1976 Albums

10cc – How Dare You!
Agorà – Agorà 2
Al Di Meola – Land of the Midnight Sun
Al Stewart – Year of the Cat
The Alan Parsons Project – Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Alas – Alas
Albert Marcœur – Album à Colorier
Alberto Radius – Che Cosa Sei
Alphonse Mouzon – The Man Incognito
Amalgam – Another Time
Ambrosia – Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled
Andy Pratt – Resolution
Anita Meyer – In the Meantime I Will Sing
Archimedes Badkar – II
Area – Maledetti (Maudits)
Art Zoyd 3 – Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités
Atila – Intención
Automatic Man – Automatic Man
Automatic Fine Tuning – A.F.T.
Av’nir – Déclic
Average White Band – Soul Searching
Ayers Rock – Beyond
Bakmak – Out of the Blue
Ball Bearing Group – Experience
Band X – The Best of Band X
Be-Bop Deluxe – Modern Music
Bee Gees – Children of the World
The Beckies – The Beckies
Benitez and Nebula – Night Life
Billy Joel – Turnstiles
Birth Control – Backdoor Possibilities
Birthright – Breath of Life
BlackSmoke – BlackSmoke
Blondie – Blondie
Bobby Stern & Head, Heart and Hands – Libra
Both Hands Free – Both Hands Free
Boz Scaggs – Silk Degrees
Brân – Hedfan
Brand X – Unorthodox Behaviour
Brian Protheroe – I/You
Brick – Good High
Buddy Miles – Bicentennial Gathering of the Tribes
Cado Belle – Cado Belle
Camel – Moonmadness
Caravan – ‘Blind Dog at St. Dunstans’
Carlos Garnett – Cosmos Nucleus
Carpe Diem – Cueille Le Jour
Celeste – Celeste
Charlie – Fantasy Girls
Chêne Noir – Chant Pour Le Delta, La Lune Et Le Soleil
Chicago – Chicago X
Chick Corea – My Spanish Heart
City Boy – City Boy
Clearlight – Les Contes du Singe Fou
Cleveland Eaton – Instant Hip
Cliff Richard – I’m Nearly Famous
Colosseum II – Strange New Flesh
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma – L’Oucomballa
Cos – Viva Boma
Cosmos Factory – Black Hole
Crack The Sky – Animal Notes
Crucis – Crucis
Crucis – Los Delirios del Mariscal
Cry Freedom – Volcano
Cybotron – Cybotron
Daryl Hall & John Oates – Bigger Than Both of Us
David Bowie – Station to Station
David Essex – Out on the Street
David Sancious and Tone – Transformation (The Speed of Love)
Deaf School – 2nd Honeymoon
Déjá-Vu – Between The Leaves
Diga Rhythm Band – Diga
Dionne-Brégent – …Et le Troisième Jour
Dizzy Gillespie & Machito – Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods
Doctors of Madness – Figments of Emancipation
Doctors of Madness – Late Night Movies, All Night Brainstorms
Don Pullen – Capricorn Rising
The Doobie Brothers – Takin’ It to the Streets
Druid – Fluid Druid
Easy Street – Easy Street
Eberhard Weber – Yellow Fields
Eela Craig – One Niter
Eero Koivistoinen – The Front Is Breaking
Egba – Jungle-Jam
Elektriktus – Electronic Mind Waves
The Eleventh House Featuring Larry Coryell – Aspects
Eloy – Dawn
Emmanuel Booz – Clochard
The Enid – In the Region of the Summer Stars
Esagono – Vicolo
Et Cetera – Et Cetera
Ethos – Ardour
Extra Ball – Birthday
Finch – Beyond Expression
Finn Olafsson – Savannah
Fireballet – Two, Too…
Flight – Incredible Journey
Flora Purim – Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
Flying Island – Another Kind of Space
Frannie Golde – Frannie Golde
Frob – Frob
Garuda – Garuda
Gato Barbieri – Caliente!
Gene Harris – In a Special Way
General Johnson – General Johnson
Genesis – A Trick of the Tail
Genesis – Wind & Wuthering
Gentle Giant – Interview
Gino Vannelli – The Gist of the Gemini
Goblin – Roller
Golden Earring – Contraband
Golden Earring – To the Hilt
Gong – Gazeuse!
Harvey Mason – Earth Mover
The Hastings Street Jazz Experience – Detroit Jazz Composers Ltd.
Heart – Dreamboat Annie
Heatwave – Too Hot to Handle
Heavy Joker – Heavy Joker
Heldon – Heldon IV “Agneta Nilsson”
Henry Gaffney – Waiting for a Wind
Hermann Szobel – Szobel
Hoelderlin – Clowns & Clouds
Horslips – The Book of Invasions
Høst – Hardt mot Hardt
Hummingbird – We Can’t Go On Meeting Like This
Humus – Offshore
Iceberg – Coses Nostres
Id – Where Are We Going
Instant Funk – Get Down With the Philly Jump
Invisible – El Jardín de los Presentes
The Isley Brothers – Harvest for the World
It – Viaje
Jack Lancaster & Robin Lumley – Marscape
Jaco Pastorius – Jaco Pastorius
James Vincent – Space Traveler
Jan Hammer Group – Oh, Yeah?
Jasper Van’t Hof’s Pork Pie – The Door Is Open
Jazz Celula – Oheň Až Požár
Jean Carne – Jean Carn
Jean-Luc Ponty – Imaginary Voyage
Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygène
Jean-Yves Lievaux – Comme Avant – Dis-Moi Fanny – C’est Pour Toi Que J’écrirai
Jeff Beck – Wired
Joachim Kühn – Springfever
Joachim Kühn feat. Alphonse Mouzon – Hip Elegy
John Miles – Rebel
Jon Anderson – Olias of Sunhillow
Joni Mitchell – Hejira
Jorge Dalto – Chevere
Judas Priest – Sad Wings of Destiny
Jukka Linkola – Banana
Kansas – Leftoverture
Keith Papworth – Decisive Action
Klaatu – 3:47 E.S.T.
Kyrie Eleison – The Fountain Beyond the Sunrise
Labelle – Chameleon
L.A. Express – L.A. Express
Lake – Lake
LaMont Johnson – NINE…. A Mystical, Musical Allegory
Larry Young’s Fuel – Spaceball
Lasse Wellander – Electrocuted
Le Orme – Verità Nascoste
Lee Garrett – Heat for the Feets
Leon Ware – Musical Massage
Libra – Winter Day’s Nightmare
Litto Nebbia – Bazar De Los Milagros
Locust – Playgue
Luciano Basso – Voci
Magma – Üdü Ẁüdü
Mahogany Rush – Mahogany Rush IV
The Main Ingredient – Music Maximus
Man – Welsh-Connection
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Roaring Silence
Manfredo Fest – Brazilian Dorian Dream
The Manhattan Transfer – Coming Out
Marvin Gaye – I Want You
Max Webster – Max Webster
McCoy Tyner – Fly With The Wind
McCoy Tyner – Focal Point
Melba Moore – This Is It
Message – Synapse
Metro – Metro
Michael Farneti – Good Morning Kisses
Michael Henderson – Solid
Michael Mantler – The Hapless Child (And Other Inscrutable Stories)
Michał Urbaniak – Body English
Michel Madore – Le Komuso À Cordes
Miguel Ríos – La Huerta Atómica (Un Relato de Anticipación)
Mingo Lewis – Flight Never Ending
Montrose – Jump on It
Morse Code – Procréation
Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Co. – Like a Duck to Water
Mr. Big – Photographic Smile
The Muffins – Chronometers
Música Urbana – Música Urbana
Narada Michael Walden – Garden of Love Light
Napalis – Napalis
Natural Life – Unnamed Land
The Nazty – I Got to Move
Neil Ardley – Kaleidoscope of Rainbows
Nitzinger – Live Better Electrically
Novalis – Sommerabend
Nyl – Nyl
Ocean – God’s Clown
Olli Ahvenlahti – The Poet
Oneness of Juju – Space Jungle Luv
Ougenweide – Ohrenschmaus
Pat Martino – Joyous Lake
Patrice Sciortino – Gymnorythmies 1
Patrick Moraz – The Story of i
Peck-Smyth & Off – Love
Pedro Ruy-Blas / Dolores – Dolores
Pepe Sanchez y su Rock Band – Regresion
Pete Fine – Northstar
Peter Milray – New Shapes of Sound
Phil Keaggy – Love Broke Thru
Picchio dal Pozzo – Picchio dal Pozzo
Pleasure – Accept No Substitutes
Pollen – Pollen
The Prime Element – Alborada
Pulsar – The Strands of the Future
Quantum Jump – Quantum Jump
R. M. Točak – R. M. Točak
Rava – Quotation Marks
Return to Forever – Romantic Warrior
Rick Springfield – Wait For Night
Roderick Falconer – New Nation
Rory Gallagher – Calling Card
Rose Royce – Car Wash (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Roy Wood & Wizzard – Main Street
Ruphus – Let Your Light Shine
Rush – 2112
Russ Ballard – Winning
Ruth Copeland – Take Me to Baltimore
Saluki – Saluki
SBB – Pamięć
Schicke, Führs & Fröhling – Symphonic Pictures
Second Direction – Four Corners
Secret Oyster – Straight to the Krankenhaus
Selda – Selda
Shadowfax – Watercourse Way
Shylock – Gialorgues
Skibbereen – Skibbereen
Skleroptak – Skleroptak
Sloche – Stadacone
Soft Machine – Softs
Sonny Fortune – Waves of Dreams
Split Enz – Second Thoughts
Stanley Clarke – School Days
Starcastle – Starcastle
Steely Dan – The Royal Scam
Steve Marcus – Sometime Other Than Now
Steve Reid Featuring the Legendary Master Brotherhood – Nova
Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life
Stomu Yamashta / Steve Winwood / Michael Shrieve – Go
Streetmark – Nordland
Supply, Demand & Curve – Supply, Demand & Curve
Sutherland Brothers & Quiver – Slipstream
Sylvia – Sylvia
Synthesis – Synthesis
Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear
Tarika Blue – The Blue Path
Teddy Lasry – e=mc²
Tequila – The New One
Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
Thin Lizzy – Johnny the Fox
Third Eye – Third Eye
Tiger – Goin’ Down Laughing
Transit Express – Opus Progressif
Universe City – Universe City
UPP – This Way
V. Ganelinas – Velnio Nuotaka
Van Der Graaf Generator – Still Life
Van Der Graaf Generator – World Record
Vanessa – Black and White
Weather Report – Black Market
Wiggy Bits – Wiggy Bits
Wlodek Gulgowski – Soundcheck
Woody Shaw – Love Dance
Yezda Urfa – Sacred Baboon
Ys – Madame La Frontière
Zafer Dilek – Oyun Havaları
Zanov – Green Ray
ZAO – Kawana
Zbigniew Seifert – Man of the Light
Zimbo Trio – Zimbo
ZNR – Barricade 3


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