (4:10)
5. “Suger Pie” (3:22)
6. “Searching” (4:13)
7. “Working for the People” (4:21)
8. “Pollyman” (2:23)

9. “Schumann” (0:27)
10. “Hold On to Love” (4:06)
11. “Dingley’s Bookshop” (2:10)
12. “Never Gonna Ruin My Life” (0:56)
13. “Tribal Fence” (3:51)
14. “Gift of Love” (3:44)
15. “Lonely Loner Too” (3:35)
16. “Take It Easy” (3:40)
17. “A Love You Song” (1:46)

Engineer – Greg Cutler, Peter Thwaites
Photography – Richard Cutler
Producer – Patric Van Blerk, Trevor Rabin

Morning Light

In mid-1977, Rabbitt released Morning Light, a four-song EP on Jo’Burg. Trevor Rabin wrote one song (“Brand New Love”) and co-wrote the title track with Duncan Faure, who wrote the other two songs. The EP serves as a water-test for Faure’s promotion to band leader. The back-sleeve acknowledges Rabin’s pending departure.

A1. “Morning Light” (3:00)
A2. “A Love You Song” (1:00)
B1. “Brand New Love” (3:30)
B2. “When You’re Without Her” (3:25)

Rock Rabbitt

Rabbitt released their third album, Rock Rabbitt, in 1977 on Jo’Burg. It features ten songs by guitarist–keyboardist and now-lead singer Duncan Faure, who forms a power trio with bassist Ronnie Robot and drummer Neil Cloud.

1. “Rush Hour Scores”  (5:02)
2. “Mr. Muso” (5:14)
3. “Love in my Heart” (3:40)
4. “Within These Words” (3:12)
5. “Rock ‘n’ Roll, Part I & II” (3:38)
6. “Getting Thru to You” (4:08)
7. “I’ve Been Aware” (6:16)
8. “Without Her Love” (3:19)
9. “Hello and Welcome Home” (5:38)
10. “Goodbye and So-Long” (2:28)

Post-Rabbitt, Rabin recorded as a solo artist and served as the guitarist and musical director for Yes between 1983 and 1994. Faure headed a second, more serious iteration of Scottish pop act the Bay City Rollers — billed this time as simply “The Rollers” — for three albums between 1979 and 1981.



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  1. Original draft (Jan. 2019): “Rabbitt was a South African art-rock/pop band that was active for six years during the 1970s. Formed in 1972 by teenage guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Trevor Rabin, the band settled on a stable recording lineup in 1975 with the arrival of like-minded talent Duncan Faure. The band released three albums on the local Jo’Burg label between 1975 and 1977, the first two also issued stateside on Capricorn.

    Rabin served as creative head for the first two Rabbitt albums, but left after 1977’s sophomoric, song-cyclic A Croak and a Grunt in the Night. This left Faure to shoulder the balance for the final release Rock Rabbitt, issued as a trio later that same year.

    Post-Rabbitt, Rabin recorded as a solo artist and served as the guitarist and musical director for Yes between 1983 and 1994. Faure headed a second, more serious iteration of Scottish pop act the Bay City Rollers — billed this time as simply “The Rollers” — for three albums between 1979 and 1981.”

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