Shortplayer Soul-funk Artists

5 Degrees Farenheit: .>

5th Degree

A Different Bag: .>

The After Hours: .>

Aged In Harmony

Alfie & The Explosions

Banbarra: .> >

The Band No Name .>

Bell Telephunk

Bilal Sabir ‎

Blue Steam (aka Formula 12)

Business Before Pleasure

The Chosen Few: “Cut Me In” (b/w “We Are the Chosen Few”).>

Deep Velvet: .>

The Devoted Souls

The Dynamos: .>

Ebony Diamonds

The Edwards: .>

Fay Hauser

Four Below Zero

Franki Kah’rl

The Gangsters: .>

Garden Of Eden



The Hamilton Movement: .>

Heem The Music Monsters

The Hustler: >



James Black Revolution

James Reese & The Progressions

Jimmy Jones

Little Oscar

Little Sister: .>


Mother Braintree

Odds and Ends: Philly. >

Promise: >

Seed’s of Life: .>

Shades of Love

Tapestry: .>

Teacher’s Edition: .>

Transport: .>

True Feelings

Twinn Konnexion

The Universals: Philly.>

The Universals: Dayton.>

The Young Senators: .>