Karma was an American Latin-jazz/funk super-group from Los Angeles that released two albums on A&M/Horizon in 1976 and 1977. Members: George Bohanon (trombone, bass trombone, baritone horn, vocals), Ernie Watts (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute), Oscar Brashear (trumpet), Curtis Robertson Jr. (bass), Chuck Rainey (bass), Josef Blocker (drums, vocals), Leon “Ndugu” Chancler (drums), Vander “Stars” […]


Strutt was an American soul-funk band from New Jersey that released the album Time Moves On on Brunswick Records in 1976. Members: Carmen Cosentino (guitar), Dickie Harman (vocals), Edward Walker (bass), Frank Portolana (organ), Jim Mecke (alto saxophone, flute), Joe Escobar (trombone), Roger Zumbo (drums), Ronald T. Jones (vocals) Strutt was assembled in 1973 by […]

The 3 Pieces

The 3 Pieces were an American jazz-funk/soul trio that released the album Vibes of Truth on Fantasy in 1975. Members: Andre Richardson (congas, percussion), Lincoln Ross (keyboards, trombone), Jerry Wilder (bass, lead vocals) The 3 Pieces coalesced in Washington D.C. around the talents of trombonist/keyboardist Lincoln Ross, bassist Jerry Wilder, and percussionist Andre Richardson. Ross […]

Black Merda

Black Merda was an American soul-funk/psych band from Detroit that released a self-titled album on Chess in 1970, followed by a second as Mer-Da on Janus in 1972. Along with Funkadelic and Purple Image, the band was pivotal in bridging R&B and psych-rock at the dawn of the 1970s. Members: Anthony “Wolf” Hawkins (guitar), VC […]

Exit 9

Exit 9 were an American soul-funk band that released the album Straight Up on Brunswick-subsidiary BRC in 1975. Members: David Lavender (rhythm/lead guitar), Enoch Jappa (congas, backing vocals), Eric Hoosier (alto saxophone, backing vocals), Hollis Googe (lead guitar, backing vocals), James “Binky” Davis (drums, backing vocals), Johnny Rios (lead vocals), Michael Pelzer (bass, backing vocals), […]

Luther Thomas & Dizzazz

Luther Thomas & Dizzazz were an American avant-jazz/funk band from St. Louis that released the album Yo’ Momma on the German Moers Music label in 1981. Members: Luther Thomas (alto saxophone), John Mulkerin (trumpet), Frank Cruz (trumpet), Marvin Neal (trombone), Stanley Banks (bass), Warren Benbow (drums), Billy “Spaceman” Patterson (lead guitar), Ronald Muldrow (rhythm guitar), Dani […]


The Pharaohs were an American jazz-funk band from Chicago that released the album Awakening on self-press Scarab Records in 1971. They were a conglomeration of local ’60s acts The Jazzmen and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble. Future Earth Wind and Fire mastermind Maurice White was an early member. Members: Charles Handy (trumpet), Louis Satterfield (trombone), Don […]


Manchild was an American soul-funk band from Indianapolis that released two albums on Chi Sound Records in 1977 and 1978. They morphed into Redd Hott for a further album on Venture Records in 1982. Guitarist/singer Kenneth Edmonds later achieved fame as Babyface. Members: Reggie Griffin (soprano/tenor saxophone, Clavinet, electric/acoustic guitar, harmonica, backing vocals, handclaps), Anthony […]

Rare Gems

Rare Gems were an American soul-funk band from Los Angeles that released an album as Rare Gems Odyssey on Casablanca in 1977, followed by a second under the truncated name on California Gold in 1978. They formed in 1969 and originally performed as Black Rare Gems. Members: Debra Givings (vocals), Charles E. Givings (drums, vocals), […]

7th Wonder

The 7th Wonder were an American soul-funk band from Tuskegee, Ala., that released two albums on Parachute Records in 1978/79, followed by a third on Chocolate City in 1980. Members: Jerome “Thump” Thornton (bass), Johnnie Hammond (drums, percussion), Marvin Patton (guitar, vocals), Iulus Chislom (keyboards), Allen Williams (percussion, vocals), Wilbert Cox (vocals), Deborah Mathews (vocals) […]

The 13th Floor

The 13th Floor were an American soul-funk band from St. Louis that released the album Steppin’ Out on Blue Candle in 1976. Members:  Lionel Greene (vocals, saxophone), Vincent Martin (guitar), Mitch Wadley (bass), Donnell Wade (drums) The 13th Floor were first discovered by Albert King, who enlisted them for backing on select mid-’70s northeast concert […]

The Kay-Gee’s

The Kay-Gee’s were an American soul-funk band from Jersey City that released two albums on Gang Records between 1974 and 1976, followed by another pair of albums on parent-label De-Lite Records in 1978 and 1979. Multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Amir Bayyan (aka Kevin Bell) is the younger brother of Kool & The Gang members Robert “Kool” […]

Rhythm Machine

Rhythm Machine were an American soul-funk septet from Indianapolis that released a self-titled album on Lulu Records in 1976. Members: James Boone (bass, vocals), Maurice Puckett (guitar, vocals), Robert Dycus (drums, vocals), Donald Harris (tenor/soprano saxophone, vocals), Maride Williams (alto/soprano saxophone, vocals), Hopie Monroe Bronson III (piano, strings, vocals), Dennis McNeil (congas, bongos) Honing their […]

Main Street

Main Street were an American soul-funk band that issued a self-titled album on Koala in 1976. The band concurrently recorded with the John Wagner Coalition, named after the producer and engineer of both projects. Members: Janis Russell (vocals), Ralph Gonzales (drums), Rick Davies (trombone), Robert Seely (trumpet), Steve Miller (guitar), Jose Jimenez (congas), Mike Weatherly […]

The 9th Creation

The 9th Creation were an American soul-funk band from Stockton, Calif., that released three albums on Ritetrack, Prelude, and Hilltak between 1975 and 1979. In 1980, the band recorded a fourth album that was ultimately released by archivists Prelude in 2019. Members: A.D. Burrise (bass, backing vocals), J.D. Burrise (vocals, percussion), Henry Anadon (saxophone, keyboards), […]


Ripple were an American funk band that released a self-titled album on GRC in 1973, followed by Sons of the Gods on Salsoul in 1977. Members: Brian Sherrer, Curtis Reynolds, Dave Ferguson, Keith Samuels, Simon Kenneth Carter, Walter Carter, William Hull Discography: Ripple (1973) Sons of the Gods (1977)

The 8th Day

The 8th Day were an American soul-funk/psych band from Detroit that released two albums with accompanying singles on Invictus between 1971 and 1973. A decade later, the nameplate was resurrected for a third album on A&M. Members: Steve Mancha (vocals), Melvin Davis (vocals, drums), Antonio ‘Tony’ Newton (bass), Carole Stallings (vocals, electric violin), Anita Sherman […]

Fat Larry’s Band

Fat Larry’s Band were an American soul-funk band from Philadelphia that released six albums between 1976 and 1982: including three on WMOT Records and two on its eventual parent Fantasy Records. The band’s second album, Off the Wall, appeared on Stax in 1977. A late-period U.K. breakthrough yielded a seventh album on Virgin in 1983, […]

Graham Central Station

Graham Central Station were an American soul-funk band from San Francisco that released seven albums on Warner Bros. between 1974 and 1979. Members: Larry Graham (vocals, bass, guitar, clavinet, organ, piano, drums, percussion), Patryce Banks (vocals, percussion, tambourine), Hershall Kennedy (vocals, clavinet, trumpet), Robert Sam (vocals, piano, organ), David Vega (vocals, guitar), Willie Sparks (vocals, […]


Giants were an American Latin-funk supergroup that came together in 1971 for an all-star jam. Recordings from that session were released with later material on a self-titled album, issued by LAX Records in 1978. Members: Greg Errico, Carlos Santana, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Jose “Chepito” Areas, Herbie Hancock, Wendy Haas, Freddie Pool, Coke Escovedo, Lee […]

Bottom & Co.

Bottom & Co. were an American soul-funk band from Nashville that released three singles as Bottom & Company on Motown circa 1974/75, followed by the album Rock Bottom on the label’s Gordy imprint in 1976. Members: Jesse Boyce (vocals, bass), Richard Griffith (lead vocals, trumpet), Freeman Brown (vocals, drums), George Woods (vocals, trumpet), John Helms […]

Booty People

Booty People were an American soul-funk band that released the single “Spirit of ’76” on Calla Records in 1976, followed by a self-titled album on ABC in 1977. The band morphed into General Caine for a round of four albums on Groove Time and Tabu between 1978 and 1983. Members: Joe Phillips, Mitch McDowell, Rick […]

Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers

Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers were an American soul-funk band from Washington, DC, that released two albums on Source Records during 1979 and 1980, followed by a later round of activity that yielded two 1984 singles on T.T.E.D. Records and three 1986–88 live releases on Future, Flame, and Fun House. In a prior incarnation, […]

Cane and Able

Cane and Able were a North American soul-funk band that relocated to Paris and released two albums on Epic in 1972. Members: Worthington Brown (bass, vocals), Blinky Bostic (congas, timbales, percussion), George Carter (drums), Billy Ellis (flute, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone), Garland Edwards (guitar), French Thompson (lead vocals), Alan Reeves (piano, electric piano, […]

Ebonee Webb

Ebonee Webb were an American soul-funk band from Memphis that served as a backing act on two 1978/79 Japanese disco albums on the Seven Seas label. As a standalone unit, the band released two albums on Capitol Records between 1981 and 1983. Members: Charles Liggins, Chico, Gregg Davis, Kenneth Ray Coleman, Leon Thomas, Michael Winston, […]

The Eliminators

The Eliminators were an American soul-funk band from Winston-Salem, NC, that released the album Loving Explosion on Brunswick-subsidiary BRC in 1974. Members: James Funches (saxophone, flute), Nathaniel Williams (bass), Clifford Little (congas), Carl Johnson (drums), Calvin Rhodes (guitar), Robert Burris (guitar), James Anderson (organ), Godosakahi Jordon (saxophone), Jonathan L. Robinson (trumpet, flugelhorn), Levon Meyers (vocals), […]

The Edwards Generation

The Edwards Generation were an American soul-funk band that released a standalone single on Ghetto Records in 1972, followed by the album In San Francisco “The Street Thang” with accompanying singles on self-press Tight Records in 1976. Members: Chuck Edwards, Jeffrey Edwards, Leslie Edwards, Myron Edwards, Ronald Edwards Discography: “Someone Like You” / “School Is […]

The Jammers

The Jammers were an American soul-funk band that released a self-titled album on Salsoul Records in 1982. Members: Richie Weeks (keyboards, synthesizer, producer, arranger), Sheldon Weeks (vocals), Debra Blackwell (vocals), Fareed Abdul Haqq (guitar, keyboards) John Cooksey (keyboards), Raymond Earl (bass), Tony Bridges (bass), John Cooksey (drums), Scotty Miller (drums), Warren Benbow (drums) Discography: The […]


Isis was an American brass-rock/funk big band from NYC, formed in 1972 by guitarist/singer Carol MacDonald and drummer Ginger Bianco, both of the seminal ’60s garage band Goldie & The Gingerbreads. They released two albums on Buddah in 1974/75 and a third on UA in 1977. Members: Carol MacDonald (vocals, guitar), Ginger Bianco (drums, percussion), […]

High Fashion

High Fashion were an American soul-funk trio that released the albums Feelin’ Lucky (1982) and Make Up Your Mind (1983) on Capitol Records. Members: Alyson Williams (1982-83), Eric MacClinton (1982-83), Meli’sa Morgan (1982), Marcella Allen (vocals, 1983) Discography: Feelin’ Lucky (1982) Make Up Your Mind (1983)


Heat were an American soul-funk trio that released a self-titled album in 1980, followed by Still Waiting in 1981, both on MCA. Members: Ed Whiting (vocals), Jean Marie Arnold (vocals), Tom Saviano (saxophone, producer) Discography: Heat (1980) Still Waiting (1981)


Logg were an American soul-funk band that released a self-titled album on Salsoul Records in 1981. Members: Leroy Burgess (lead vocals, keyboards, producer, arranger), Fred McFarlane (synthesizer), James Calloway (bass, percussion, backing vocals), Russell Patterson, Sonny T. Davenport (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Stan Lucas (guitar) Discography: Logg (1981)

Leon’s Creation

Leon’s Creation were an American soul-funk band from San Francisco that released the album This Is the Beginning on Studio 10 in 1970, followed by an eponymous album under the shortened name Creation on ATCO Records in 1974. Members: Leon Patillo (vocals, keyboards), Jimmy Calhoun (bass), Dennis Marcellino (saxophone, vocals), Billy Gerst (trumpet), Joe Provorst […]


Klique were an American soul-funk trio from Los Angeles that released four albums on MCA between 1981 and 1985. Members: Deborah Suthers [Deborah Hunter] (vocals, percussion), Isaac Suthers (vocals, synthesizer, keyboards), Howard Huntsberry (vocals, drums, percussion) Discography: It’s Winning Time (1981) Let’s Wear It Out (1982) Try It Out (1983) Love Cycles (1985)


Kleeer were an American soul-funk band from NYC that released seven albums on Atlantic between 1979 and 1985. The band formed in 1972 and originally performed under the names Jam Band and Pipeline before serving as the musical backbone for the Universal Robot Band on two albums during the late 1970s. Members: Woody Cunningham (vocals), […]

Maxx Traxx

Maxx Traxx were an American soul-funk band that released an eponymous album, listed in certain media as The Album!!!, on self-press Pulse Records in 1981. A name-change to Third Rail yielded an album of half-new material, Reachin’ For It, on one-press Two Twenty Two Records in 1982. Members: Laurence Dawson, Lee Gatlin, Malcolm Banks, Marvin […]

Mother Night

Mother Night were an American soul-funk band from NYC that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1972, followed by a standalone single on Buddah in 1973. Members: Ronnie Pace (vocals, trumpet, piano, congas), Eddie Martinez (guitar, vocals), Val Burke (bass, vocals), Arnold Ramsey (drums, organ, guitar, bass, saxophone), Skip McPhee (organ, vocals), Sonny McPhee […]


Moses was an American soul-funk band from Atlanta, Ga., that released the album The Coming of Moses on Pure Silk Records in 1978. Keyboardist/bandleader Mose Davis hailed from early ’70s funksters The Counts and also played on albums by Bohannon throughout the decade. Members: – Discography: The Coming of Moses (1978)