Edgar Broughton Band

The Edgar Broughton Band was an English psychedelic blues-rock combo from Warwick that released five albums between 1969 and 1973 on Harvest, followed by a 1976 sixth album on NEMS. They shortened their name to The Broughtons for two further albums between 1979 and 1982 on EMI and Telex.

Members: Edgar Broughton (vocals, guitar), Steve Broughton (drums), Victor Unitt (guitar, 1968-69, 1970-73), Arthur Grant (bass, 1968-76, 1989-94), John Thomas [aka Johnny Driver] (guitar, 1975), Terry Cottam (guitar, 1975-76), Dennis Haines (keyboards, 1982-83)


The Edgar Broughton Band signed with EMI’s new progressive rock division Harvest, which issued the trio’s debut single “Evil” (b/w “Death of an Electric Citizen”) as the inaugural label release (HAR 5001).

Wasa Wasa

The Edgar Broughton Band released their debut album, Wasa Wasa, in July 1969 on Harvest. It contains both sides of their debut single and further tracks, including the lengthy closing jam “Dawn Crept Away,” a co-write by Edgar and Steve Broughton, who lone-wrote “Neptune.” The first three tracks on Side One are group-credited to the trio. Edgar lone-wrote “Evil,” “Crying,” and “Love in the Rain.”

1. “Death of an Electric Citizen” (6:09)
2. “American Boy Soldier” (4:22)
3. “Why Can’t Somebody Love Me?” (5:05)
4. “Neptune” (4:20)
5. “Evil” (2:36)

6. “Crying” (5:14)
7. “Love in the Rain” (3:46)
8. “Dawn Crept Away” (14:07)

Studio EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

Peter Jenner – producer
Peter Bown – engineer
Peter Mew – engineer
Jim Epps – sleeve design
John Hopkins – liner notes
Dick Imrie – photography

The 2004 Wasa Wasa CD reissue contains five bonus tracks, including four demos with original guitarist Victor Unitt. These include two Edgar originals (“Waterloo Man,” “Tellin’ Everybody”) and two blues covers. “Untitled Freak Out” is a Wasa Wasa sessions outtake co-credited to Grant and the brothers.

9. “Messin’ with the Kid” (Kelvin London) – 2:50
10. “Waterloo Man” (4:11)
11. “Jacqueline” (Big Bill Broonzy) – 3:41
12. “Tellin’ Everybody” (2:28)
13. “Untitled Freak Out” (9:47)

“Out Demons Out”

On April 3, 1970, the Edgar Broughton Band released “Out Demons Out,” a group-written standalone backed with “”Momma’s Reward (Keep Them Freak’s a Rollin’),” which appears on their subsequent album.

A. “Out Demons Out” (4:47)

Sing Brother Sing

The Edgar Broughton Band released their second album, Sing Brother Sing, in June 1970 on Harvest. It features the pre-released b-side “Momma’s Reward” and five further Edgar numbers, plus two Steve Broughton contributions (“Officer Dan,” “Old Gopher”) and two group-composed song suites.

Sing Brother Sing is the second of two Broughton Band albums recorded by the power-trio lineup of Edgar, Steve, and bassist Arthur Grant.

1. “There’s No Vibrations, But Wait!” (4:10)

2. “The Moth” (5:11)

i. “The Moth”
ii. “People”
iii. “Peter”

3. “Momma’s Reward (Keep Them Freak’s a Rollin’)” (3:05)

4. “Refugee” (3:29)

5. “Officer Dan” (1:36)

6. “Old Gopher” (3:50)

7. “Aphrodite” (4:04)

8. “Granma” (2:24)

9. “Psychopath” (6:45)

i. “The Psychopath”
ii. “Is for Butterflies”

10. “It’s Falling Away” (5:30)

Recorded July 1969 – February 1970
Studio EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London

Peter Jenner – producer
Peter Mew – engineer
Andy “Drop-in” Stephens – assistant engineer
Neil Richmond – assistant engineer

Edgar Broughton – artwork (inside drawings)
Derick Carter – photography
Lothar Schiffler – photography

“Officer Dan” appeared concurrently as the b-side of the June 1970 third Broughton Band single “Up Yours!” (HAR 5021).

A. “Up Yours” (3:00)

“Apache Drop Out (Apache Intro. Drop Out Boogie)”

On November 20, 1970, the Edgar Broughton Band released “Apache Drop Out,” a combination cover backed with Edgar’s “Freedom.”

A. “Apache Drop Out (Apache Intro. Drop Out Boogie)” (3:02) combines two songs: the surf-rock standard “Apache” and the Captain Beefheart song “Drop Out Boogie.”
B. “Freedom” (3:12)

Edgar Broughton Band

The Edgar Broughton Band released their self-titled third album in May 1971 on Harvest. It’s their first of three studio albums recorded as a quartet with returning original guitarist Victor Unitt, who also plays harmonica, piano, and organ.

Edgar Broughton Band features four songs by Edgar, who co-wrote the opener “Evening Over Rooftops” with Unitt, who co-wrote “Thinking of You” with Steve Broughton and collaborated with both brothers on “Madhatter” and “Don’t Even Know Which Day It Is.” Side Two contains the group-written medleys “Getting Hard/What Is a Woman For?” and “For Doctor Spock Parts 1 & 2.”

1. “Evening Over Rooftops” (5:00) features vocals by The Ladybirds.
2. “The Birth” (3:21)
3. “Piece of My Own” (2:46) features violinist Johnny van Derek.
4. “Poppy” (2:14) Original vinyl copies list this as a conjoined medley with thr following track.
5. “Don’t Even Know Which Day It Is” (4:20) features singer P. Harold Fatt.

6. “House of Turnabout” (3:08)
7. “Madhatter” (6:14)
8. “Getting Hard/What Is a Woman For?” (7:29) features piano by David Bedford.
9. “Thinking of You” (2:04) features mandolin by a then little-known Mike Oldfield.
10. “For Doctor Spock Parts 1 & 2” (3:50)

Recorded July 1970-February 1971
Studio Abbey Road Studios, London

Peter Jenner – producer
Peter Mew – engineer
David Bedford – arranger (cellos & brass)
Hipgnosis – cover photography
Adrian Boot, Nigel Leaman – photography

“Hotel Room”

On June 25, 1971, the Edgar Broughton Band released their fifth single: “Hotel Room” and “Call Me a Liar,” both Edgar-penned exclusives.

A. “Hotel Room” (4:04)
B. “Call Me a Liar” (4:27) features backing vocals by Roy Harper.

In Side Out

The Edgar Broughton Band released their fourth album, In Side Out, in July 1972 on Harvest. It contains five songs by Edgar, who co-wrote one song with Grant (“Gone Blue”) and two with Unitt (“I Got Mad,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll”). He collaborates on the opening medley with Steve, who contributes “They Took It Away” and “Double Agent.” Side Two contains the lengthy group-written jam “It’s Not You.”

1. “Get Out of Bed / There’s Nobody There / Side by Side” (3:42)
2. “Sister Angela” (0:40)
3. “I Got Mad” (3:45)
4. “They Took It Away” (2:27)
5. “Homes Fit for Heroes” (4:18)
6. “Gone Blue” (3:14)
7. “Chilly Morning Mama” (4:32)

8. “The Rake” (2:42)
9. “Totin’ This Guitar” (1:46)
10. “Double Agent” (2:53)
11. “It’s Not You” (11:10)
12. “Rock ‘n’ Roll” (2:56)

Studio Morgan Studios, London; Olympia Studios
The Edgar Broughton Band – producers
Alan O’Duffy – engineer
Hipgnosis – cover design, photography

On April 30, “Gone Blue” appeared as an advance single, backed with two exclusive b-sides: Edgar’s “Someone” and Steve’s “Mr. Crosby.” This was their sixth and final Harvest single (HAR 5049).

B1. “Someone” (3:45)
B2. “Mr. Crosby” (2:09)


The Edgar Broughton Band released their fifth album, Oora, in May 1973 on Harvest. Edgar wrote the two side-opening suites and “Roccococooler.” Steve wrote “Eviction” and “Things on My Mind.” Side Two contains a lengthy medley and the postlude “Capers,” both group-written numbers. Steve plays percussion, guitars, tubular bells, and tambourine in addition to drums.

Oora is the final Broughton Band album with guitarist Victor Unitt, who contributes “Oh You Crazy Boy!” Three tracks (“Rock ‘n’ Roller”, “Things On My Mind,” “Face from a Window”) feature session vocalists Madeline Bell (Blue Mink), Doris Troy, and Liza Strike. Kingdom Come keyboardist Victor Peraino appears as an auxiliary synthesist.

1. “Hurricane Man / Rock ‘n’ Roller” (6:13) “Hurricane” features Arthur on guitar.
2. “Roccococooler” (3:09)
3. “Eviction” (3:00)
4. “Oh You Crazy Boy!” (2:44) Victor sings and plays piano with backing vocals by Maggie Thomas.
5. “Things on My Mind” (3:39)

6. “Exhibits from a New Museum / Green Lights” (7:54) “Exhibits” features Victor on Spanish guitar. “Green Light” features David Bedford on piano.
7. “Face from a Window / Pretty / Hi-Jack Boogie / Slow Down” (10:29) On “Hi-Jack,” Edgar and Arthur swap instruments.
8. “Capers” (1:37)

Recorded June – December 1972
Producer Edgar Broughton Band
Studio Olympic Studios, West London
Morgan Studios, North London
The Manor Studios, Shipton-on-Cherwell, UK

Alan O’Duffy – recording
Rufus Cartwright – mixing
Chris Smith – sleeve design concept
Barney Bubbles – artwork
Hipgnosis – centre fold photography

The 2004 Oora reissue contains the Edgar-penned bonus track “Sweet Fallen Angels.”

9. “Sweet Fallen Angels” (2:51)


The Edgar Broughton Band released their sixth album, Bandages, in July 1976 on NEMS Records. It features eight songs written exclusively by Edgar, who co-wrote one song each with Grant (“I Want to Lie”) and Steve (“Love Gang”), who wrote the penultimate “Frühling Flowers (For Claudia).”

Bandages is the final Broughton Band album with Grant and the only one with blues-rock guitarist singer “Creepy” John Thomas.

1. “Get a Rise” (4:59)
2. “Speak Down the Wires” (3:13)
3. “John Wayne” (3:10)
4. “The Whale” (5:34)
5. “Germany” (4:33)
6. “Love Gang” (2:54)

7. “One to Seven” (5:07)
8. “Lady Life” (3:06)
9. “Signal Injector” (4:02)
10. “Frühling Flowers (For Claudia)” (5:02)
11. “I Want to Lie” (4:36)

Recorded June–August 1975
Studio Arne Bendiksen Studios, Vålerenga, Oslo
Producer Edgar Broughton Band

Edgar Broughton – lead vocals, guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, acoustic guitars, mandolin, Moog
Arthur Grant – vocals, bass, acoustic guitars, organ, bowed bass guitar, bass Moog
Steve Broughton – vocals, drums, piano, tambourine, bass, acoustic guitar, harpsichord, bells, maracas, timbales, jawbone, marimba
“Creepy” John Thomas – vocals, guitar

Guest musicians
Lei Aloah Mei – backing vocals
Pete Knutsen – keyboards
Mike Oldfield – dulcimer, harp, ARP, steel guitar
Stuart “Digger” Davies – rhythm guitar on “John Wayne”

Bjørn Lillehagen – engineer
Paschal Byrne – digital remastering
Hugh Gilmour – package design
Mark Powell – liner notes, project coordinator

Live Hits Harder! (1979)

Parlez-Vous English?

The Broughtons released their seventh studio album, Parlez-Vous English?, in early 1979 on EMI International. It features ten songs written by Edgar and two (“Drivin’ to Nowhere,” “Young Boys”) by Steve Broughton.

1. “Little One” (3:10)
2. “Waiting for You” (3:57)
3. “Drivin’ to Nowhere” (3:32)
4. “Meglamaster” (1:58)
5. “Didecoi” (2:31) features saxophonist Allan Smith.
6. “April in England” (3:16) features six “girls,” including Sally Broughton.

7. “Revelations One” (2:45)
8. “Anthem” (2:46)
9. “Down in the Jungle” (2:43)
10. “Rentasong” (2:58)
11. “Young Boys” (3:31)
12. “All I Want to Be” (4:10) features cellist Vicki Gaffee.

Recorded December 17, 1978 – February 12, 1979
Producer The Broughtons

Edgar Broughton – lead vocals, guitars, Moog synthesiser, effects, backing vocals, percussion
Arthur Grant – bass guitar, backing vocals, percussion
Steve Broughton – drums, lead vocals (3, 11), backing vocals, percussion
Richard de Bastion – keyboards, backing vocals
Pete Tolson – guitars
Tom Nordon – slide guitar, guitars, backing vocals

Additional musicians
Peter Hope-Evans – harmonica (5, 10)
Suzie O’List – vocals (1, 11)
Loz Broughton – vocals (5, 7, 8)
Shazzi Scoot – vocals (1, 3, 8, 11)

John Leckie, Simon Heyworth – production assistance


The Broughtons released their eighth studio album, Superchip, in 1982 on Telex Records. It contains fourteen songs, including eight written exclusively by Edgar Broughton, who co-wrote two songs each with keyboardist Dennis Haynes (“Curtain,” “Pratfall”) and guitarist Tom Nordon (“Outrageous Behaviour,” “Not So Funny Farm”), plus one co-write (“The Last Electioneer”) with Steve Broughton, who contributes “O.D. 47600/1162/111800.”

1. “Metal Sunday” (2:15)
2. “Superchip – The Final Silicon Solution” (4:20)
3. “Who Only Fade Away” (2:22)
4. “Curtain” (2:30)
5. “Outrageous Behaviour” (2:53)
6. “Not So Funny Farm” (2:25)
7. “Nighthogs” (2:01)

8. “Innocent Bystanders (Damian and Soola)” (2:56)
9. “Pratfall” (3:01)
10. “O.D. 47600/1162/111800” (2:53)
11. “Do You Wanna Be Immortal?” (3:08)
12. “Subway Information” (1:47)
13. “The Last Electioneer” (2:45)
14. “Goodbye Ancient Homeland” (3:32)

Studio Matrix Studios, London (except track 15, The Wand, Battersea
Producer Edgar Broughton Band

Edgar Broughton – lead vocals, guitar, vocoder
Arthur Grant – bass guitar, vocals
Steve Broughton – drums, vocals, percussion, marimba
Duncan Bridgeman – keyboards
Dennis Haines – keyboards, piano, vocals
Tom Nordon – guitar, vocals

The 2006 CD reissue contains the bonus track “The Virus,” a collaboration between Edgar and his son Luke Broughton.

15. “The Virus” (17:13)


  • Wasa Wasa (1969)
  • Sing Brother Sing (1970)
  • Edgar Broughton Band (1971)
  • In Side Out (1972)
  • Oora (1973)
  • Bandages (1976)
  • Live Hits Harder! (1979)
  • Parlez-Vous English? (1979 • The Broughtons)
  • Superchip (1982 • The Broughtons)


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