Strife were an English hard-rock band from Bootle, Merseyside, that released the album Rush on Chrysalis in 1975, followed by Back to Thunder on Gull in 1978. Guitarist John Reid hailed from the late-1960s beat-psych combo The Klubs. Bassist Gordon Rowley became a mainstay of Nightwing during the 1980s.

Members: Paul Ellson (drums, 1969-77), Peter Hobbs (bass, 1969), Pete Trotman (guitar, 1969-71), Gordon Rowley (bass, vocals, 1970-79), Graham Kin (keyboards, 1970), John Reid (lead vocals, guitar, 1971-79), Paddy Breen (lead vocals, 1971), Trevor Griffiths (guitar, ?-1972), Vic Pappaleo (guitar, 1975), David Williams (drums, 1978-79)

  • Rush (1975)
  • “School” / “Go…” / “Feel So Good” (1977)
  • Back to Thunder (1978)

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