Empire was an English rock band that was intermittently active between 1974 and about 1980. The two constants of the band were the briefly married team of ex-Yes/Flash guitarist Peter Banks and vocalist Sydney Foxx. Despite recording three albums, none saw release until One Way Records green-lighted the material in the mid-1990s.

Members: Peter Banks (guitar), Sydney Foxx [Sidonie Jordan] (vocals), Jakob Freeman Magnusson (keyboards, vocals) , John Giblin (bass), Preson Ross-Heyman (drums), Phil Collins (drums, backing vocals), Jeffrey Fayman (drums), Chad Peery (bass), Robert Orellana (keyboards), Paul Delph (keyboards), Brad Stephenson (bass, backing vocals), Mark Murdock (drums)


  • Mark I (1995 — recorded 1974)
  • Mark II (1995 — recorded 1977)
  • Mark III (1996 — recorded 1978)

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