Daryl Hall & John Oates

Daryl Hall and John Oates — commonly known as Hall & Oates — are an American musical duo that have been active since the early 1970s. The pair initially recorded in an acoustic singer/songwriter mode but soon embraced maximalist-rock experimentation and the lavish orchestralism of their Philly townfolk. Applying their signature vocal trade-offs to a […]

Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren (born June 22, 1948) is an American vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and producer, originally from Philadelphia. He first emerged in psych-rockers the Nazz, which released two proper albums in 1968–69. He initially recorded solo under the band moniker Runt, issuing the 1970/71 Bearsville albums Runt and The Ballad of Todd Rundgren. Under his […]

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow was an American art-pop trio from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album in 1972 on the Family Productions label. Members: Richard Billay (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Richie Bremen (bass), Joe Zucca (drums) Background Sleepy Hollow formed in Philadelphia, where singer and songwriter Richard Billay teamed with bassist Richie Bremen and drummer Joe Zucca. […]


The Nazz was an American psych-rock band from Philadelphia that released the 1968–69 albums Nazz and Nazz Nazz on SGC. Frontman Todd Rundgren launched a prolific solo career and later fronted Utopia. Drummer Thom Mooney resurfaced in the hard-rock super-trio Paris. Members: Robert “Stewkey” Antoni (piano, organ, lead vocals), Thom Mooney (drums), Todd Rundgren (guitar, […]

Baby Grand

Baby Grand was an American rock band from Philadelphia that released the 1977–78 Arista albums Baby Grand and Ancient Medicine. Guitarist–singer Eric Bazilian and keyboardist–songwriter Rob Hyman formed subsequent hitmakers The Hooters. Members: Eric Bazilian (guitar, vocals), Rob Hyman (keyboards, vocals), David Kagan (vocals), David Prater (drums, 1978-79), Carmine Rojas (bass, 1978-79) Background Baby Grand […]

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan (July 10, 1938 — Feb. 19, 1972) was an American jazz trumpeter. He was born Edward Lee Morgan on July 10, 1938, in Philadelphia, the youngest of four children. As a child, he first took up vibraphone, then trumpet and alto saxophone. For his thirteenth birthday, his sister gave him a trumpet. His […]

The Trammps

The Trammps were an American soul group from Philadelphia, formed in 1972. Early on, the group released a string of singles later compiled on the 1975 Buddah release The Legendary Zing Album. In 1975, the group released a self-titled album on Golden Fleece, followed by six albums on Atlantic between 1976 and 1980. The members […]

The Stylistics

The Stylistics were an American soul group from Philadelphia, formed in 1966. The group released seven albums on Avco between 1971 and 1975, followed by five albums on H&L during the second half of the decade. Members: Airrion Love (tenor vocals, lead vocals), Herbert “Herbie” Murrell (baritone vocals, lead vocals), Russell Thompkins Jr. (lead vocals, […]

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes were an American soul group from Philadelphia, formed in 1954 as The Blue Notes. Members: Harold Melvin (lead vocals), Roosevelt Brodie (1954-72), Jesse Gillis, Jr. (1954-72), Franklin Peaker (1954-72), Bernard Williams (1954-65), John Atkins (1965-70), Teddy Pendergrass (lead vocals, drums, 1970-76), Bernie Wilson (1972-77), Larry Brown (1972-1975), Lloyd Parks […]

Blue Magic

Blue Magic were an American soul group from Philadelphia that released five albums on ATCO between 1974 and 1978, followed by an album apiece on Capitol and Omni during the early 1980s. Members: Keith “Duke” Beaton (tenor vocals), Ted “The Wizard” Mills (lead vocals, 1972-90, 2012-present), Wendell Sawyer (baritone vocals, tenor vocals, lead vocals, 1972-77, […]

Art Webb

Art Webb is an American flautist primarily active as a jazz-funk sessionist during the 1970s and 1980s. Under his own name he released two albums in 1977. Appearing first on back-to-back albums by Norman Connors — Dance of Magic (1972) and Dark of Light (1973) — Webb’s talents were soon heard on the recordings of […]

The Brecker Brothers

The Brecker Brothers were an American jazz-funk duo from N.Y.C. comprised of saxophonist Michael Brecker and trumpeter Randy Brecker, who played on numerous recordings together and separately throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Members: Randy Brecker (trumpet), Michael Brecker (saxophone) Discography: The Brecker Bros. (1975) Back to Back (1976) Don’t Stop the Music (1977) Blue Montreux […]

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke (born June 30, 1951) is an American jazz-funk bassist from Philadelphia who played in the supergroup Return to Forever between 1972 and 1977. He was born Stanley Marvin Clarke on June 30, 1951 in Philadelphia. His mother, a church choir singer, encouraged him to take up music. He started on accordion, then played […]

Kenny Barron

Kenny Barron (born June 9, 1943) is an American jazz pianist from Philadelphia. Discography: You Had Better Listen (1968 • The Jimmy Owens – Kenny Barron Quintet) Sunset to Dawn (1973) Peruvian Blue (1974) Lucifer (1975) Innocence (1978) Europa Jazz (1981 • Sal Nistico, Kenny Barron, Anthony Jackson & Buddy Rich) At The Piano (1982) […]


Catalyst was an American jazz-funk band that released four albums between 1972 and 1975. Their first, a self-titled release on Cobblestone, features future Weather Report bassist Alphonso Johnson. After the label was acquired by Muse Records, Catalyst released the albums Perception, Unity, and A Tear & A Smile. Members: Eddie Green (keyboards, vocals), Alphonso Johnson […]

Essra Mohawk

Essra Mohawk — aka Sandra Elayne Hurvitz (born April 23, 1948) — is an American singer/songwriter from Philadelphia who released an album apiece at two-year intervals on Verve, Reprise, Asylum, and Private Stock between 1968 and 1976. Discography: Sandy’s Album Is Here at Last! (1968 • Sandy Hurvitz) Primordial Lovers (1970) Essra Mohawk (1974) Essra […]

Buster Williams

Buster Williams — Charles Anthony Williams (born April 17, 1942) — is an American double-bassist from Camden, NJ. Discography: Pinnacle (1975) Crystal Reflections (1976) Dreams Come True (1978) Heartbeat (1979) Music for Violin & Jazz Quartet (1981 • NY) Something More (1989) Tokudo (archival, 1989) We Three (1989 • Stanley Cowell, Frederick Waits & Buster […]

Alphonso Johnson

Alphonso Johnson (born Feb. 2, 1951) is an American jazz-funk bassist from Philadelphia who initially emerged in Catalyst, appearing on the band’s 1972 self-titled release and their 1974 third album Unity. Between 1974 and 1976, he held the bass slot in Weather Report, playing on the albums Mysterious Traveller, Tale Spinnin’, and Black Market. As […]

Pat Martino

Pat Martino — aka Pat Azzara (born Aug. 25, 1944) — is an American jazz guitarist from Philadelphia. Discography: El Hombre (1967) Strings! (1967) Baiyina (The Clear Evidence) (1968) East! (1968) Desperado (1970) The Visit! (1972) Live! (1973) Consciousness (1974) Joyous Lake (1976) Starbright (1976) We’ll Be Together Again (1976) Exit (1977) The Return (1987)

The Jeff Lorber Fusion

The Jeff Lorber Fusion were an American jazz-rock band from Philadelphia led by keyboardist Jeff Lorber (born Nov. 4, 1952). The band released five albums between 1977 and 1981, after which Lorber continued as a solo artist. Members: Jeff Lorber (keyboards), Lester McFarland (bass), Terry Layne (reeds, flute), Ron Young (percussion), Dennis Springer (saxophone), Freddie […]

The Ebonys

The Ebonys were an American soul group from Camden, NJ, that released a string of singles on PIR between 1971 and 1974, culminating with a self-titled album. A further pair of singles and a second album followed on Buddah in 1976. Members: Clarence Vaughan, James Tuten, Jennifer Holmes, David Beasley, William “Smoke” Howard, Nate Cephas, […]

Fat Larry’s Band

Fat Larry’s Band were an American soul-funk band from Philadelphia that released six albums between 1976 and 1982: including three on WMOT Records and two on its eventual parent Fantasy Records. The band’s second album, Off the Wall, appeared on Stax in 1977. A late-period U.K. breakthrough yielded a seventh album on Virgin in 1983, […]

The Reds

The Reds were an American hard-rock/punk band from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album on A&M in 1979, followed by two further albums on Edmonton small-press Stony Plain Records in 1981/82. Members: Rick Shaffer (guitar, vocals), Bruce Cohen (keyboards), Tommy Geddes (drums), Jim Peters (bass) Discography: The Reds (1979) Stronger Silence (1981) Fatal Slide (1982) […]


Gulliver were an American rustic-rock band from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album on Elektra in 1970. Frontman Daryl Hall subsequently became half of the soul-pop duo Hall & Oates while guitarist Tim Moore released a string of solo albums. Members: Daryl Hall (vocals), Jim Helmer (drums), Tom Sellers (keyboards, bass), Tim Moore (guitars) Discography: […]

Mandrake Memorial

Mandrake Memorial were an American psych-rock band from Philadelphia that released three albums on MGM-subsidiary Poppy Records in 1968/69. Members: Craig Anderton (guitar), Randy Monaco (bass, vocals), Kevin Lally (drums), Michael Kac (keyboards, vocals, 1967-69) Discography: The Mandrake Memorial (1968) Medium (1969) Puzzle (1969) “Something in the Air” / “Musical Man” (1970) 3 Part Inventions […]


Bang were an American hard-rock/psych band from Philadelphia that released three albums on Capitol between 1971 and 1973. Members: Frank Ferrara (vocals, bass), Frankie Gilcken (guitar), Tony Diorio (drums), C.J. (vocals), Jeffrey Cheen (keyboards), Pete Sears (keyboards), Duris Maxwell (drums), Bruce Gary (drums) Discography: Bang (1971) Mother / Bow to the King (1972) Music (1973)


Mtume were an American soul-funk band that released five albums on Epic between 1978 and 1986. The band was led by the namesake percussionist, who played on numerous spiritual jazz recordings during the 1970s as both a sideman and bandleader. Members: Mtume (vocals, keyboards, congas), Reggie Lucas (guitar), Tawatha (vocals, guitar), Basil Fearington (bass), Hubert […]


MFSB — an acronym for Mother Father Sister Brother — was an American jazz-funk big band that served as the house orchestra for Philadelphia International Records during the 1970s. They played on recordings by Billy Paul, Dexter Wansel, The Ebonys, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, The O’Jays, The Spinners, The Three Degrees, and The […]


Ingram were an American soul-funk sextet that consisted of a namesake brother/sister musical clan from Camden, N.J. The band debuted as The Ingram Kingdom with a self-titled album on Excello in 1976, followed by That’s All under the family surname on H & L Records in 1977. The siblings linked with members of Fat Larry’s […]

Force of Nature

Force of Nature were an American soul-funk band from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album on Columbia-subsidiary Tommy in 1974, followed by Unemployment Blues on Philadelphia International Records in 1976. The band preceded these activities with a 1972 single on North Bay, issued under the name Soul Devalents. Members: – Discography: “Grasshopper” / “This Is […]

The Visitors

The Visitors were an American spiritual jazz combo from Philadelphia that released the album Neptune on Cobblestone in 1972, followed by three further titles on Muse between 1973 and 1976. The band primarily consisted of saxophonist brothers Carl and Earl Grubbs with assorted sideplayers. Members: Warren Carter (trumpet), Edward Crockett (bass), Sid Simmons (piano), John […]

The Tymes

The Tymes were an American soul group from Philadelphia. Members: Norman Burnett (baritone vocals, 1956-77, 1980-present), Albert “Caesar” Berry III (tenor vocals, 1956-76, 1980-present), Donald Banks (bass vocals, 1956-76, 1980-2011), George Hilliard (tenor vocals, 1956-70), George Williams (lead vocals, 1960-76), Charles Nixon (tenor vocals, lead vocals, 1970-75), Melanie Moore (vocals, 1976-78), Terri Gonzalez (vocals, 1976), […]


Breakwater were an American soul-funk band from Philadelphia that released two albums on Arista between 1978 and 1980. Members: Kae Williams Jr. (keyboards), Gene Robinson (lead vocals, trumpet), James Gee Jones (drums), Linc “Love” Gilmore (guitar), Steve Green (bass), Vince Garnell (woodwind), Greg Scott (woodwind), John “Dutch” Braddock (percussion) Discography: Breakwater (1978) Splashdown (1980)

Anglo-Saxon Brown

Anglo-Saxon Brown were an American soul-funk band from Philadelphia that released the album Songs for Evolution on Atlantic in 1976. The members recorded an earlier clutch of singles as Ujima and later recorded another album as Silk. Members: Debra Henry (vocals), Dwight Smith (keyboards, vocals), Clemente Burnette (vocals, guitar), Tyrone Durham (drums), Alvin Brown (trumpet, […]

Ted Curson

Ted Curson — aka Theodore Curson (June 3, 1935 — Nov. 4, 2012) — was an American post-bop/jazz-funk trumpeter from Philadelphia. Discography: Plenty of Horn (1961) Plays Fire Down Below (1963) Tears for Dolphy (1964 • Ted Curson Quartet) The New Thing and the Blue Thing (1965) Urge (1966) Ode to Booker Ervin (1970) Pop […]

Good God

Good God were an American jazz-rock band from Philadelphia that released a self-titled album on Atlantic in 1972. Members: Zeno Sparkles (guitar, vocals), Cotton Kent [aka Carlton Kent] (keyboards, saxophone, vocals) Greg Scott (saxophone), John Ransome (bass), Hank Ransome (drums, vocals) Discography: Good God (1972)