Camel – I Can See Your House From Here (1979)

I Can See Your House From Here is a 1979 album by English band Camel. The album was produced by ex-Quantum Jump keyboardist/vocalist Rupert Hine, who was just emerging as one of the industry’s most prolific and innovative studio hands (Café Jacques, Anthony Phillips). The band were joined on these sessions by erstwhile Happy the […]

The Jam – Setting Sons (1979)

Setting Sons is the fourth album by English pop/rock trio The Jam, released in 1979 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Girl on the Phone” (2:57) A2. “Thick as Thieves” (3:40) A3. “Private Hell” (3:51) A4. “Little Boy Soldiers” (3:33) A5. “Wasteland” (2:52) B1. “Burning Sky” (3:32) B2. “Smithers-Jones” (3:00)* B3. “Saturday’s Kids” (2:53) B4. “The Eton […]

Patrice Rushen – Pizzazz (1979)

Pizzazz is the fifth solo album by American jazz-funk/soul artist Patrice Rushen, released in 1979 on Elektra. The album is the second in her vocal soul/funk phase. Tracklist: A1. “Let the Music Take Me” (6:51) A2. “Keepin’ Faith in Love” (4:08) A3. “Settle for My Love” (5:15) A4. “Message in the Music” (3:01) B1. “Haven’t You Heard” […]

Donna Summer – Bad Girls (1979)

Bad Girls is the seventh studio album by American soul vocalist Donna Summer, released in 1979 on Casablanca. This was her second conceptual double-album in a row, having made comparative strides on 1977’s lavish Once Upon a Time…. Tracklist: A1. “Hot Stuff” (5:13) A2. “Bad Girls” (4:57) A3. “Love Will Always Find You” (4:01) A4. […]

The Boomtown Rats – The Fine Art of Surfacing (1979)

The Fine Art of Surfacing is the third album by Irish New Wave band the Boomtown Rats, released in 1979 on Ensign/Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Someone’s Looking at You” (4:23) A2. “Diamond Smiles” (3:49) A3. “Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero)” (4:36) A4. “Having My Picture Taken” (3:19) A5. “Sleep (Finger’s Lullaby)” (5:04) B1. “I Don’t Like […]

City Boy – The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1979)

The Day the Earth Caught Fire is the fifth album by English hard-rock/art-rock band City Boy, released in 1979 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “The Day the Earth Caught Fire” (5:26) A2. “It’s Only the End of the World” (4:04) A3. “Interrupted Melody” (5:30) A4. “Modern Love Affair” (3:31) B1. “New York Times” (5:11) B2. “Up […]

Pink Floyd – The Wall (1979)

The Wall is the eleventh studio album by Pink Floyd, released on November 30, 1979, on Harvest (UK) and Columbia (US). The Wall is the fourth consecutive concept album by Pink Floyd, preceded by The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), and Animals (1977). It’s also their second double album […]

Public Image Ltd. – Metal Box [Second Edition] (1979)

Metal Box is a double-album by English art-punk combo Public Image Limited, released in 1979 on Virgin Records. Original pressings contained the records inside a film canister, hence the title. The album was issued stateside as Second Edition in a standard gatefold on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Albatross” (10:38) A2. “Memories” (5:12) B1. “Swan Lake” […]

SFF ‎– Ticket to Everywhere (1979)

Ticket to Everywhere is the third and final album by German symphonic-rock trio Schicke, Führs and Fröhling, credited this time by their acronym. Released in 1979 on Brain, the album appeared after the departure of Eduard Schicke and the release of Ammerland, the remaining pair’s debut as Führs & Fröhling. Tracklist: A1. “Open Doors” (5:23) A2. […]

Pekka Pohjola ‎– Visitation (1979)

Visitation is the fourth album by Finnish jazz-rock musician/composer Pekka Pohjola, released in 1979 on Dig It. Tracklist: A1. “Strange Awakening” (5:11) A2. “Vapour Trails” (4:44) A3. “Image of a Passing Smile” (5:38) B1. “Dancing in the Dark” (5:39) B2. “The Sighting” (3:32) B3. “Try to Remember” (7:10) Credits: Pekka Pohjola — bass guitar, producer, […]

Tubeway Army ‎– Replicas (1979)

Replicas is the second album by Gary Numan‘s Tubeway Army, released in April 1979 on Beggars Banquet/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Me! I Disconnect From You” (3:19) A2. “Are “Friends” Electric?” (5:21) A3. “The Machman” (3:06) A4. “Praying to the Aliens” (3:55) A5. “Down in the Park” (4:20) B1. “You Are in My Vision” (3:12) B2. “Replicas” […]

Gary Numan ‎– The Pleasure Principle (1979)

The Pleasure Principle is the third album by Gary Numan, released in September 1979 on Beggars Banquet/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Airlane” (3:17) A2. “Metal” (3:31) A3. “Complex” (3:10) A4. “Films” (4:07) A5. “M.E.” (5:32) B1. “Tracks” (2:49) B2. “Observer” (2:53) B3. “Conversation” (7:33) B4. “Cars” (3:57) B5. “Engineers” (3:58) B-sides/extras: “Ocean” “Asylum” (2:30) “Random“ Credits: Gary […]

The Clash ‎– London Calling (1979)

London Calling is the third album by English rock band The Clash, released in December 1979 on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “London Calling” (3:19) A2. “Brand New Cadillac” (2:09) A3. “Jimmy Jazz” (3:51) A4. “Hateful” (2:47) A5. “Rudie Can’t Fail” (3:26) B1. “Spanish Bombs” (3:18) B2. “The Right Profile” (4:00) B3. “Lost in the Supermarket” (3:47) […]

Brand X ‎– Product (1979)

Product is the fourth studio album by English jazz-rock operative Brand X, released in 1979 on Charisma/Passport. The songs were recorded during a prolific series of sessions that would also produce the band’s two subsequent longplayers, Do They Hurt? and Is There Anything About? Tracklist: A1. “Don’t Make Waves” (5:31) A2. “Dance of the Illegal Aliens” […]

The Specials ‎– The Specials (1979)

The Specials is the debut album by the namesake Coventry Two Tone/ska band, produced by Elvis Costello and released in 1979 on 2 Tone/Chrysalis. Tracklist: A1. “A Message to You Rudy” (2:54) A2. “Do the Dog” (2:12) A3. “It’s Up to You” (3:25) A4. “Nite Klub” (3:24) A5. “Doesn’t Make It Alright” (3:26) A6. “Concrete […]

Angela Bofill ‎– Angel of the Night (1979)

Angel of the Night is the second album by American jazz-pop/soul vocalist/songwriter Angela Bofill, released in 1979 on GRP. Tracklist: A1. “I Try” (5:40) A2. “People Make the World Go Round” (4:35) A3. “Angel of the Night” (5:04) A4. “Rainbow Child (Little Pas)” (3:46) B1. “What I Wouldn’t Do (For the Love of You)” (3:31) […]