Earth and Fire

Earth and Fire were a Dutch symphonic/art-rock band that released eight albums and numerous singles between 1969 and 1983, mostly on Polydor and Vertigo.

Members: Gerard Koerts (keyboards, 1968-82), Chris Koerts (guitar, 1968-79), Hans Ziech (bass, 1968-74), Cees Kalis (drums, 1968-70), Manuela Berloth [aka Lysett] (vocals, 1968-69), Jerney Kaagman (vocals, 1969-82, 1987-90), Ton van der Kleij (drums, 1970-78), Theo Hurts (bass, 1974-78), Bert Ruiter (bass, 1978-82, 1987-90), Ab “Appie” Tamboer (drums, 1978-82), Ron Meyjes (guitar, 1979-82, 1987-90)

Earth and Fire evolved from The Swinging Strings, a Voorschoten beat combo led by twin brothers Chris Koerts (guitar) and Gerard Koerts (keyboards). In 1968, they teamed with the rhythm section of local rivals The Soul: bassist Hans Ziech and drummer Cees Kalis.

Influenced by American acid rock, the new band initially gigged as Opus Gainfull. Just prior to entering a talent contest later that year, they renamed the band Earth and Fire. During 1969, they toured as an opening act for Golden Earring. That September, they met singer Jerney Kaagman, who became their frontwoman.


  • Earth & Fire (1970)
  • Song of the Marching Children (1971)
  • Atlantis (1973)
  • To the World of the Future (1975)
  • Gate to Infinity (1977)
  • Reality Fills Fantasy (1979)
  • Andromeda Girl (1981)
  • In a State of Flux (1982)
  • Phoenix (1989)


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