Snafu was an English rustic funk-rock band from London that released two 1973–74 albums on WWA and a 1975 third on Capitol.

Frontman Bobby Harrison played in the initial Procol Harum lineup that recorded their 1967 hit “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” As Snafu folded, he went solo with Funkist. Other players in Snafu’s ranks included Brian Chatton (Jackson Heights, Boys Don’t Cry), Tim Hinkley (Jody Grind, Vinegar Joe), Colin Gibson (Mark-Almond, The Movies), Peter Solley (Paladin, Fox), Terry Popple (Tramline, McPhee), and Micky Moody (Tramline, Juicy Lucy).

Members: Bobby Harrison (vocals, percussion), Micky Moody (guitar, 1973-76), Colin Gibson (bass), Pete Solley (keyboards, 1973-75), Terry Popple (drums), Brian Chatton (keyboards, 1975-76), Tim Hinkley (piano, organ), Mel Collins (saxophone), Clem Clempson (guitar, 1976)


Snafu released their self-titled debut album in 1973 on WWA. written by R. L. Harrison and M. Moody

1. “Long Gone” (5:18)
2. “Said He the Judge” Harrison, Moody, Peter Solley (4:25)
3. “Monday Morning” (3:00)
4. “Drowning in the Sea of Love” Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff (5:39)

5. “Country Nest” Harrison, Peter Solley (5:14)
6. “Funky Friend” (3.54)
7. “Goodbye USA” (4.25)
8. “That’s the Song” Peter Solley, Jerry Marcellino (4:27)

Recorded The Manor Studio, Oxfordshire

Bobby Harrison – lead vocals, percussion
Micky Moody – guitars, backing vocals, mandolin
Pete Solley – keyboards, backing vocals
Colin Gibson – bass
Terry Popple – drums
(uncredited – fiddle)
(uncredited – backing vocals)

Other personnel
Vic Smith – producer and engineer
Malcom Koss – co-ordinator
Roger Dean – photography and cover design

In the UK and Italy, WWA placed “Monday Morning” on the b-side of “Dixie Queen,” a non-album track became the b-side of “Goodbye U.S.A.” on Dutch Vertigo.

Situation Normal

Snafu released their second album, Situation Normal, on October 11, 1974 on WWA.

1. “No More” ()
2. “No Bitter Taste” ()
3. “Brown Eyed Beauty & The Blue Assed Fly” ()
4. “Lock and Key” ()
5. “Big Dog Lusty” ()
6. “Playboy Blues” ()
7. “Jessie Lee” ()
8. “Ragtime Roll” ()

Recorded Advision (basic backing tracks)
Air London (vocals, final overdubs and mixes)
Producer Steve Rowland

Bobby Harrison – lead vocals, congas
Peter Solley – keyboards, synthesizer, fiddle
Micky Moody – guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Colin Gibson – bass, cowbell
Terry Popple – drums, washboard

Horn section on “Ragtime Roll”:
Mel Collins – alto and tenor saxophones
Steve Gregory – tenor saxophone
Bud Beadle – baritone saxophone

Other personnel
Martin Rushent – engineer
Bill Price – overdub engineer
Ashley Howe – vocals and final overdub engineer
Martin Dean – photography
Gregory Hodal – artwork

All Funked Up

Snafu released their third album, All Funked Up, in late 1975 on Capitol.

1. “Don’t Keep Me Wondering” Gregg Allman
2. “Bloodhound” Micky Moody, Fuller
3. “Lock and Key” Bobby Harrison, Micky Moody, Peter Solley
4. “Hard to Handle” Otis Redding, Allen Jones, Al Bell
5. “Every Little Bit Hurts” Ed Cobb

6. “Turn Around” Brian Chatton
7. “Deep Water” Micky Moody, Fuller
8. “Keep On Running” Stevie Wonder
9. “Bar Room Tan” Micky Moody, Fuller
10. “Dancing Feet” Bobby Harrison, Brian Chatton

Recorded Summer 1975
Studio The Manor, Oxfordshire

Bobby Harrison – lead vocals
Mel Collins – saxophone
Micky Moody – guitar
Brian Chatton – keyboards
Tim Hinkley – piano, organ
Colin Gibson – bass
Terry Popple – drums, percussion
Liza Strike, Viola Wills – backing vocals

Bob Potter – producer, engineer
Ian Vincentini – sleeve concept
Philip Pace – front photography
Mixed at Island Studios, London, Summer 1975


  • Snafu (1973)
  • Situation Normal (1974)
  • All Funked Up (1975)


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