Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‎– Tarkus (1971)

Tarkus is the second studio album by English symphonic-rock trio Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in 1971 on the Island and Atlantic labels.

A1. Tarkus (20:42)
– i. Eruption
– ii. Stones of Years
– iii. Iconoclast
– iv. Mass
– v. Manticore
– vi. Battlefield
– vii. Aquatarkus
B1. Jeremy Bender (1:41)
B2. Bitches Crystal (3:54)
B3. The Only Way (Hymn) (3:50)
B4. Infinite Space (Conclusion) (3:18)
B5. A Time and a Place (3:00)
B6. Are You Ready Eddy? (2:09)

Keith Emerson — Hammond organ, moog synthesizer, piano, celeste, church organ
Greg Lake — bass, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lyrics, producer
Carl Palmer — drums, percussion

Eddy Offord — engineer

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