New Love Ltd

New Love Ltd was an American soul trio that sang on the 1978 album So Much to Talk About (Tudo Bem), recorded in São Paulo with funk sextet Interstate 95 and released on Brazilian small-press Giant Records. Two of the singers partook in the subsequent Ingram offshoot Philly Cream. Members: Robert Dunston (Jamil Ali Faraqan), […]


Mandala was a Brazilian Latin/jazz-rock band from São Paulo that released a self-titled album on Morisom in 1976. The band featured prolific session keyboardist and eventual solo artist Nelson Ayres. Members: Luiz Roberto Oliveira (acoustic guitar, synthesizer), Roberto Sion (flute, saxophone), Nelson Ayres (piano), Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums, percussion), Zeca Assumpção (bass) Discography: Mandala (1976)

Tamba Trio

Tamba Trio were a Brazilian samba-jazz combo that released a string of albums on Philips and Elenco during the 1960s. In the mid-1970s, an electrified lineup released a pair of albums on RCA Victor. Members: Bebeto Castilho (bass, flute, saxophone, vocals), Luiz Eça (piano, vocals, arrangements, 1962-68, 1974-75, 1982-84, 1989-92), Hélcio Milito (drums, percussion, vocals, […]

Zimbo Trio

Zimbo Trio were a Brazilian samba-jazz combo that released six albums on RGE between 1964 and 1969. During the first half of the 1970s, the band released six further albums on Philips, followed by seven titles on Clam between 1978 and 1992. Members: Amilton Godói (piano), Luiz Chaves (bass, 1964-2001), Rubinho Barsotti (drums), Itamar Collaço […]


Zonazul were a Brazilian jazz-rock band that released two albums on Som Da Gente between 1986 and 1989. Members: Teco Cardoso (saxophone, flute), Michel Freidenson (keyboards), Sylvio Mazzucca Jr. (bass), Jarbas Barbosa (guitar), AC dal Farra (drums) Discography: Zonazul (1986) Luzanoz (1989)

Zé Ramalho

Zé Ramalho — aka José Ramalho Neto (born Oct. 3, 1949) — is a Brazilian singer/songwriter who released the collaborative album Paêbirú with Lula Côrtes in 1975. As a solo artist, Zé Ramalho released nine albums on Epic between 1978 and 1987. Discography: Paêbirú (1975 • Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho) Zé Ramalho (1978) A […]


Wando — aka Wanderley Alves dos Reis (Oct. 12, 1945 — Feb. 8, 2012) — was a Brazilian singer/songwriter who released four albums on Beverly between 1973 and 1977, followed by two albums on Copacabana at the close of the decade. Further albums appeared on Som Livre and Arca during the 1980s. Discography: Glória a […]


Wanderléa — full name Wanderléa Charlup Boere Salim (born June 5, 1946) — is a Brazilian samba-pop singer who released six albums on CBS between 1963 and 1968, followed by a pair of albums on Polydor between 1972 and 1975. In 1977, she released the album Vamos que eu já Vou on EMI/Odeon with arrangements […]

Walter Franco

Walter Franco (born Jan. 6, 1945) is a Brazilian singer and composer who released a standalone single on Philips in 1971, followed by an assortment of shortplayers and two albums on Continental between 1972 and 1976. He rounded out the decade with pair of albums on Epic and capped his career with a self-titled release […]

Wagner Tiso

Wagner Tiso (born Dec. 12, 1945) is a Brazilian keyboardist, composer, and arranger who played in the samba-jazz bands Berimbau Trio and Os Pilantrocratas in the 1960s, followed by a three-album stint with Som Imaginário during the early 1970s. As a solo artist, he released three albums on EMI between 1978 and 1980, followed by […]


Viper are a Brazilian speed-metal band that released the album Soldiers of Sunrise on Rock Brigade Records in 1987, followed by Theatre of Fate on Eldorado in 1989. Members: Pit Passarell (bass, vocals), Felipe Machado (guitar), Yves Passarell (guitar, 1985-2000), Cassio Audi (drums, 1985-1989), Andre Matos (vocals, 1985-91), Sérgio Facci (drums, 1989), Guilherme Martin (drums, […]


Veludo were a Brazilian symphonic/space-rock band that was active during the mid-1970s. A 1975 live recording from the Festival Banana Progressiva in São Paulo was ultimately issued two decades later on the disc Ao Vivo by archivists Zaher Zein. Members: Elias Mizhrai (keyboards, lead vocals), Paulo de Castro (guitar, violin), Aristitides (drums), Nelsinho Laranjeiras (bass), […]


Tuca — aka Valeniza Zagni da Silva (Oct. 17, 1944 — May 8, 1978) — was a Brazilian samba-pop/psych singer, songwriter, and guitarist who debuted with the album Meu Eu on Chantecler in 1966, followed by a 1968 self-titled album on Philips, which issued subsequent shortplayers by the artist. In 1974, she reemerged with the […]

Terreno Baldio

Terreno Baldio were a Brazilian art-rock band that released a self-titled album on Pirata in 1976, followed by Além das Lendas Brasileiras on Continental in 1977. Members: João Carlos Kurk (vocals, flute, percussion), Mozart de Mello (guitar), Ronaldo Lazzarini (keyboards), Ascenção (bass), Joaquim (drums, percussion), Ayres Braga (bass) Discography: Terreno Baldio (1976) Além das Lendas […]


Tellah were a Brazilian symphonic-rock band that released the album Continente Perdido on Studio Cruzeiro do Sul in 1980. Members: José Veríssimo (bass, 1974-78), Felipe Guedes (drums, 1974-78), Claudio Felício (guitar, vocals), Denis Torre (drums, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Marconi Barros (bass, violin, synthesizer, vocals) Discography: Continente Perdido (1980)

Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes are a Brazilian samba-psych band that released five albums on Polydor between 1968 and 1972. In 1974, the band resurfaced on Som Livre with the symphonic-oriented Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol. Sessions held the prior year produced the similarly-styled O “A” e o “Z” , which was ultimately released in 1992 on Philips. […]

Syncro Jazz

Syncro Jazz were a Brazilian samba-jazz band that released a live album on small-press Poitou in 1982. Members: Pete Wooley (bass), Ronnie Mechado (drums), Lilu Aguiar (piano), Dagmar (trumpet), Vidal Sbrighi (saxophone, flute), Nestico Aguiar (saxophone) Discography: Live (1982)

Som Nosso de Cada Dia

Som Nosso de Cada Dia were a Brazilian symphonic/funk-rock band that released the album Snegs on Continental in 1974, followed by a sophomoric self-titled album on CBS in 1977. Members: Manito (keyboards, horns), Pedrão (guitar, bass), Pedrinho (drums), Egídio Conde (guitar) Discography: Snegs (1974) Som Nosso (1977) “Black Rio” / “Identificação” ‎(1978) 

Som Imaginário

Som Imaginário were a Brazilian samba-rock/psych band that released three albums on Odeon between 1970 and 1973. Members: Wagner Tiso (keyboards), Zé Rodrix (organ, percussion, vocals, flute), Robertinho Silva (drums), Tavito (12-string guitar), Luís Alves (bass), Laudir de Oliveira (percussion), Toninho Horta (guitar), Nivaldo Ornelas (saxophone) Discography: Som Imaginário (1970) Som Imaginário (1971) Matança do […]

Secos & Molhados

Secos & Molhados were a Brazilian art-pop/folk band that released two self-titled albums on Continental in 1973 and 1974, followed by a second pair of eponymous albums on Philips between 1978 and 1980. Members: João Ricardo (acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals), João Carlos (guitar, 1971), Fred (guitar, 1971), Ney Matogrosso (vocals, 1972-74), Gerson Conrad (acoustic guitar, […]

Sagrado Coração da Terra

Sagrado Coração da Terra were a Brazilian symphonic-rock band that released two albums on self-press Arteciencia between 1985 and 1987, followed by three albums over the next 13 years on Sonhos E Sons. Members: Alexandre Lopes (guitar), Chico Amaral (guitar), Fernando Campos (guitar), Augusto Renno (guitar), Alysson Lima (guitar), Edson Plá (bass), Mauriti (bass), Giló […]

Saecula Saeculorum

Saecula Saeculorum were a Brazilian symphonic-rock band that self-released an eponymous album in 1976, reissued two decades later on Sonhos & Sons. Members: Giacomo Lombardi (piano), José Audísio (guitar), Bob Walter (drums), Edson Plá Viegas (bass), Marcus Viana (violin), Juninho (bass) Discography: Saecula Saeculorum (1976)

Renato Mendes

Renato Mendes is a Brazilian keyboardist who released the album Electronicus on RGE Discos in 1974. Two further albums with undetermined release dates have appeared on CVE and Chantecler. Discography: Electronicus (1974) Some Stars ‎(?) Órgão de Vanguarda ‎(?) 

Raul de Souza

Raul de Souza (born Aug. 23, 1934) is a Brazilian trombonist, saxist, and composer who released the album À Vontade Mesmo under the moniker Raulzinho on RCA Victor in 1965. A decade later, he returned with the Milestone release Colors, followed by three titles on Capitol/EMI between 1977 and 1979. Discography: À Vontade Mesmo (1965 […]

Quinteto Violado

Quinteto Violado were a Brazilian folk band that released nine albums on Philips between 1972 and 1979. Members: Ciano (guitar), Claudio (guitar), Dudu (piano), Fernando Filizola, Generino Luna, Israel Semente (drums), Kiko Oliveira (drums), Luciano Pimentel (drums), Marcelo Melo (guitar, vocals), Marcio Batista (percussion), Mario Lobo (piano, keyboards, saxophone), Roberto Medeiros (percussion, vocals), Sando (flute), […]


Quantum were a Brazilian symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Café in 1983. Members: Marcos G. Rosset [Gringo] (guitar, acoustic guitar), Reynaldo Rana Jr. [Dinho] (guitar, acoustic guitar), Paulo Eduardo Naddeo (drums, percussion), Fernando Costa (keyboards), Segis C. Rodrigues (bass), Felipe Carvalho (bass), Luiz Seman (vocals), Reynaldo Rana (keyboards), Paulo Zinner (drums), […]


Pholhas were a Brazilian pop-rock band that released seven albums on RCA between 1973 and 1982. Members: Wagner Tadeu Benatti [a.k.a. “Bitão”] (vocals, guitar), Hélio Sebastian (keyboard, vocals), Oswaldo Malagutti (bass), Paulo Roberto Fernandes (drums) Discography: Dead Faces (1973) Forever (1974) Hojas (1975) Pholhas (1975) Pholhas (1977) O Som das Discoteques (1978) Memories (1980) Pholhas […]


Persona were a Brazilian folk-psych band that self-released the 10″ album Som in 1975. Members: Luis Carlini (electric guitar, harmonica), Lee Marcucci (acoustic guitar), Franklin Paolillo (drums), Carmem Flores (vocals) Discography: Som (1975)

Pepeu Gomes

Pepeu Gomes (born Feb. 7, 1952) is a Brazilian guitarist who played in the band Novos Baianos during the 1970s. In 1978, he debuted as a solo artist with the album Geração de som on Epic, followed by four titles on Elektra between 1979 and 1982. The ensuing decade yielded seven further albums on CBS […]

Pé Ante Pé

Pé Ante Pé were a Brazilian avant-jazz/rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press Dala in 1980, followed by the sophomoric Imagens do Inconsciente on Lira Paulistana in 1982. Members: Homero Lotito (piano), Teco Cardoso (saxophone), Jarbas Barbosa (guitar), Caito Marcondes (drums), Mané Silveira (saxophone, 1979-82), Xico Guedes (saxophone, 1979-82), Beto Caldas (vibraphone, 1979-82), […]


Papete — aka José de Ribamar Viana (Nov. 8, 1947 — May 26, 2016) — was a Brazilian percussionist who released three albums on Discos Marcus Pereira between 1975 and 1980, followed by a fourth release on Continental in 1981. Discography: Berimbau e Percussão (1975) Bandeira de Aço (1978) Água de Côco (1980) Planador (1981)

O Terço

O Terço was a Brazilian art-rock/psych band that debuted with a self-titled album on Forma in 1970, followed by a second eponymous release on Continental in 1973. Between 1975 and 1978, the band released three albums on the Underground label. Members: Sérgio Hinds (guitar, 1968-present), Sérgio Magrão (bass, vocals, 1972-1978, 2005-present), Flávio Venturini (piano, synthesizer, […]

Olivia Byington

Olivia Byington (born Dec. 24, 1958) is a Brazilian singer/songwriter who debuted with the album Corra o Risco on Continental in 1978, followed by albums on Som Livre, Areito, and Elenco during the 1980s. Discography: Corra o Risco (1978) Anjo Vadio (1980 • Olívia) Identidad (1983) Música (1984) Melodia Sentimental (1987) Olivia Byington & João […]

Os Borges

Os Borges were a Brazilian samba-jazz/pop band that released a self-titled album on Odeon in 1980. The membership comprised the namesake Borges kin, featuring singer/songwriter Lô Borges and his six siblings. Members: Lô Borges, Nico Borges, Telo Borges, Marilton Borges, Márcio Borges, Yê Borges, Solange Borges, Salomão Borges, Maricota Borges Discography: Os Borges (1980)

Novos Baianos

Novos Baianos were a Brazilian samba-psych band that debuted with an album on RGE in 1970, followed by six albums on Som Livre, Continental, and Tapecar between 1972 and 1977. Members: Luis Dias Galvão (lyrics), Moraes Moreira (vocals, acoustic guitar, 1969-74), Paulinho Boca de Cantor (vocals), Baby Consuelo (vocals), Pepeu Gomes (guitar), Jorginho Gomes (drums) […]


Karma were a Brazilian folk-psych trio that released a self-titled album on RCA Victor in 1972. Members: Alen Cazinho Terra (bass, vocals), Jorge Amiden (guitar), Luiz Mendes Junior (acoustic guitar, vocals) Discography: Karma (1972)

Ney Matogrosso

Ney Matogrosso (Aug. 1, 1941) is a Brazilian singer who played in the band Secos & Molhados during the early 1970s. Between 1975 and 1980, he released three albums apiece on Continental and EMI, followed by pairs of albums on both Ariola and Barclay between 1981 and 1983. Discography: Água do céu – Pássaro (1975) […]

Nara Leão

Nara Leão (Jan. 19, 1942 — June 7, 1989) was a Brazilian samba-jazz/pop singer and actress that debuted with an album on Elenco in 1964, followed by a lengthy string of titles on Philips over the next quarter-century.  She was born Nara Lofego Leão in Vitória, Espírito Santo. At age 12, she got her first […]

Nana Caymmi

Nana Caymmi (born April 29, 1949) is a Brazilian samba-jazz vocalist that released a standalone album on Elenco in 1965. During the 1970s, she resurfaced with a string of albums on Trova, CID, and EMI, the last of those labels issuing a more prolific run of titles during the 1980s. Discography: Nâna (1965) Nunca Mais […]

Módulo 1000

Módulo 1000 were a Brazilian psych-rock band that released a standalone single on Odeon in 1970, followed by the album Não Fale com Paredes on Top Tape in 1972. Members: Luiz Paulo Simas (organ, piano, vocals), Eduardo (bass), Daniel Cardona Romani (guitar), Candinho (drums) Discography: “Big Mama” / “Isto não quer dizer nada” (1970) Não […]

Moto Perpétuo

Moto Perpétuo were a Brazilian art-rock band that released a self-titled album on Continental in 1974. Vocalist/keyboardist Guilherme Arantes subsequently launched a successful solo career. Members: Guilherme Arantes (vocals, keyboards), Egidio Conde (guitar, vocals), Gerson Tatini (contrabass guitar, vocals), Cláudio Lucci (acoustic guitar, cello, guitar, vocals), Diógenes Burani (percussion, vocals) Discography: Moto Perpétuo (1974)

Moacir Santos

Moacir Santos (April 8, 1924 — Aug. 6, 2006) was a Brazilian samba-jazz saxophonist and composer who released the album Coisas on Forma in 1965, followed by three albums on Blue Note between 1972 and 1975. Discography: Coisas (1965) Amore nel Pacifico (OST, 1970 • Moacir Santos & Zygmunt Sulistrowski) Maestro (1972) Saudade (1974) Carnival […]

Milton Nascimento

Milton Nascimento (born Oct. 26, 1942) is a Brazilian samba-folk singer/songwriter and guitarist who released a string of albums on A&M, EMI, and Odeon between 1969 and 1979, followed by another round of titles on Ariola, Barclay, and CBS during the 1980s. Discography: Milton Nascimento (1967) Courage (1969) Milton Nascimento (1969) Milton (1970) Clube da […]


Matuskela were a Brazilian folk-rock band that released a self-titled album on Chantecler in 1973. Members: Anapolino “Lino” (guitar), Toninho Terra (vocals), Didi Moreno (drums), Joãozinho, Rodolfo, Machado Discography: Matuskela (1973)

Maria Creuza

Maria Creuza (born Feb. 26, 1944) is a Brazilian samba-pop singer who released four albums on Trova and RGE between 1970 and 1972, followed by 12 titles on RCA over the next decade. Discography: Apolo 11 (1969) La Fusa (live, 1970 • Vinicius de Moraes, Maria Creuza & Toquinho) Yo… Maria Creuza (1971) De Onde […]

Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle (born Sept. 14, 1943) is a Brazilian samba-pop singer/songwriter who released 10 albums on Odeon between 1963 and 1974, followed by three albums on Som Livre and Arca during the 1980s. Discography: Samba “demais” (1963) O compositor e o cantor (1965) Brazil-iance! (1966 • Marcos Valle and His Music) Braziliance! A música de […]

Manfredo Fest

Manfredo Fest (May 13, 1936 — Oct. 8, 1999) was a Brazilian samba-jazz/pop keyboardist and bandleader who released four albums on RGE during the 1960s. He released three albums on as many labels during the 1970s, including the popular 1976 T&M release Brazilian Dorian Dream. During the late 1980s, he returned with two releases on […]

Luiz Bonfá

Luiz Bonfá (Oct. 17, 1922 — Jan. 12, 2001) was a Brazilian samba-jazz guitarist who released a string of solo and collaborative albums on Odeon and Continental during the 1950s, followed by a further round of titles on Verve and Dot during the 1960s. In 1973, he released the popular jazz-rock album Jacarandá on Som […]

Lô Borges

Lô Borges (born Jan. 10, 1952) is a Brazilian samba-pop singer/songwriter who released two albums on Odeon in 1972, one a collaborative double-LP with Milton Nascimento. In 1979, Borges returned with the album A Via-Láctea, followed by a self-titled release with family project Os Borges. The ensuing decade saw two studio releases on EMI and […]

Lady Zu

Lady Zu — aka Zuleide Santos da Silva (born July 5, 1958) — is a Brazilian soul-funk singer who released two albums on Philips in 1978 and 1979. Discography: A Noite Via Chegar (1978) Fêmea Brasileira (1979)

José Mauro

José Mauro is a Brazilian singer/songwriter and guitarist who released the popular samba-psych album Obnoxius on Quartin in 1970, followed by A Viagem das Horas on Tapecar in 1976. Discography: Obnoxius (1970) A Viagem das Horas (1976)

Cesar Mariano & Cia

Cesar Camargo Mariano (born Sept. 19, 1943) is a Brazilian pianist and composer who released eight albums in solo and collaborative form between 1966 and 1988. In 1977, he assembled the samba-funk backing band Cia for the album São Paulo, Brasil on RCA Victor, followed by an eponymous 1980 release on EMI. Cesar Mariano & […]

Jorge Ben

Jorge Ben (born March 22, 1942) is a Brazilian samba-soul singer/songwriter who released 16 albums on Philips between 1963 and 1975, followed by seven further albums on Som Livre between 1978 and 1986. Discography: Samba esquema novo (1963) Ben é samba bom (1964) Sacundin Ben samba (1964) Big Ben (1965) O Bidú: Silêncio no Brooklin […]

João Bosco

João Bosco (born July 13, 1946) is a Brazilian samba-pop singer/songwriter and guitarist who released seven albums on RCA between 1973 and 1981, followed by five further titles on Ariola and Barclay between 1982 and 1986. Discography: João Bosco (1973) Caça à raposa (1975) Galos de briga (1976) Tiro de misericórdia (1977) Linha de passe […]

Ivan Lins

Ivan Lins (born June 6, 1945) is a Brazilian samba-jazz/pop pianist, vocalist, and songwriter who released two albums on Forma in 1971, followed by 10 further titles on EMI, RCA, and Philips over the next 13 years. Discography: Agora… (1971) Deixa o trem seguir (1971) Quem sou eu? (1972) Modo livre (1974) Chama acesa (1975) […]

Hermeto Pascoal

Hermeto Pascoal (born June 22, 1936) is a Brazilian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader who played with the samba-jazz combos Sambrasa Trio and Quarteto Nôvo during the mid-1960s. After a brief spell with Brazilian Octopus at the close of that decade, he released his first headlining album on Cobblestone in 1970. Since that time, he has […]

Guilherme Arantes

Guilherme Arantes (July 28, 1953) is a Brazilian samba-pop singer/songwriter and pianist who first emerged in the band Moto Perpétuo during the mid-1970s. He released two solo albums on Som Livre in 1976 and 1977, followed by three further titles on Warner Bros. between 1978 and 1980. More than 18 albums have appeared on assorted […]

Grupo Um

Grupo Um were a Brazilian avant-jazz/rock band that released three albums between 1979 and 1983 on Tapecar, Y, and Lira Paulistana. Members: Lelo Nazario (electric piano, keyboards), Zé Eduardo Nazario (drums, percussion, khene), Zeca Assumpção (electric bass, piano, 1976-80), Carlinhos Gonçalves (percussion, 1977-80), Rodolfo Stroeter (electric bass, acoustic bass, 1980-84) Discography: Marcha sobre a cidade […]

Grupo Medusa

Grupo Medusa were a Brazilian samba-jazz/funk band that released two albums on Som Da Gente between 1981 and 1983. Members: Amilson Godoy (piano), Cláudio Bertrami (bass), Heraldo do Monte (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, 1981-83), Chico Medori (drums), Olmir “Alemão” Stocker (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, 1983), Theo da Cuíca (percussion, 1983) Discography: Grupo Medusa […]


Fábio — aka Juan Senon Rolón — is a Paraguayan-Brazilian singer/songwriter who released several shortplayers and a self-titled album on RCA during the late 1960s, followed by the album Os Frutos de mi Tierra on Polydor in 1972. Discography: “LSD Lindo Sonho Delirante” / “O Reloginho” (1968) Fábio (1969) Os Frutos de mi Tierra (1972)

Egberto Gismonti

Egberto Gismonti (born Dec. 5, 1947) is a Brazilian samba-jazz pianist, guitarist, and composer who released more than 30 albums during the final third of the 20th century, mostly on EMI, ECM, and Odeon. Discography: Egberto Gismonti (1969) Orfeo novo (1970) Sonho 70 (1970) Água & vinho (1972) Egberto Gismonti (1973) Academia de danças (1974) […]

Edu Lôbo

Edu Lôbo (born Aug. 29, 1943) is a Brazilian singer/songwriter and guitarist who released more than 20 albums between 1964 and 1988 on Elenco, Philips, Som Livre, and other labels. Discography: A música de Edu Lobo por Edu Lobo (1964) Arena Conta Zumbi (1965) 5 na bossa (live, 1965 • Nara, Edu Lobo & Tamba […]


Eumir Deodato de Almeida (born June 22, 1943) is a Brazilian composer, arranger, and producer with a musical career dating back to 1960. During the 1970s, he released more than 15 albums on CTI, MCA, Mercury, and other labels. Between 1979 and 1982, he handled production chores for Kool & the Gang, guiding the band […]

Daniel Salinas

Daniel Salinas is a Brazilian pianist, conductor, arranger, and producer who released four albums during the 1970s, including one under the project moniker Nostalgia Eletrônica Orchestra. Discography: Paz Amor E Samba (1972) Atlantis (1974) Nostalgia Eletrônica Orchestra (1975) A Chile Desde Lejos (1978)

Cravo & Canela

Cravo & Canela were a Brazilian samba-pop band that released the album Preço de Cada Um on small-press PESQUISA in 1977. Members: Reinaldo (keyboards), Teo (drums), Lincoln (bass), Lucio (guitar, vocals), Fabíola (vocals), Vera (vocals) Discography: Preço de Cada Um (1977)


Cláudia — aka Maria das Graças Rallo (born May 4, 1946) — is a Brazilian samba-pop singer who released nine albums on Odeon, Epic, and other labels between 1967 and 1986. Discography: Cláudia (1967) Jesus Cristo (1971) Você, Cláudia, você (1971) Deixa eu dizer (1973) Reza, tambor e raça (1977) Pássaro emigrante (1979) Cláudia (1980) […]

14 Bis

14 Bis were a Brazilian folk-pop band that released nine albums on EMI between 1979 and 1992. Members: Flávio Venturini (keyboards, acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals, 1979-87), Cláudio Venturini (guitar), Vermelho (keyboards), Sérgio Magrão (bass), Hely (drums) Discography: 14 Bis (1979) II (1980) Espelho das águas (1981) Além paraíso (1982) A idade da luz (1983) A […]


Celeste Vanuchi (born April 19, 1942) is a Brazilian samba-jazz/pop singer who released two albums under her Christian name on Tapecar and Odeon in 1978 and 1979. Discography: Cinco e Triste da Manhã (1978) Laço de Cobra (1979)