Cold Blood

Cold Blood were an American brass-rock band from San Francisco.

Members: Larry Field (guitar), Lydia Pense (vocals), Danny Hull (saxophone), Larry Jonutz (trumpet), Raul Matute (Hammond organ, piano), Jerry Jonutz (saxophone), David Padron (trumpet), Rod Ellicott (bass), Frank Davis (drums), Steve Salinas (keyboards), Steve Dunne (guitar), Mike Morgan (percussion), Evan Palmerston (bass), Rich Armstrong (trumpet, percussion), Rob Zuckerman (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute), Donny Baldwin (drums), Joel Behrman (trombone, trumpet), Dana Moret (vocals)


  • Cold Blood (1969)
  • Sisyphus (1970)
  • First Taste of Sin (1972)
  • Thriller! (1973)
  • Lydia (1974)
  • Lydia Pense & Cold Blood (1976)

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