Rabbitt were a South African art-rock/pop band that was active for six years during the 1970s. Formed in 1972 by teenage guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Trevor Rabin, the band settled on a stable recording lineup in 1975 with the arrival of like-minded talent Duncan Faure. The band released three albums on the local Jo’Burg label between 1975 and 1977, the first two also issued stateside on Capricorn.

Members: Trevor Rabin (guitar, vocals, keyboards, 1972-77), Errol Friedman (guitar, 1972), Fransula Roos (keyboards, 1972), Lou Forer (bass, 1972), Cedric Samson (drums, 1972), Ronnie Robot (bass, 1973-78), Neil Cloud (drums, percussion, 1973-78), Selwyn Schneider (guitar, 1973), Duncan Faure (vocals, guitar, keyboards, 1975-78)

Rabin served as creative head for the first two Rabbitt albums, but left after 1977’s sophomoric, song-cyclic A Croak and a Grunt in the Night. This left Faure to shoulder the balance for the final release Rock Rabbitt, issued as a trio later that same year.

Post-Rabbitt, Rabin recorded as a solo artist and served as the guitarist and musical director for Yes between 1983 and 1994. Faure headed a second, more serious iteration of Scottish pop act the Bay City Rollers — billed this time as simply “The Rollers” — for three albums between 1979 and 1981.


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