Donna Summer

Donna Summer (Dec. 31, 1948 — May 17, 2012) was an American soul-funk singer from Dorchester, Mass.


She was born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31, 1948, in Boston, Mass., the third of seven children born to butcher Andrew and schoolteacher Mary Gaines. At age 10, Donna performed for the first time at her Mission Hill church. In high school, she performed in musicals and earned praise from her classmates.

A few weeks shy of her 1967 graduation date, she went to New York City to join the blues-psych outfit Crow, which disbanded after failing to land a recording deal. Meanwhile, she auditioned for the musical Hair and won the part of Sheila in its Munich production. She settled in Germany, where she learned the language and sang in the musicals Godspell and Show Boat.

As Donna Gaines, she issued her first single, the Hair number “Aquarius,” on German Polydor in 1968. The following year, she released “If You Walkin’ Alone” (b/w “Can’t Understand”) on Philips, followed in 1971 by “Sally Go Round the Roses” (b/w “So Said the Man”) on MCA. Under the name Gayn Pierre, she sang two songs on the German soundtrack to Godspell, released in 1972 on Reprise. She also did uncredited backing vocals on “Mama Told Me (Not To Come),” a 1970 hit by Three Dog Night.

In 1973, she married Austrian actor Helmuth Sommer and bore a daughter, Mimi. That same year, she sang backing vocals on the single “Heaven Helps the Man (Who Helps Himself),” credited to Italian producer Giorgio Moroder and co-produced by English lyricist Pete Bellotte. They formed a working alliance that first yielded a demo, which got her signed to the Dutch Groovy Records label. Her first album, Lady of the Night, appeared in 1974 with her surname misspelled as Summer, which stuck.

Lady of the Night

Donna Sommer released her debut album, Lady of the Night, in the Netherlands on February 26, 1974, on Groovy, which misspelled her last name as Summer — her surname on subsequent albums.

Love to Love You Baby

Donna Summer released her second album, Love to Love You Baby, on August 27, 1975, on Groovy. Outside the Netherlands, this became her debut album on Atlantic (Germany), Oasis (US), and GTO (UK).

A Love Trilogy

Donna Summer released her third album, A Love Trilogy, on March 5, 1976, on Atlantic, Groovy, GTO, and Oasis.

Four Seasons of Love

Donna Summer released her fourth album, Four Seasons of Love, on October 11, 1976, on Atlantic, Groovy, GTO, and Casablanca (US, Canada).

I Remember Yesterday

Donna Summer released her fifth album, I Remember Yesterday, on May 13, 1977, on Atlantic, Groovy, GTO, and Casablanca (North America, Japan).

Once Upon a Time

Donna Summer released her sixth album, Once Upon a Time, on October 31, 1977, on Philips (Netherlands) and Casablanca (most other territories). This was her third straight concept album and her first of three consecutive double albums.

Live and More

In August, Donna Summer released Live and More, a live and studio set. The first three sides showcase her June 17 concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Side four features a seventeen-minute medley of the Jimmy Webb classic “MacArthur Park.”

Bad Girls

Donna Summer released her seventh studio album, Bad Girls, on April 25, 1979, on Casablanca. 

The Wanderer

Donna Summer released her eighth studio album, The Wanderer, on October 20, 1980, on Geffen.

I’m a Rainbow

In July 1981, Donna Summer completed I’m a Rainbow, a two-record set intended as her ninth studio album.

Donna Summer

Donna Summer released her tenth-recorded studio album, simply titled Donna Summer, on July 19, 1982, on Geffen. 

She Works Hard for the Money

Donna Summer’s tenth-released studio album, She Works Hard for the Money, appeared on June 13, 1983, on Mercury.

Cats Without Claws

Donna Summer’s twelfth-recorded, eleventh-released studio album, Cats Without Claws, appeared on September 11, 1984, on Geffen.


  • Lady of the Night (1974)
  • Love to Love You Baby (1975)
  • A Love Trilogy (1976)
  • Four Seasons of Love (1976)
  • I Remember Yesterday (1977)
  • Once Upon a Time (2LP, 1977)
  • Live and More (2LP live, 1978)
  • Bad Girls (2LP, 1979)
  • The Wanderer (1980)
  • Donna Summer (1982)
  • She Works Hard for the Money (1983)
  • Cats Without Claws (1984)
  • All Systems Go (1987)
  • Another Place and Time (1989)
  • I’m a Rainbow (1996, recorded 1981)


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