Charles Earland – Odyssey (1976)

Odyssey is a jazz-funk album by American keyboardist/composer Charles Earland, released in 1976 on Mercury. Notable players on the album include guitarist John Abercrombie, trumpeter Randy Brecker, drummer Norman Connors, and violinists Michał Urbaniak and John Blair. The album was the first of four on Mercury for Earland, who had just wrapped a six-year, 10-album stint […]

Metro ‎– Metro (1976)

Metro is the debut album by the English art-pop trio of the same name, released in 1976 on Transatlantic Records. The album would be the sole release of the trio lineup fronted by singer/songwriter Duncan Browne, who resumed his solo career the following year. Tracklist: A1. Criminal World A2. Precious A3a. Overture To Flame A3b. […]

Ambrosia – Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled (1976)

Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled is the second album by American symphonic/art-rock band Ambrosia, produced by Alan Parsons and released in 1976 on 20th Century Records. A gala of sound and spectacle, the album spins with the xylophone gusts that course through “The Brunt” and the spiraling ivory of “Danse With Me George.” Earlier on, “Cowboy […]

Frob – Frob (1976)

Frob is the sole album by German instrumental four-piece Frob, released in 1976. Coursing throughout this release are the searing scales of guitarist Philippe Caillat and the machine-gun fills of drummer Peter Meuffels. “Flash” kicks off with a four-note bass gallop in D that is swiftly joined by snare-hyper drums, icy organ keys and the […]

White Summer

White Summer were a Chicago-area rock trio that was active during the mid-1970s. Members: Jimmy Watkins (lead vocals, guitar, drums, percussion), Rick Lowe (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), David Wheeler (bass, backing vocals) In 1976, the band self-released a homonymous longplayer. Recorded on a shoestring at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine Studio in Kalamazoo, Mich., […]

Heatwave – Too Hot to Handle (1976)

Too Hot to Handle is the 1976 debut album from U.K.-based American soul-funk sextet Heatwave. The rubbery strobe-light snap of “Boogie Nights” has become a dance-floor classic, while the evergreen bliss of “Always and Forever” rings eternal as a candlelight slow jam. Other highlights include the maj7 harmonized sweetness of “All You Do is Dial,” […]

Wiggy Bits

Wiggy Bits were an American rock quintet active during the mid-1970s. Comprised of alumni from psych-rockers The Illusion and ex-Blues Magoos/Barnaby Bye vocalist Peppy Castro, Wiggy Bits released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1976. Members: Peppy Castro [aka Emil Thielheim] (vocals), Richie Cerniglia (guitar), Mike Ricciardella (drums), Dennis Santiago (bass) Mike Maniscalco (keyboards) Harnessing […]

10cc ‎– How Dare You! (1976)

How Dare You! is the fourth album by English quartet 10cc. Released in 1976, the album sees the four members divide into the exclusive songwriting partnerships of Gouldman/Stewart and Godley/Creme. The latter pair would leave the band soon after the release of this album. Most of the album’s songs are written in through-composed form.  A1. […]

Patrice Sciortino ‎– Gymnorythmies 1 (1976)

Gymnorythmies 1 is a 1976 album by French experimental musician/composer Patrice Sciortino. With most of the pieces clocking in at under two minutes, sides one and two — “Exercices Avec Cerceaux” and “Exercices Avec Massues” — respectively consist of 12 and 11 numbers. Vibraphones and winding clocks enswirl the organ-steamed, toy-shop sounds of the music […]

James Vincent ‎– Space Traveler (1976)

Space Traveler is the sophomoric solo release by guitarist James Vincent, issued in 1976 on James William Guercio’s Caribou Records label. The album features backing vocals by Vincent’s former-Exception bandmate Peter Cetera. Tracklist: A1. The Garden A2. Mankind A3. Drifting Into Love A4. Alone A5. Space Traveler A6. Firefly B1. Song for Jayme B2. How […]

Gene Harris ‎– In a Special Way (1976)

In a Special Way is the fifth solo album by American pianist Gene Harris, released in 1976. Tracklist: A1. Theme for Relana A2. Rebop A3. Zulu A4. Always in My Mind B1. Love for Sale B2. It’s Your Love B3. Soft Cycles B4. Five/Four B5. Naima Credits: Gene Harris – piano Jerry Peters – Rhodes, […]

Gato Barbieri ‎– Caliente! (1976)

Caliente! is a 1976 album by Argentine saxophonist Gato Barbieri. Issued by A&M Records, the recording was guided by label-head Herb Alpert. The nine tracks display the saxist’s smooth tones over a range of lush, samba-fied, variably paced backdrops. Tracklist: A1. Fireflies A2. Fiesta A3. Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile) A4. Don’t Cry Rochelle A5. […]

Bobby Stern & Head, Heart and Hands ‎– Libra (1976)

Libra is a 1976 collaboration album between American saxophonist Bobby Stern and German instrumental ensemble Head, Heart and Hands. Tracklist: A1. Holiday A2. Libra A3. Light B1. Curacao B2. Of Venus B3. Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) Credits: Bobby Stern – saxophone Tom van der Geld – vibraphone Larry Porter – piano, […]

Manfredo Fest ‎– Brazilian Dorian Dream (1976)

Brazilian Dorian Dream is the third solo album by Brazilian keyboardist Manfredo Fest, released in 1976 on T&M. Most of the songs feature Rhodes arpeggios woven around the windy vocals of Roberta Davis. Tracklist: A1. Brazilian Dorian Dream A2. Facing East A3. Jungle Cat A4. That’s What She Says B1. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue B2. […]

Band X ‎– The Best of Band X (1976)

The Best of Band X is the 1976 lone release by American instrumental ensemble Band X. Despite its title, the album is a proper release of contemporary recordings and not a compilation. Led by Boston-area vibist Craig Peyton, the music meshes harmonic interplay with otherworldly sounds — the latter made possible by the band’s preview-access […]

LaMont Johnson ‎– NINE…. A Mystical, Musical Allegory (1976)

NINE…. A Mystical, Musical Allegory is the second album from pianist/composer LaMont Johnson, released in 1976 on the artist’s own Masterscores label. Musically, the album encompasses mid-paced syncopation and glissando-laden serenity. The latter approach is embodied in the soft, ivory filigree of the two finest cuts, “The Cat and Nine Tomorrows” and “No, I Never […]

Ruth Copeland ‎– Take Me to Baltimore (1976)

Take Me to Baltimore is the third longplayer by English-born/U.S.-based belter Ruth Copeland, issued by RCA in 1976. The singer teamed for these sessions with label-mate Daryl Hall, who co-wrote two of the album’s tracks. The sax/woodwind talents of Robin Kenyatta and the Brecker Brothers are also featured throughout the album.     Tracklist: A1. […]

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver ‎– Slipstream (1976)

Slipstream is a 1976 album by the Sutherland Brothers & Quiver. The release marked their fourth collective effort since the folk duo joined forces with the rustic rock combo. Tracklist: A1. Slipstream A2. Wild Love A3. Saturday Night A4. If I Could Have Your Loving A5. Love on the Side A6. Secrets B1. Dark Powers […]

Teddy Lasry ‎– e=mc² (1976)

E=mc² is a 1976 album by French multi-instrumentalist Teddy Lasry. The recording is self-contained, save for the contributions of percussionist André Ceccarelli and Magma bassist Jannick Top, who each help on two tracks. Musically, the album consists of beaming, oscillating Space Age instrumentals. Tracklist: A1. Life A2. Quasar A3. Earth A4. Nebular B1. Birth of […]

Starcastle ‎– Starcastle (1976)

Starcastle is the 1976 debut album by the American sextet of the same name. The music is noted for its contrapuntal density among the instrumentalists, each of whom are rendered with tonal clarity by Tommy Vicari’s state-of-the-art production. Side one is dominated by the anthemic “Forces” and the multisectional epic “Lady of the Lake” while […]

Quantum Jump – Quantum Jump (1976)

Quantum Jump is the first of two albums by the English supergroup of the same name, released in 1976 by the Electric Record Company and produced by the band’s frontman Rupert Hine. The music is marked by Hine’s deft lyrics, Perry’s nimble basswork, and the occasional rapidfire vocal passage. Tracklist: A1. Captain Boogaloo A2. Over […]

Sonny Fortune – Waves of Dreams (1976)

Waves of Dreams is the third album by American saxophonist Sonny Fortune. Released in 1976 on A&M/Horizon, it marked his first and only recorded pairing with keyboardist Clifford Coulter, whose Moog and ARP layers add tonal color to the saxist’s frenzied post-bop. Tracklist: A1. Seeing Beyond the Obvious A2. A Space in Time A3. In […]

Steve Marcus – Sometime Other Than Now (1976)

Sometime Other Than Now is a 1976 album by American saxophonist Steve Marcus. Fronting an ensemble that includes guitarist Steve Khan, this release marked the saxist’s fourth band-leading album overall and his last for another 16 years. Musically, the album is dominated by the squiggly, piercing tones of keyboardist Don Grolnick. Tracklist: A1. Sometime Other […]

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Roaring Silence (1976)

The Roaring Silence is the seventh album by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, released in 1976. Consolidating their stateside breakthrough with a lavish, theatrical cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Blinded by the Light” — the band’s prior album contained a hard rock rendition of the Jersey performer’s “Spirit in the Night” — the album refines their scaly, […]

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Bigger Than Both of Us (1976)

Bigger Than Both of Us is the sixth album by American rock/soul duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, released in 1976 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “Back Together Again” (3:23) A2. “Rich Girl” (2:23) A3. “Crazy Eyes” (3:07) A4. “Do What You Want, Be What You Are” (4:35) A5. “Kerry” (3:47) B1. “London, Luck, and Love” […]

Steely Dan – The Royal Scam (1976)

The Royal Scam is the fifth album by American jazz-pop band Steely Dan, released in 1976 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Kid Charlemagne” (4:38) A2. “The Caves of Altamira” (3:33) A3. “Don’t Take Me Alive” (4:19) A4. “Sign In Stranger” (4:22) A5. “The Fez” (3:59) B1. “Green Earrings” (4:05) B2. “Haitian Divorce” (5:50) B3. “Everything You […]

Bee Gees – Children of the World (1976)

Children of the World is the thirteenth chronological studio album by the Bee Gees, released in 1976 on RSO. Tracklist: A1. “You Should Be Dancing” (4:17) A2. “You Stepped Into My Life” (3:25) A3. “Love So Right” (3:37) A4. “Lovers” (3:35) A5. “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” (4:43) B1. “Boogie Child” (4:11) B2. “Love […]

Automatic Man – Automatic Man (1976)

Automatic Man is the first of two albums by the namesake American space-funk supergroup, released in 1976 on Island. Tracklist: A1. “Atlantis Rising Fanfare” (1:37) A2. “Comin’ Through” (3:35) A3. “My Pearl” (3:41) A4. “One and One” (6:01) A5. “Newspapers” (3:59) A6. “Geni-Geni” (5:33) B1. “Right Back Down” (5:56) B2. “There’s a Way” (5:15) B3. […]

Al Di Meola – Land of the Midnight Sun (1976)

Land of the Midnight Sun is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock guitarist Al Di Meola, released in 1976 on Columbia Records. Tracklist: A1. “The Wizard” (6:46) A2. “Land of the Midnight Sun” (9:14) A3. “Sarabande From Violin Sonata in B Minor” (1:20) A4. “Love Theme From Pictures of the Sea” (2:24) B1. “Suite […]

Stanley Clarke – School Days (1976)

School Days is the fourth solo album by American jazz-rock bassist Stanley Clarke, released in 1976 on Epic/Nemperor. Tracklist: A1. “School Days” (7:50) A2. “Quiet Afternoon” (5:05) A3. “The Dancer” (5:23) B1. “Desert Song” (6:53) B2. “Hot Fun” (2:50) B3. “Life Is Just a Game” (9:00) Credits: Stanley Clarke – electric bass guitar (A1,A3,B2,B3), vocals […]

The Isley Brothers – Harvest for the World (1976)

Harvest for the World is an album by American soul-funk sextet the Isley Brothers, released in 1976 on T-Neck. Tracklist: A1. “Harvest for the World (Prelude)” (2:11) A2. “Harvest for the World” (3:51) A3. “People of Today” (4:42) A4. “Who Loves You Better” (5:31) B1. “(At Your Best) You Are Love” (5:23) B2. “Let Me […]

Joni Mitchell – Hejira (1976)

Hejira is the eighth studio album by Canadian singer–songwriter Joni Mitchell, released in November 1976 on Asylum. The title is an Islamic word for “exodus,” a departure from one place or situation for another. Across the album’s nine songs, Joni recounts her experiences on three recent journeys, starting with Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, a ramshackle […]

Transit Express – Opus Progressif (1976)

Opus Progressif is the second album by French jazz-rock combo Transit Express, released in 1976 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “Convulsion” (4:10) A2. “Disparition” (3:15) A3. “Le souffleur de rêves” (6:35) A4. “Dialogarhythme” (4:30) A5. “La porte de bag” (0:50) B1. “38 Cm/s” (2:40) B2. “Maldoror” (5:40) B3. “Opus progressif 1” (2:55) B4. “Opus progressif […]

Magma – Üdü Ẁüdü (1976)

Üdü Ẁüdü is the fifth studio album by French Zeuhl ensemble Magma, released in 1976 on RCA’s Utopia imprint. Tracklist: A1. “Üdü Ẁüdü” (4:10) A2. “Weïdorje” (4:30) A3. “Tröller Tanz (Ghost Dance)” (3:40) A4. “Soleil d’Ork (Ork’ Sun)” (3:50) A5. “Zombies (Ghost Dance)” (4:10) B. “De Futura” (18:00) Credits: Klaus Blasquiz — vocals, composer, logo […]

Rush – 2112 (1976)

2112 is the fourth studio album by Canadian rockers Rush, released in 1976 on Anthem Records. This is the third album of their classic lineup with drummer–lyricist Neil Peart. It’s their second of three albums to contain a side-long suite, here in the form of the 20-minute, seven-part title opus “2112.” Tracklist: A. “2112” (20:34) […]

Universe City – Universe City (1976)

Universe City is the singular album by American jazz-funk operative Universe City, released in 1976 on Midland International. Tracklist: A1. “Central Park” (5:03) A2. “Cause She Wants Me To” (3:10) A3. “Can You Get Down” (5:45) A4. “You’ve Changed” (2:54) A5. “Touch Me” (3:03) B1. “Give It Up” (3:25) B2. “Serious” (5:27) B3. “I’m a […]

Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox (1976)

Johnny the Fox is the seventh album by Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzy, released in 1976 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “Johnny” (4:22) A2. “Rocky” (3:39) A3. “Borderline” (4:30) A4. “Don’t Believe a Word” (2:15) A5. “Fools Gold” (3:46) B1. “Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed” (3:08) B2. “Old Flame” (3:45) B3. “Massacre” (2:58) B4. […]

Picchio dal Pozzo – Picchio dal Pozzo (1976)

Picchio dal Pozzo is the debut album by the namesake Italian avant/jazz-rock combo, released in 1976 on Grog. Tracklist: Hay Fay A1. “Merta” (3:18) A2. “Cocomelastico” (4:23) A3. “Seppia” (10:17) —i. Sottotitolo —ii. Frescofresco —iii. Rusf A4. “Bofonchia” (0:51) Fay Hay B1. “Napier” (7:22) B2. “La floricultura di Tschincinnata” (4:23) B3. “La bolla” (4:29) B4. […]

Elektriktus – Electronic Mind Waves (1976)

Electronic Mind Waves is an album by Italian musician/composer Andrea Centazzo, released under the moniker Elektriktus. The album was issued in 1976 on Platten Durcharbeitung Ultraphone. Tracklist: A1. “Frequencer Departure – Flying at Day-Break” (7:30) A2. “First Wave” (5:40) A3. “Power Hallucination” (4:30) B1. “Second Wave” (2:26) B2. “Implosion” (5:40) B3. “Third Wave” (5:20) B4. […]

Crucis – Los Delirios del Mariscal (1976)

Los Delirios del Mariscal is the second of two albums by the Argentinean symphonic/hard-rock combo Crucis, released in 1976 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “No me separen de mí” (6:08) A2. “Los delirios del Mariscal” (10:06) B1. “Pollo frito” (5:44) B2. “Abismo terrenal” (12:30) Credits: Gustavo Montesano: bajo y voz. Pino Marrone: guitarra eléctrica. Aníbal […]

Iceberg – Coses Nostres (1976)

Coses Nostres is the second album by Spanish symphonic/jazz-rock quartet Iceberg, released in 1976 on Bocaccio Records. Tracklist: A1. “Preludi i record” (2:14) A2. “Nova (Música de la llum)” (8:56) A3. “L’acustica (Referència d’un canvi interior)” (9:10) A4. “La d’en Kitflus” (6:49) B1. “La flamenca elèctrica” (5:56) B2. “A València” (8:45) B3. “11/8 (Manifest de […]

Caravan – ‘Blind Dog at St. Dunstans’ (1976)

‘Blind Dog at St. Dunstans’ is the eighth album by English symphonic/jazz-pop band Caravan, released in 1976 on BTM/Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Here Am I” (6:19) A2. “Chiefs and Indians” (5:13) A3. “A Very Smelly, Grubby Little Oik” (4:15) A4. “Bobbing Wide” (1:30) A5. “Come on Back” (4:50) A6. “Oik (Reprise)” (2:26) B1. “Jack and Jill” […]

Gong – Gazeuse! (1976)

Gazeuse! is the seventh proper studio album by English/French jazz-rock combo Gong, released in 1976 on Virgin. The album is the band’s second release under the musical direction of drummer/malletist Pierre Moerlen, who assumed the reigns after the departure of founder Daevid Allen. In the U.S., the album was issued the following year with the […]

Weather Report – Black Market (1976)

Black Market is the fifth studio album by multinational jazz-rock ensemble Weather Report, released in 1976 on Columbia Records. Tracklist: A1. “Black Market” (6:30) A2. “Cannon Ball” (4:35) A3. “Gibraltar” (7:45) B1. “Elegant People” (5:02) B2. “Three Clowns” (3:14) B3. “Barbary Coast” (3:05) B4. “Herandnu” (6:35) Credits: Joe Zawinul — synthesizer, rhodes electric piano, grand […]

Harvey Mason – Earth Mover (1976)

Earth Mover is the second album by American jazz-funk percussionist/composer Harvey Mason, released in 1976 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “K.Y. and the Curb” (4:56) A2. “Sho Nuff Groove” (3:56) A3. “The Mase” (4:10) A4. “Sweet Mercy” (5:49) B1. “Earthmover Prelude” (0:57) B2. “Bertha Baptist” (5:43) B3. “First Summer” (6:10) B4. “No Lands Man” (4:22) B5. […]

Goblin – Roller (1976)

Roller is an album by Italian instrumental band Goblin, released in 1976 on Cinevox. The album is one of the few non-soundtrack recordings that the band — alternately known as Cherry Five and Il Reale Impero Britannico — released under the Goblin nameplate. Tracklist: A1. “Roller” (4:41) A2. “Aquaman” (5:24) A3. “Snip Snap” (3:38) A4. “Il risveglio […]

Henry Gaffney – Waiting for a Wind (1976)

Waiting for a Wind is the first of two albums by American singer/songwriter Henry Gaffney, released in 1976 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “I’m Waiting for a Wind” (2:59) A2. “Over My Shoulder” (3:24) A3. “Manhattan” (3:00) A4. “Nightmare” (3:31) A5. “Can I Rely on You” (3:17) B1. “If Only the Weather Would Change” (3:16) B2. […]

Neil Ardley – Kaleidoscope of Rainbows (1976)

Kaleidoscope of Rainbows is an album by English jazz-rock/Third Stream keyboardist/composer Neil Ardley, released in 1976 on Gull. Tracklist: A1. “Prologue” (0:28) A2. “Rainbow One” (9:38) A3. “Rainbow Two” (7:35) A4. “Rainbow Three” (3:47) A5. “Rainbow Four” (6:15) B1. “Rainbow Five” (4:02) B2. “Rainbow Six” (7:37) B3. “Rainbow Seven” (11:13) B4. “Epilogue” (4:09) Credits: Neil […]

Narada Michael Walden – Garden of Love Light (1976)

Garden of Love Light is the debut solo album by jazz-funk/soul musician Narada Michael Walden, released in 1976 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “White Night” (4:57) A2. “Garden of Love Light” (4:55) A3. “Delightful” (4:51) A4. “First Love” (5:52) B1. “Meditation” (1:38) B2. “The Sun Is Dancing” (9:29 — 3:47–6:20) B3. “You Got the Soul” (3:22) […]

The Enid – In the Region of the Summer Stars (1976)

In the Region of the Summer Stars is the debut album by English symphonic-rock band The Enid, released in 1976 on Buk. Tracklist: A1. “The Fool.. ..The Falling Tower” (6:16) A2. “Death, The Reaper” (3:59) A3. “The Lovers” (5:17) A4. “The Devil” (4:14) B1. “The Sun” (4:39) B2. “The Last Judgement” (8:12) B3. “In the […]

Morse Code – Procréation (1976)

Procréation is the fourth album by Quebecois symphonic/art-rock band Morse Code, released in 1976 on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “Précréation” (5:09) A2. “Qu’est-ce t’es v’nu faire ici” (4:40) A3. “Nuage” (2:19) A4. “L’eau tonne” (3:59) A5. “Des hauts et des Ha! …” (4:30) A6. “De tous les pays du monde” (3:48) B. “Procréation: I / II / […]

Montrose – Jump on It (1976)

Jump on It is the fourth album by American hard-rock band Montrose, released in 1976 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Let’s Go” (4:15) A2. “What Are You Waitin’ For?” (3:48) A3. “Tuft-Sedge” (2:50) A4. “Music Man” (4:16) B1. “Jump on It” (3:37) B2. “Rich Man” (4:24) B3. “Crazy for You” (3:26) B4. “Merry-Go-Round” (5:38) Credits: […]

Miguel Ríos – La Huerta Atómica (Un Relato de Anticipación) (1976)

La Huerta Atómica (Un Relato de Anticipación) is the sixth album by Spanish singer/songwriter Miguel Ríos, released in 1976 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Entre árboles y aviones” (3:26) A2. “Una casa en la guerra” (6:06) A3. “Buenos días, Superman” (2:59) A4. “Yankee Johnny” (4:32) A5. “Bienvenida Katherine” (6:51) B6. La huerta atómica -a) “Una siesta […]

Michał Urbaniak – Body English (1976)

Body English is an album by Polish jazz-funk violinist/keyboardist Michal Urbaniak, released in 1976 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “New York Polka” (5:52) A2. “Afterglow” (1:38) A3. “Zad” (6:50) A4. “Sevenish” (6:43) B1. “Body English” (6:03) B2. “Quintone” (2:33) B3. “Lyricon” (6:58) B4. “Satin Lady” (5:49) B5. “Zomar Land” (1:11) Credits: Bass – Basil Fearington Congas […]

Michael Henderson – Solid (1976)

Solid is the debut solo album by soul/funk bassist/vocalist Michael Henderson, released in 1976 on Buddah. Tracklist: A1. “Make Me Feel Better” (3:00) A2. “Time” (3:11) A3. “Let Love Enter” (2:54) A4. “Treat Me Like a Man” (4:02) A5. “Solid” (6:34) B1. “Be My Girl” (6:37) B2. “You Haven’t Made It to the Top” (4:04) B3. […]

Lee Garrett – Heat for the Feets (1976)

Heat for the Feets is the only album by American R&B vocalist/songwriter Lee Garrett, released in 1976 on Chrysalis. Tracklist: A1. “Better Than Walkin’ Out” (4:42) A2. “Heart Be Still” (4:58) A3. “You’re My Everything” (3:24) A4. “How Can I Be a Man” (7:20) B1. “Broken Down D.J.” (3:42) B2. “Sad, Sad Story” (5:44) B3. […]

The Manhattan Transfer – Coming Out (1976)

Coming Out is the third album by American jazz/pop vocal group the Manhattan Transfer, released in 1976 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Let Go” (2:45) A2. “Zindy Lou” (2:50) A3. “Chanson d’amour” (2:55) A4. “Helpless” (3:07) A5. “Scotch and Soda” (2:59) A6. “The Speak Up Mambo” (3:05) B1. “Poinciana (The Song of the Tree)” (4:11) B2. […]

Jean Carne – Jean Carn (1976)

Jean Carn is the debut solo album by soul/jazz vocalist Jean Carn, released in 1976 on Philadelphia International Records. Tracklist: A1. “Free Love” (4:11) A2. “No Laughing Matter” (4:55) A3. “I’m In Love Once Again” (6:54) A4. “Don’t You Know Love When You See It” (5:18) B1. “Where Did You Ever Go” (3:58) B2. “You […]

Jaco Pastorius – Jaco Pastorius (1976)

Jaco Pastorius is the second headlining album by American jazz-rock bassist Jaco Pastorius, released in 1976 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Donna Lee” (2:24) A2. “Come On, Come Over” (3:53) A3. “Continuum” (4:32) A4. “Kuru / Speak Like a Child” (7:38) A5. “Portrait of Tracy” (2:19) B1. “Opus Pocus” (5:24) B2. “Okonkolé y Trompa” (4:20) B3. […]

Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley – Marscape (1976)

Marscape is a collaborative album between woodwind-player Jack Lancaster and keyboardist Robin Lumley, released in 1976 on RSO. The pair are backed on this recording by all the members of Brand X — Lumley’s main gig at the time — and Simon Jeffes. Tracklist: A1. “Take-Off” (3:09) A2. “Sail on Solar Winds” (2:48) A3. “Arrival” […]

Høst – Hardt mot Hardt (1976)

Hardt mot hardt is the second of two albums by Norwegian hard-rock band Høst, released in 1976 on local-press On Records. Tracklist: A1. “Profetens ord” (5:40) A2. “Gorobin” (5:09) A3. “Nattergalen” (7:10 — :01–4:23–6:47) A4. “Ørnkloa” (3:17) B1. “Sirkus” (7:42) B2. “Lektyre” (3:55) B3. “Åse” (3:19) B4. “Æræeo” (5:57) Credits: Bass – Bernt Bodahl Drums […]

Hummingbird – We Can’t Go On Meeting Like This (1976)

We Can’t Go On Meeting Like This is the second album by English jazz-funk/soul combo Hummingbird, released in 1976 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Fire and Brimstone” (4:57) A2. “Gypsy Skys” (5:20) A3. “Trouble Maker” (3:14) A4. “Scorpio” (4:14) A5. “We Can’t Go On Meeting Like This” (4:19) B1. “The City Mouse” (4:49) B2. “A Friend […]

Frannie Golde – Frannie Golde (1976)

Frannie Golde is the first of three pop/vocal albums by industry songwriter Franne Golde, released in 1976 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Love Is” A2. “I’m Hypnotized” A3. “Do You Want to Be a Dreamer (Dream On)” A4. “Time Has a Way (And It’s Getting Better)” A5. “All You Need Is Love” B1. “Just for Tonight” […]

Flying Island – Another Kind of Space (1976)

Another Kind of Space is the second of two albums by American jazz-rock band Flying Island, released in 1976 on Vanguard. Tracklist: A1. “Star Dance” (5:18) A2. “Dandelion Wine” (2:39) A3. “Huh!” (4:21) A4. “The Whole Family Would Like This” (7:07) A5. “Radiant Point” (3:37) B1. “Isolation” (7:36) B2. “Through the Four Doors” (5:38) B3. […]

Flora Purim – Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly (1976)

Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly is the fourth album by Brazilian experimental samba/jazz vocalist Flora Purim, released in 1976 on Milestone. Tracklist: A1. “Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly” (4:29) A2. “Time’s Lie” (5:09) A3. “Sometime Ago” (4:45) A4. “San Francisco River” (4:07) B1. “Andei (I Walked)” (6:12) B2. “Medley: Ina (Trip to Bahia) […]

Finch – Beyond Expression (1976)

Beyond Expression is the second album by Dutch instrumental hard-rock band Finch, released in 1976 on Negram. Tracklist: A1. “A Passion Condensed” (20:05)* B1. “Scars on the Ego” (8:51) B2. “Beyond the Bizarre” (14:24)** *(:58–5:18–8:14 | 11:10–12:59 | 14:45–17:00–20:08) **(:01–2:55–5:54 | 5:55–10:34) Credits: Bass – Peter Vink Drums – Beer Klaasse Guitar [Guitars] – Joop […]

Emmanuel Booz – Clochard (1976)

Clochard is the third album by French songwriter/vocalist Emmanuel Booz, released in 1976 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Un jour vous partirez” (6:04) A2. “Clochard” (3:35) A3. “Monsieur le président” (5:19) A4. “La chanson du pendu” (4:41) B1. “Assis sur les trottoirs de ma ville de province” (5:58) B2. “A vous tous” (4:35) B3. “Ma vie […]

Carlos Garnett – Cosmos Nucleus (1976)

Cosmos Nucleus is a Latin-jazz/funk album by Panamanian saxophonist Carlos Garnett, released in 1976 on Muse. Tracklist: A1. “Saxy” (5:27) A2. “Cosmos Nucleus” (12:22) A3. “Wise Old Men” (5:23) B1. “Mystery of Ages” (7:12) B2. “Kafira” (7:34) B3. “Bed-Stuy Blues” (8:19) Credits: Carlos Garnett — producer, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, ukelele, vocals Al Brown — […]

Billy Joel – Turnstiles (1976)

Turnstiles is the fourth solo album by American singer/songwriter Billy Joel, released in 1976 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” (4:36) A2. “Summer, Highland Falls” (3:17) A3. “All You Wanna Do Is Dance” (3:39) A4. “New York State of Mind” (6:00) B1. “James” (3:53) B2. “Prelude / Angry Young Man” (5:13) B3. “I’ve […]

The Eleventh House Featuring Larry Coryell – Aspects (1976)

Aspects is the third and final studio album by Larry Coryell‘s Eleventh House, released in 1976 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Kowloon Jag” (5:48) A2. “Titus” (5:29) A3. “Pyramids” (5:21) A4. “Rodrigo Reflections” (4:39) B1. “Yin-Yang” (4:42) B2. “Woman of Truth and Future” (6:06) B3. “Ain’t It Is” (5:02) B4. “Aspects” (4:24) Credits: Gerry Brown — drums […]

Egba – Jungle-Jam (1976)

Jungle-Jam is the second album by Swedish ethno/jazz-rock ensemble Egba, released in 1976 on Sonet. Tracklist: A1. “Turtle Dance” (6:48) A2. “Bland tomtar och kontroller” (5:04) A3. “Takdropp” (2:47) A4. “Follow That Knallert” (5:58) A5. “La Firmeza” (4:54) B1. “Trabajo para egba” (6:00) B2. “Månadens erbjudande” (3:22) B3. “EKG” (3:05) B4. “Apkalops” (5:35) B5. “Hollywood […]

Eela Craig – One Niter (1976)

One Niter is the second album by Austrian symphonic-rock band Eela Craig, released in 1976 on Vertigo. Tracklist: A1. “Circles” —a. The Mighty (5:41) —b. The Nude (2:00) —c. The Curse (5:05) —d. The Blessed (1:13) A2. “Loner’s Rhyme” (9:23) B1. “One Niter Medley” —a. Benedictus (1:54) —b. Fuge (0:47) —c. U.A.T (3:17) —d. Morning […]

The Doobie Brothers – Takin’ It to the Streets (1976)

Takin’ It to the Streets is the sixth album by American soul/pop band the Doobie Brothers, released in 1976 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Wheels of Fortune” (4:54) A2. “Takin’ It to the Streets” (3:56) A3. “8th Avenue Shuffle” (4:39) A4. “Losin’ End” (3:39) B1. “Rio” (3:49) B2. “For Someone Special” (5:04) B3. “It Keeps […]