Harmonium was a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released the 1974–75 Célébration albums Harmonium and Les Cinq Saisons, followed by the 1976 CBS double-album L’heptade. Members: Serge Fiori (guitar, flute, vocals), Michel Normandeau (guitar, vocals, 1972-76), Louis Valois (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, 1973-78), Serge Locat (keyboards, 1975-77), Pierre Daigneault (flute, saxophone, clarinet, 1975-76), Robert Stanley (guitar, […]


Mashmakhan was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Montreal that released the 1970–71 Columbia–Epic albums Mashmakhan and The Family and scored an international hit with “As the Years Go By.” Drummer Jerry Mercer later joined Halifax stars April Wine. Members: Pierre Senecal (vocals, keyboards), Rayburn Blake (guitar), Jerry Mercer (drums, 1960-71), Trevor Payne (vocals), Brian […]


Pollen was a Québécois symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1976 on Kébec-Disc. Frontman Jacques Tom Rivest reassembled the first lineup for his 1979 debut solo album. Members: Jacques Tom Rivest (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards), Richard Lemoyne (guitar, keyboards, bass), Serge Courchesne (drums, vibraphone, flute, bass, 1973-74), Claude Lemay (keyboards, flute, vibraphone, bass, […]

Et Cetera

Et Cetera was a Québécois symphonic art-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1976 on DIY Apostrophe. Members: Marie Bernard Pagé (keyboards, ondes Martenot, vocals), Denis Chartrand (keyboards, flute, saxophone, vibraphone, vocals), Pierre Dragon (drums, percussion), Robert Marchand (guitars, vocals), Alain Yves Pigeon (bass, cello, vocals) Background Et Cetera formed in Montreal around singer […]

Vos Voisins

Vos Voisins were a Québécois psych-rock band that released the 1971 Polydor album Holocauste à Montréal. Members: Jacques Perron (keyboards, vocals), Pierre Ringuet (drums), Serge Vallières (guitar), André Parenteau (bass) Background Vos Voisins (French for “your neighbors”) sprung from a partnership between keyboardist Jacques Perron and drummer Pierre Ringuet, who first teamed behind singer Louise […]

Les Champignons

Les Champignons were a Québécois psych-rock band that released the 1972 album Première Capsule on self-press Les Jeunes Artistes Associés. Members: Émile Naud (saxophone, flute, vocals), Alain Vincent (drums), Alain Lavalleé (bass), Daniel Maillette (keyboards), Jacques Paradis (guitar), Alain Charrette (guitar) Background Les Champignons (French for “The Mushrooms”) grew from a musical partnership between parishioner […]


Ungava were a Québécois symphonic/space-rock band that released a self-titled album on the 36 label in 1977. Members: André Devito (guitar), Jacques Marois (percussion, vocals), Richard Fortin (bass, vocals), Martin Perron (keyboards), Maurice Bouchard (saxophone, flute) Ungava formed in 1968 and functioned for several years as a jam-psych/improv act. The band was named after the […]


Zak were a Québécois jazz-funk band that released a self-titled album on Disques Intérim in 1979. Members: Charles Berman (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet), Claude Chapleau (Bass Guitar, Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer), Alain Gagnon (Drums), François Lanctôt (Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer), Yves Légaré (Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer) Discography: Zak (1979)


Maelstrom was a Québécois symphonic-art-rock band that recorded an album’s worth of material in 1976, released four decades later on ProgQuébec. Members: Denis Poliquin (guitar, lead vocals), Jacques Montminy (keyboards, vocals), Gérard Masse (drums, vocals), Michel Dulac (bass, vocals, 1971-?), Roland Robitaille (bass, vocals), Jean Hudon (bass, vocals), Robert Lépine (percussion, 1974-?), Denis Kelly (drums), […]


Aquarelle were a Québécois chamber-jazz/rock octet that released the album Sous un Arbre on Atlantic in 1978, followed by a live album of original material on the label in 1979. Members: Pierre Lescaut (keyboards), Stéphane Morency (guitar), Pierre Bournaki (violin), Jean-Philippe Gélinas (saxophone, flute), Michel De Lisle (bass), André Leclerc (drums), Anne-Marie Courtemanche (vocals), Sharon Ryan […]


Charlee were a Canadian blues-rock/psych band from Montréal that released a self-titled album on RCA in 1972. The band was fronted by ex-Influence guitarist Walter Rossi, who subsequently recorded as a solo artist. Members: Walter Rossi (guitar,vocals), Jack “Geisinger” August (bass), Prakash John (bass), Harry Marks (bass), George Gardos (bass), Mike Driscoll (drums) Discography: Charlee […]

Men Without Hats

Men Without Hats were a Québécois New Wave/synthpop band that debuted with an EP on self-press H.A.T.S. Inc. in 1980, followed by two albums on Statik/MCA between 1982 and 1984. A further round of titles appeared on Mercury during the late 1980s. Members: Ivan Doroschuk [Ivan] (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Dave Hill (bass, 1977-78), John Gurin […]


Mantis were a Québécois hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on Sweet Plum in 1973. Members: Philip Aker, Mark Bajona, Rick Elger, Daniel Hutchison, Martin Swehdlow, Christine Williams Discography: Mantis (1973)


Maneige was a Québécois chamber|jazz-rock band that released the 1975 Harvest albums Maneige  and Les Porches, followed by the 1977–79 Polydor titles Ni vent… Ni nouvelle, Libre service – Self Service, and the live Composite. Two early Eighties albums, Montréal 6 A.M. and Images, appeared on Intérim and Saisons. Members: Alain Bergeron (flute, saxophone, piano), […]

Mahogany Rush

Mahogany Rush were a Québécois hard-rock trio that released three albums on 20th Century between 1973 and 1975, followed by four further titles and a live disc on CBS/Columbia between 1976 and 1980. The band was fronted by guitarist/vocalist Frank Marino, whose name was affixed to the nameplate on later releases. Members: Frank Marino (guitar, […]


Luba — aka Luba Kowalchyk (born 1958) — is a Québécois singer who debuted with an album on Sage in 1977, followed by a round of titles on Capitol during the subsequent decade. Her name also doubled as the name of her band on the 1980 Parlophone release Chain Reaction. Discography: Зоря (1975) Lubomyra (1977) […]


Lime were a Québécois electro/dance-pop act that released six albums on Prism, Matra, and Polydor between 1981 and 1986. Members: Denis Lepage (programming, vocals), Denyse Lepage (vocals), Joy Dorris [aka Joy Winter], Chris March Discography: Your Love (1981) Lime II (1982) Lime 3 (1983) Sensual Sensation (1984) Unexpected Lovers (1985) Take the Love (1986) A […]


Opus-5 were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released the album Contre-courant on Celebration in 1976. The following year, the band recorded a second album that was ultimately released in 1989 by archivists Disques L’Aller-Retour. Members: Luc Gauthier (guitar, vocals), Olivier Duplessis (keyboard, vocals), Christian Racine (bass, vocals), Serge Nolet (flute, vocals), Jean-Pierre Racicot (percussion, vocals) […]


Offenbach were a Québécois hard-rock band that released four albums on Barclay and Deram between 1972 and 1976, followed by a trio of titles on A&M and Kébec-Disc during the late 1970s. A further round of albums appeared on CBS and Spectra Scène Ltée between 1980 and 1985. Members: Gerry Boulet (vocals, piano, organ, 1969-85), […]


Octobre was a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released five studio albums, each on a different label, between 1973 and 1980. Members: Pierre Flynn (vocals, keyboards), Jean Dorais (guitar), Mario Légaré (bass), Pierre Hébert (drums), Richard Pelletier (drums), Gerry Leduc (saxophone, keyboards, 1979-?) Background Octobre formed in 1972 when 18-year-old singer, keyboardist, and songwriter Pierre Flynn […]

Nathan Mahl

Nathan Mahl are a Québécois symphonic-rock band that released the album Parallel Eccentricities on Hit! Records in 1983. After a period of inactivity, the nameplate was resurrected at the close of the 20th century for renewed output in the new millennium. Members: Guy LeBlanc (keyboards, clavinet, organ, guitar, recorder, vocals), Mark Spenard (guitar, vocals, 1981-2006), […]

Morse Code

Morse Code was a Québécois symphonic/art-rock band that released two albums as Morse Code Transmission on RCA Victor circa 1971/72 before shortening the nameplate for a three-album run on Capitol between 1975 and 1977. A fourth album appeared on Aquarius in 1983. Members: Christian Simard (keyboards, vocals), Jocelyn Julien (guitar), Daniel Lemay (guitars, flute), Raymond […]


Miriodor are a Québécois avant-garde/art-rock band that released eight studio albums and one live disc on Cuneiform over a three-decade period, starting in 1986. Members: Pascal Globensky (keyboards, acoustic guitar), François Émond (violin, flute, keyboards, clarinet, 1980-87), Denis Robitaille (guitar, bass, vocals, ?-1984), Marc Petitclerc (keyboards, ?-1984), Sabin Hudon (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, […]


Milkweed were a Québécois symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album on Checkmate in 1978. Members: Sergio Gonclaves (keyboards), Louise Caffope (oboe), Edouardo Couto (guitar), Nelson Gamboa (bass), Marcel Lapointe (saxophone), Gerard Masse (drums), Pierre Nadeau (vocals), Jocelyn Sheehy (guitar) Discography: Milkweed (1978)

Rouge Ciel

Rouge Ciel were a Québécois avant-jazz/rock band that released three albums on Monsieur Fauteux between 2001 and 2010. Members: Guido Del Fabbro (violin, mandolin, electronics), Simon Lapointe (keyboards, melodica), Antonin Provost (guitar), Némo Venba (trumpet, drums, percussion) Discography: Rouge ciel (2001) Veuillez procéder (2004) Bryologie (2010)


Aut’chose were a Québécois hard-rock band that released three albums on Columbia/CBS in 1975 and 1976. Members: Lucien Francoeur (vocals), Mike Gauthier (bass guitar), Pierre Gauthier (guitar), Jacques Lalumière (drums), Chris Castle (drums), Jean-Paul Harnois (drums), Jacques Racine (guitar), Jean-Francois Saint-Georges (keyboards) Discography: Prends une chance avec moé (1975) Une nuit comme une autre (1975) […]


Av’nir were a Québécois space-rock band that released two albums on Trans-World International in 1976. Members: Jacques Rochon (guitar, vocals), Yves Lauzon (guitar), Richard Boisvert (bass, keyboards), Daniel L’Écuyer (drums) Discography: Av’nir (1976) Declic (1976)

Beau Dommage

Beau Dommage were a Québécois symphonic-folk/pop band that released four albums on Capitol between 1974 and 1977. Members: Michel Rivard (guitar, vocals), Pierre Bertrand (guitar, bass, vocals), Marie Michèle Desrosiers (piano, vocals), Réal Desrosiers (drums), Pierre Huet (lyrics), Robert Léger (piano, flute), Michel Hinton (piano) Discography: Beau Dommage (1974) Où est passée la noce? (1975) […]


Agharta were a Québécois jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on small-press JAM in 1980. Members: Jacques Mignault (keyboards), Pierre Veniot (saxophone, flute), Normand Trudel (bass, ?-1983), Normand Cataford (drums, ?-1983), Sylvain Gagnon (bass, 1983-84), Michel Grenier (drums, 1983-84) Discography: Agharta (1980)


Brèche were a Québécois symphonic-folk/rock band that released the album Carapace et Chair Tendre on Disques Le Tamanoir in 1979. Members: Marc Bolduc (piano, saxophone, flute, vocals), Daniel Roussel (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Jacques Joubert (violin, vocals), Paul Bolduc (bass, trombone, vocals) Discography: Carapace et Chair Tendre (1979)


Brégent were the surnamesake musical project of Québécois brothers Michel-Georges Brégent and Jacques Brégent, who released an album under the nameplate on RCA Victor in 1973. Following Michel-Georges’ partnership with Vincent Dionne in the electroacoustic duo Dionne-Brégent, both projects were brought under the Brégent tent for the album Partir pour Ailleurs, released on CAM in […]


Connivence were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released two albums on Kébec between 1977 and 1979, followed by a third album on Amplitude in 1984. Members: Paul Pugnaire (guitar, composer, vocals), Marc Sommer (bass, vocals), Jean-Luc Gotteland (keyboards, vocals), Thierry Durbano (drums, percussion), Lionel Dugas (vocals, guitar) Discography: Connivence (1977) II (1979) III (1984)


Contraction was a Québécois symphonic/jazz/folk band that released a self-titled album on Columbia in 1972, followed by La Bourse ou la Vie on Deram in 1974. Members: Robert Lachapelle (piano, organ, synthesizer), Yves Laferrière (bass), Richard Perrotte (drums, 1973-76), Christiane Robichaud (vocals), Robert Stanley (guitar), Christian St-Roch (drums, 1971-73) Contraction spawned from the backing band […]


Conventum were a Québécois avant/symphonic-folk band that released the album À l’affût d’un Complot on Tamanoir in 1977, followed by Le Bureau Central des Utopies on Cadence in 1979. Members: Jean-Pierre Bouchard (acoustic guitar, tenor recorder), Bernard Cormier (violin, metallophone), André Duchesne (classical guitar), Charles Kaczynski (violin, alto violin, viola), Jacques Laurin (electric bass, double […]


Dagger were a Québécois hard-rock/metal band that released the album Not Afraid of the Night on Attic-subsidiary Viper in 1985. Members: Danny Clout (bass), Frank Ross (guitar, vocal), Gil Heynemann (drums), Syd Brophy (guitar) Discography: Not Afraid of the Night (1985)


Demi-Heure were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released an eponymous album in 1978 on namesake self-press Les Productions Demi-Heure. Members: André Ringuet (horns, guitar, vocals), Jacques Roy (lead vocals, guitar), François Tachereau (keyboards, vocals), Christine Fortin (flute), Claude Lépine (drums), Richard LaRue (bass), Hélène Parent (vocals) Discography: Demi-Heure (1978)


Eclipse were a Québécois electro/space-funk band that released a self-titled album on CBS in 1976, followed by Night and Day on Direction in 1977. Members: Pierre Gauthier (keyboards, guitar), Marie-France Paquin (vocals), Daniel Barbe (keyboards), Yoland Houle (bass), Pierre Tremblay (drums, percussion), Jesse Otten (vocals, guitar), Claude Laferrière (bass, keyboards), Mike DiNardo (drums, percussion) Discography: […]


Illustration were a Québécois brass-rock band that released a self-titled album on Janus in 1969. Members: Garry Beattie (guitar), Norman Burgess (saxophone), Leo Harinen (trumpet), Roger Homefield (trombone), Bill Ledster (lead vocals), Benoit Perreault (trumpet), John Ranger (keyboards), Claude Roy (drums), Donald Sanders (saxophone), Richard Terry (bass), Glenn Higgins (saxophone), Billy Shields (trumpet) Discography: Illustration […]


Iko were a Québécois coldwave trio that released the album ’83 on Manhattan-Formula in 1982. Members: Dax (synthesizer, vocals), U-Gen (synthesizer, vocals), Zao (rhythm programming, bass, vocals) Discography: ’83 (1982)


Guillotine were a Québécois sax-rock band that released a self-titled album on Ampex Records in 1971. Members: Carol Breval (vocals), Paul Morin (guitar), Robert Turmel (bass), André Morin (drums), Pierre Nadeau (organ, piano, harpsichord), Jean Morin (saxophone), Joe Trivisonno, Paul Dalonzo Jr., François Petrari Discography: Guillotine (1971)

François Guy

François Guy is a Québécois singer/songwriter who played in the garage-psych bands Les Sinners and La Révolution Française during the late 1960s. As a solo artist, he released five albums on Barclay and other labels between 1973 and 1983. Discography: Solution (1973) Circociel (1976) François Guy (1978) Nuits Blanches (1979) Ville… (1983)

Interference Sardines

Interference Sardines were a Québécois chamber-rock band that released three albums between 1997 and 2007. Members: Andrée Bilodeau (vocals, violin, electric violin), Jimmie LeBlanc (bass, 1997), Frédéric Lebrasseur (drums, percussion), Philippe Venne (electric guitar), Lyne Goulet (alto saxophone, 1997, 2008), Sébastien Doré (bass, 2001-present), Marc Gagnon (violin, 2001) Discography: Mare Crisium (1997) Zucchini (2001) Spot […]

Jean-Pierre Ferland

Jean-Pierre Ferland (born June 24, 1934) is a Québécois chanson singer/songwriter who was primarily active between the late 1950s and mid-1980s, releasing albums on Select, Barclay, and Jaune during a 25-year period. Discography: Jean-Pierre (1959) Rendez-vous à la Coda (1961) J’estime, j’aime, j’amoure (1962) Jean-Pierre Ferland (1962) M’aimeras-tu ou ne m’aimeras-tu pas (1964) Jean-Pierre Ferland […]

Jim et Bertrand

Jim et Bertrand were a Québécois folk duo comprised of musicians Jim Corcoran and Bertrand Gosselin, who released four albums together on Zodiaque, Total Inc., and Kébec between 1973 and 1977. Separately, Gosselin issued seven albums between 1978 and 1991 while Corcoran released eight albums between 1980 and 2005. Members: Jim Corcoran (vocals, guitar, guimbarde), […]


Kaméléon were a Québécois New Wave/synthpop band that released a self-titled album on Pro-Culture in 1981. Members: Roxanne Turcotte (synthesizer, vocals), Christian Parent (synthesizer, piano), Denis Brassard (vocals), Richard Martel (drums), Réal Lapierre (guitar) Discography: Kaméléon (1981)

Lasting Weep

Lasting Weep were a Québécois chamber-rock quartet that existed between 1968 and 1976, recording at least two albums worth of material that was ultimately released more than three decades after the fact by archivists ProgQuébec. Members: Jérôme Langlois (guitar, keyboards, clarinet), Alain Bergeron (flute, saxophone, vocals), Claude Chapleau (bass, violoncello, guitar), Mathieu Léger (drums, percussion, […]

Le Match

Le Match were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released the album Légendes on Trans-Canada in 1974. Members: Pierre-Yves Migneron (guitar, vocals), Normand Théroux (keyboards, vocals), Gaston Rousseau (bass), Jacques Lauzon (drums), Francis Leduc (violin, flute) Discography: Légendes (1974)

L’ Engoulevent

L’ Engoulevent were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released the album L’Île où Vivent les Loups on Tamanoir in 1977, followed by Étoifilan on La Courte Échelle in 1979. Members: Pierre Moreau (keyboards), Michel McLean (guitar, vocals), Françoise Turcotte (violin), Russel Gagnon (cello) Discography: L’Île où Vivent les Loups (1977) Étoifilan (1979)

Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar

Les 4 Guitaristes de l’Apocalypso-Bar were a Québécois avant-garde guitar ensemble that released two albums on RēR between 1987 and 1989. The project was led by ex-Conventum guitarist René Lussier and also featured former Etron Fou Leloublan bassist Ferdinand Richard. Members: André Duchesne (electric guitar), René Lussier (guitar, bass guitar, [footboard] percussion), Jean-Pierre Bouchard (electric […]

Le Temps

Le Temps were a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released a self-titled album as a trio on Parapluie in 1975, followed by a second album as a six-piece on Celebration in 1977. Members: Pierre Cloutier (guitar, vocals), René Grimard (guitar, vocals), Andy “NDG” Grober (guitar), Alain Grenier (bass), Jean Desautels (drums) Discography: Le Temps (1975) Ailleurs […]

Le Rêve du Diable

Le Rêve du Diable were a Québécois folk band that released three albums on  Tamanoir between 1976 and 1979. Members: Gervais Lessard (vocals, harmonica, violin, accordion), Claude Méthé (guitar, mandolin, violin, 1974-85), Jean-Pierre Lachance (guitar, banjo, vocals, 1974-78), Paul Dubois (accordion, vocals, 1975-77), Pierre Vézina (guitar, 1978-82), André Marchand (guitar, 1979-80), Claude Morin (vocals, piano, […]

Les Séguin

Les Séguin were a Québécois folk-rock duo comprised of the brother/sister team of Richard Séguin and Marie-Claire Séguin. The pair released two albums on Warner Bros. in 1973 and 1974, followed by two further albums on Kot’ai and CBS during the mid-1970s. Members: Richard Séguin, Marie-Claire Séguin Discography: Séguin (1973) En Attendant (1974) Récolte de […]


L’Infonie were a Québécois avant-jazz/psych collective that released two albums on Polydor in 1969 and 1970, followed by another pair of titles on Kot’ai between 1972 and 1974. Members: Raôul Duguay, Walter Boudreau, Andre Pelchat, Gilles Haineault, Jack Rider, Jacques Beaudoin, Jacques Valois, Jean Grimard, Jean Préfontaine, Michel Le François, Pierre Daigneault, Ysengourd Knörh Discography: […]

L’ Orchestre Sympathique

L’ Orchestre Sympathique were a Québécois jazz-rock band that released the album En concert à la Grande Passe on Les Disques Cadence in 1979, followed by three further titles on assorted labels during the early 1980s. Members: Jean Vanasse (vibraphone, percussion), François Richard (flute, piano), Mathieu Léger (drums), Claude Chapleau (bass, 1976), Christopher Fleshner (bass, […]