Automatic Man – Automatic Man (1976)

Automatic Man is the first of two albums by the namesake American space-funk supergroup, released in 1976 on Island.

A1. “Atlantis Rising Fanfare” (1:37)
A2. “Comin’ Through” (3:35)
A3. “My Pearl” (3:41)
A4. “One and One” (6:01)
A5. “Newspapers” (3:59)
A6. “Geni-Geni” (5:33)
B1. “Right Back Down” (5:56)
B2. “There’s a Way” (5:15)
B3. “I.T.D. (Interstellar Tracking Devices)” (5:14)
B4. “Automatic Man” (3:54)
B5. “Atlantis Rising Theme” (3:17)

Pat Thrall – guitar, vocals; lead vocals (A6, B4)
Todd Cochran – keyboards, vocals; lead vocals
Doni Harvey – bass guitar, vocals; lead vocals (B2, B4)
Michael Shrieve – drums

Produced by Automatic Man and Lou CasaBianca

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Automatic Man
Automatic Man were an American space-funk band from San Francisco that released two albums on Isla...

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