The Who – Tommy (1969)

Tommy is a concept album by English rock band The Who, released in 1969 as a two-LP set on Track/Decca. The songs concern the coming of age of the disabled titular character, whose traumatic inner-war childhood is salvaged by his mastery of pinball. Essentially a rock opera, the album’s concept and songs have formed the basis of later film and stage adaptations.

A1. “Overture” (3:50)
A2. “It’s a Boy” (2:07)
A3. “1921” (3:14)
A4. “Amazing Journey” (3:25)
A5. “Sparks” (3:45)
A6. “Eyesight to the Blind (The Hawker)” (2:15)
B1. “Christmas” (5:30)
B2. “Cousin Kevin” (4:03)
B3. “The Acid Queen” (3:31)
B4. “Underture” (9:55)
C1. “Do You Think It’s Alright?” (0:24)
C2. “Fiddle About” (1:26)
C3. “Pinball Wizard” (3:50)
C4. “There’s a Doctor” (0:25)
C5. “Go to the Mirror!” (3:50)
C6. “Tommy Can You Hear Me?” (1:35)
C7. “Smash the Mirror” (1:20)
C8. “Sensation” (2:32)
D1. “Miracle Cure” (0:10)
D2. “Sally Simpson” (4:10)
D3. “I’m Free” (2:40)
D4. “Welcome” (4:30)
D5. “Tommy’s Holiday Camp” (0:57)
D6. “We’re Not Gonna Take It (See Me, Feel Me…/Listening to You)” (6:45)

Roger Daltrey — vocals
Pete Townshend — guitar, keyboards, vocals, composer
John Entwistle — bass guitar, French horn, vocals, composer
Keith Moon — drums, composer

Kit Lambert — producer
Damon Lyon-Shaw — engineer
Mike McInnerney — cover design

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