Rupert Hine

Rupert Hine (born Sept. 21, 1947) is an English musician, songwriter, and producer from London who first recorded in duo-form with David MacIver during the mid-1960s. The pair cut a single on Decca as Rupert and David in 1965 and later reteamed for the album Pick Up a Bone, released on Purple Records in 1971.

Hine recorded his first solo album, Unfinished Picture, in 1973 with backing by future Penguin Cafe arranger Simon Jeffes. The following year, Hine assembled the jazz-rock/funk combo Quantum Jump, which released two albums on the Electric Record Company label in 1976 and 1977. Behind the console, his production credits from this period include albums by bandmate John G. Perry as well as Kevin Ayers, Dave Greenslade, Cafe Jacques, and Anthony Phillips.

Between 1981 and 1983, Hine released three albums on A&M amid production work for Saga and The Fixx, the latter taking his trademark sonic techniques to a wider audience. In 1984, he produced the albums Man On the Line for Chris De Burgh and Private Dancer for Tina Turner, becoming a major industry hand in the process. Amid further studio work, he cut three albums with the hi-tech pop combo Thinkman between 1986 and 1990.


  • Pick Up a Bone (1971 • Rupert Hine & David Maciver)
  • Unfinished Picture (1973)
  • Immunity (1981)
  • Waving Not Drowning (1982)
  • The Wildest Wish to Fly (1983)
  • The Deep End (1994)

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