Lighthouse was a Canadian brass-rock big band that released three albums on RCA Victor between 1968 and 1970, followed by six further titles on GRT between 1971 and 1974.

Members: Skip Prokop (drums), Paul Hoffert (keyboards), Ralph Cole (guitar), Bob McBride (vocals), Russ Little (horns), Arnie Chycoski (horns), Freddy Stone (horns), Howard Shore (saxophone, flute), Dale Hillary (horns), Keith Jollimore (saxophone, flute), Larry Smith (trombone, keyboards), Mike Malone (horns), Bruce Cassidy (horns), Paul Adamson (horns), Pete Pantaluk (trumpet), Rick Stepton (horns), Don Englert (horns), Joe Ambrosia (horns), John Capon (horns), John Naslen (horns), Dave Tanner (horns), Sam Alongi (horns), Rick Waychesko (horns), Simon Wallis (horns), Steve Kennedy (horns), Dick Armin (cello), Paul Armin (strings), Don Dinovo (violin), Myron Moskalyk (strings), Ian Guenther (strings), Leslie Snider (strings), Don Whitton (strings), Howie Wiseman (strings), John Ogilvie (strings), Billy King (drums, percussion), Tom Wells (drums, percussion), John Dell (drums, percussion), Pinky Dauvin (vocals), Billy Ledster (vocals), Doug Billard (vocals), Allan Stanniforth (vocals), Grant Fullerton (bass), Louie Yacknin (bass), Al Wilmot (bass), Terry Wilkins (bass), Dennis Pendrith (bass), Doug Moore (bass), Sam See (keyboards), Don Paulton (keyboards), Trevor Veitch (guitar), Dan Clancy (vocals), Chris Howells (trumpet)

Lighthouse was formed in 1968 in Toronto by ex-Paupers drummer/singer Skip Prokop (b. 1943, Hamilton, Ontario – d. 2017) and keyboardist Paul Hoffert (b. 1943, Brooklyn, NY). They met on a flight between NYC and Toronto and discussed forming a rock big-band with a jazz brass section and classical string section.

Their first recruit was guitarist Ralph Cole, formerly of Kalamazoo rockers The Thyme, which Prokop caught live during their residency at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom, where they opened for the day’s leading rock acts (Jimi Hendrix, Cream). Prokop and Hoffert hired the remaining band from local studios and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Prokop and Hoffert pitched a Lighthouse demo to MGM, which signed the band. Two days later, they signed a management deal with Vinnie Fusco, who annulled the MGM contract and signed them to RCA Victor. Lighthouse performed its first concert on May 14, 1969 at Toronto’s Rock Pile (now the Masonic Temple), where they were MC’d by Duke Ellington with the opening salvo “I’m beginning to see the Light… house.”

In addition to Prokop, Hoffert, and Cole, the lineup that night consisted of bassist Grant Fullerton, singer/percussionist Vic “Pinky” Dauvin, violinist Ian Guenther, violist Don Dinovo, cellists Don Whitton and Leslie Schneider, trumpeters Freddy Stone and Arnie Chycoski, saxophonist Howard Shore, and trombonist Russ Little.

Their debut album, Lighthouse, appeared in June 1969 on RCA.


  • Lighthouse (1968)
  • Suite Feeling (1969)
  • Peacing It All Together (1970)
  • One Fine Morning (1971)
  • Thoughts of Movin’ On (1971)
  • Sunny Days (1972)
  • Lighthouse Live! (1972)
  • Can You Feel It (1973)
  • Good Day (1974)


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