Chalibaude were a French folk quartet of the mid-1970s. The band comprised half of the eight-piece Francis Guillon et Son Orchestre on the 1975 one-off Spécial Danse 8. Members: Christian Bonneault (Guitars, Bass, Crumhorn, Banjo, Vocals), Georges Felletin (Violin, Organ), Jean Chevalier (Drums, Percussion, Flute), Michel Lefort (Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Dulcimer, Flute, Vocals) Drummer/percussionist Jean […]


 Asgard were a French folk combo that released two albums in the late-1970s. The band coalesced mid-decade around the trio of Bernard Darsch, Patrick Grandpierron, and William Lawday.   Members: Patrick Grandpierron (Vocals, Flute [Irlandaise], Dulcimer, Psaltery), William Lawday, Bernard Darsh, Daniel Mantovani (Guitar), Dominique Urruty (Bass, Steel Guitar, Vocals), Dominique Labarre (Keyboards, Vocals), Umberto […]


Sourdeline are a French folk ensemble that was primarily active as a recording unit during the late 1970s. Formed in 1974, the band recorded two albums for the folk label Discovale. Members: Catherine Burban (vocals, psaltery, dulcimer, spinet), Jean-Pierre Danielsen (vocals, guitar, dulcimer, flute, crumhorn), Jean-Pierre Dalongeville (vocals, guitar, mandocello, mandolin, sitar, crumhorn, 1974-79), Jacky […]

Combo 8

Combo 8 were a Swedish instrumental sextet of the mid-1970s. Comprised of highly trained newcomers, the band issued Vibrationer on the local Levande Improviserad Musik label in 1976. Members: Björn Hallberg (guitar), Janne Wiklund (saxophone), Lennart Johansson (trumpet), Torbjörn Johansson (drums), Tore Hultgren (trumpet), Ulf Mårtensson (bass) Musically, the album spans the outer-reaches of metric […]

Missing Link

Missing Link were a German jazz-rock sextet from Munich that released the album Nevergreen! on United Artists in 1972. Members: Markus Sing (guitar), Günther Latuschik (saxophone), Gabriel Dominik Mueller (vocals), Dieter Miekautsch (keyboards), Dave Schratzenstaller (bass), Holger Brandt (drums) The comic, colorful cover art of the band’s sole release animates the virtuosic energy of the […]

Ramon Morris

Ramon Morris is an American jazz-funk saxophonist who was briefly active during the early 1970s. Debuting in a latter-day incarnation of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Morris quickly spread his talents over 1972–73 releases by Reuben Wilson, Curtis Fuller, Shirley Scott, and Woody Shaw — credits that afforded him a one-off deal with Groove […]

Travis Biggs

Travis Biggs is an American composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose services were widely employed on the jazz-funk and soul circuits throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. Under his own name, he released two albums during the late 1970s. Spreading his talents over sides by John Kasandra and Bohannon, among others, Biggs adopted the little-used nickname […]

Hubert Eaves

Hubert Eaves is an American keyboardist, composer, and producer who played on numerous jazz-funk and soul recordings during the 1970s and ’80s. As a bandleader, he released the coveted Esoteric Funk LP in 1977. A home-taught musician, the St. Paul prodigy emerged as sideman to Gary Bartz as part of the saxist’s NTU Troop on […]

Webster Lewis

Webster Lewis (Sept. 1, 1943 — Nov. 20, 2002) was an American keyboardist and producer who released five albums between 1972 and 1981. Sporting a master’s degree from the New England Conservatory of Music, the Baltimore-raised pianist/organist hit the scene in 1972 with spots on the Bill Evans/George Russell Living Time LP and on a […]

Retta Young

Retta Young is an American soul singer who was active between the late-1960s and late-1970s. Following a string of shortplayers with The Superbs and The Devotions, she issued a trio of singles and one album under her own name during the mid-1970s. Signed to Sylvia Robinson‘s All Platinum label in 1975, Young hit pay-dirt with […]

Rhythm Machine

Rhythm Machine were an American soul-funk septet from Indianapolis that released a self-titled album on Lulu Records in 1976. Members: James Boone (bass, vocals), Maurice Puckett (guitar, vocals), Robert Dycus (drums, vocals), Donald Harris (tenor/soprano saxophone, vocals), Maride Williams (alto/soprano saxophone, vocals), Hopie Monroe Bronson III (piano, strings, vocals), Dennis McNeil (congas, bongos) Honing their […]

White Summer

White Summer were a Chicago-area rock trio that was active during the mid-1970s. Members: Jimmy Watkins (lead vocals, guitar, drums, percussion), Rick Lowe (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals), David Wheeler (bass, backing vocals) In 1976, the band self-released a homonymous longplayer. Recorded on a shoestring at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine Studio in Kalamazoo, Mich., […]

Rickie Boger

Rickie Boger is an American soul singer and songwriter who was active in the mid-1970s. Signed to Muse Records and equipped with the label’s formidable jazz/blues session players, she released the album Slow Down, Baby in 1976. With bass-emphasized fourth notes over a modest Gmaj–Amin progression, “Do You Like My Song?” finds Boger humble yet […]


Wavemaker was an English electronic duo that released the 1975–77 Polydor albums Where Are We Captain?… and New Atlantis. Members: Brian Hodgson, John Lewis Background Formed by BBC Radiophonic Workshop-vet/White Noise-cofounder Hodgson with Electrophon Studio cohort Lewis, the duo released two albums on Polydor with help from percussionist Jon Keliehor and kettledrummer Anthony McVey. Where […]

The Human League

The Human League are an English synthpop band best known for the 1981 global No. 1 hit “Don’t You Want Me.” They emerged on the Sheffield post-punk scene with the 1978 DIY release “Being Boiled” / “Circus of Death,” a pioneering electro-pop single. The original lineup of singer Philip Oakey, slide-projectionist Adrian Wright, and keyboardists […]

Norma Jenkins

Norma Jenkins is an American soul singer who was active between the mid-1960s and mid-1970s. She first appeared as the frontwoman for Norma Jenkins and the Dolls on the single “The Airplane Song,” released in 1966 on Detroit’s Maltese label. Several more singles followed on various labels over the next seven years. Contracted to Buddah […]

Main Street

Main Street were an American soul-funk band that issued a self-titled album on Koala in 1976. The band concurrently recorded with the John Wagner Coalition, named after the producer and engineer of both projects. Members: Janis Russell (vocals), Ralph Gonzales (drums), Rick Davies (trombone), Robert Seely (trumpet), Steve Miller (guitar), Jose Jimenez (congas), Mike Weatherly […]

New York Mary

New York Mary was an instrumental jazz-rock trio that was active in the Northeast U.S. during the mid-1970s, releasing two albums on Arista’s Freedom imprint in 1976. Members: Bruce Johnstone (baritone/alto/soprano sax), Rick Petrone (bass), Joe Corsello (drums, percussion) Saxophonist Bruce Johnstone and bassist Rick Petrone played in Maynard Ferguson’s backing band during the earlier […]

Weapons of Peace

Weapons of Peace were an American soul/funk quintet active during the mid 1970s. The band released a lone, self-titled album on Playboy Records in 1976. Members: Finis Henderson (lead vocal, percussion), Andrew Hardy (guitar, backing vocals), David Johnson (bass, backing vocals), Lonnell Dantzler (keyboards), Bill Leathers (drums) Across the album’s eight songs, Weapons of Peace […]

Patrick Gammon

Patrick Gammon (Jan. 15, 1956 — Oct. 28, 1996) was an American R&B singer, born in Seattle but based for most of his career in Munich, Germany. In 1978, he released the album Rawness on the German Gammarock label (issued on French Mercury as Effervescence.) His 1979 release, Don’t Touch Me , was issued stateside […]

Mary Wells

Mary Wells (May 13, 1943 — July 26, 1992) was an American soul singer who was part of the original Motown roster along with The Supremes, Martha & the Vandellas, the Four Tops, and The Temptations. She scored one of the biggest hits of 1964 with “My Guy,” written by Smokey Robinson of The Miracles. […]

Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge (Nov. 25, 1940 — April 14, 2015) was an American soul singer who released 10 albums on Atlantic between 1966 and 1971, delivering a romantic evergreen with the gospelly “When a Man Loves a Woman,” one of the biggest hits of the 1960s. His other hits include “Warm and Tender Love,” “It Tears […]

Ornette Coleman

Ornette Coleman (March 9, 1930 — June 11, 2015) was an American jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, and composer. He was a chief proponent of avant-garde free jazz, as heralded on his popular 1959 Atlantic release The Shape of Jazz to Come. On this and the 1960/61 albums Change of the Century and This Is Our […]

Cannonball Adderley

Cannonball Adderley (Sept. 15, 1928 — Aug. 8, 1975) was an American jazz saxophonist, composer, bandleader, and producer. He was the older brother of cornetist/trumpeter Nat Adderley and the uncle of keyboardist Nat Adderley Jr. He was born Julian Edwin Adderley on September 15, 1928, in Tampla, Fla. Discography: Julian Cannonball Adderley (1955 • Julian […]

Rainbow Ffolly

Rainbow Ffolly were an English popsike quartet that was briefly active during the late 1960s. The band demoed an embryonic concept LP that they had hoped to rerecord in a lavish studio setting. EMI, however, found the demos fit for release. Members: Johnathon Dunsterville (vocals, guitar), Richard K. Dunsterville (vocals, guitar), Roger Newell (bass), Stewart […]


Quatermass was an English hard-rock trio that released a self-titled album on Harvest in 1970. They were an offshoot of ’60s pop-psych band Episode Six, which splintered when vocalist Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover departed to join Deep Purple. Along with ELP, Van der Graaf Generator, and the initial lineup of Atomic Rooster, Quatermass […]


Gringo was an English pop-rock band that released a self-titled album on MCA in 1971. Guitarist/keyboardist Henry Marsh subsequently became a mainstay of Sailor. Bassist/vocalist John G. Perry did stints in Spreadeagle, Caravan, Curved Air, Quantum Jump, and Aviator. He also issued a solo album, Sunset Wading, on Decca in 1976. Prior to the formation […]

Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk (Oct. 10, 1917 – Feb. 17. 1982) was an American jazz pianist and composer. He was born Thelonious Sphere Monk on October 17, 1917, in Rocky Mount, NC. Discography: Thelonious (1953 • Thelonious Monk Trio) Thelonious Monk Quintet (1954 • Thelonious Monk Quintet) Thelonious Monk Quintet Blows for LP (1954 • Thelonious Monk […]

Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

Art Blakey (Oct. 11, 1919 — Oct. 16, 1990) was an American jazz drummer and bandleader from Pittsburgh. For 35 years, he led the Jazz Messengers, a revolving door band with some of the leading names in post-bop. In assorted iterations, the Messengers recorded for Blue Note during the 1950s and assorted other labels (RCA, […]

Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins (born Sept. 7, 1930) is an American jazz tenor saxophonist. Background He was born Theodore Walter Rollins on September 7, 1930, in New York City, the youngest of three children borne to migrants from the US Virgin Islands. He grew up in Harlem and Sugar Hill and first played saxophone at age seven. […]

Lee Morgan

Lee Morgan (July 10, 1938 — Feb. 19, 1972) was an American jazz trumpeter. He was born Edward Lee Morgan on July 10, 1938, in Philadelphia, the youngest of four children. As a child, he first took up vibraphone, then trumpet and alto saxophone. For his thirteenth birthday, his sister gave him a trumpet. His […]

Horace Silver

Horace Silver (Sept. 2, 1928 — June 18, 2014) was an American jazz pianist, composer, and bandleader. He was born Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silver on September 2, 1928, in Norwalk, Conn. Horace Silver Quintet discography: New Faces – New Sounds (1953 • Horace Silver Trio) Horace Silver Trio, Vol. 2 / Art Blakey With […]

Eric Dolphy

Eric Dolphy (June 20, 1928 – June 29, 1964) was an American jazz saxophonist, flautist, and clarinetist from Los Angeles. – Discography: Outward Bound (1960 • Eric Dolphy Quintet) At the Five Spot, Vol. 1 (1961) Newport Rebels (1961 • Charles Mingus / Max Roach / Eric Dolphy / Roy Eldridge / Jo Jones) Out […]

Charles Mingus

Charles Mingus (April 22, 1922 – Jan. 5, 1979) was an American jazz double-bassist, composer, and bandleader from Nogales, Ariz. – Discography: Strings and Keys (1953 • Charles Mingus & Spaulding Givens) The Moods of Mingus (1954) Jazz Collaborations Vol. 1 (1955 • Charles Mingus & Thad Jones) Jazzical Moods, Vol. 1 (1955 • Charles […]

Quantum Jump

Quantum Jump was an English supergroup that fused jazz-funk and space-rock on their 1976–77 albums Quantum Jump and Barracuda, both released by the Electric Record Company. Singer–producer Rupert Hine fronted the band, which featured Peddlers drummer Trevor Morais, Caravan bassist John G. Perry, and Kevin Ayers guitarist Mark Warner. In 1979, their re-released single “The […]

Wiggy Bits

Wiggy Bits were an American rock quintet active during the mid-1970s. Comprised of alumni from psych-rockers The Illusion and ex-Blues Magoos/Barnaby Bye vocalist Peppy Castro, Wiggy Bits released a self-titled album on Polydor in 1976. Members: Peppy Castro [aka Emil Thielheim] (vocals), Richie Cerniglia (guitar), Mike Ricciardella (drums), Dennis Santiago (bass) Mike Maniscalco (keyboards) Harnessing […]


Wargaren were a Dutch trad-folk quartet active during the mid-1970s. The band released their lone album, Met Stille Trom, on the local Universe Productions label in 1976. Members: Rob Smaling (guitar, vocals), Rina de Heus (vocals, autoharp), Kees van der Poel (guitar, vocals), Jurek Willig (guitar, vocals) A balanced clarity of interplay is exhibited on […]

Gang of Four

Gang of Four are an English post-punk band from Leeds that debuted with the 1978 single “Damaged Goods” on small-press Fast Product, followed by Entertainment! on EMI/Warner Bros. Their style — a mix of funky rhythms, dischorded riffs, taut vocals, and provocative lyrics — streamlined over their 1981/82 albums Solid Gold and Songs of the […]

Otis Redding

Otis Redding (Sept. 9, 1941 — Dec. 10, 1967) was an American soul singer who issued a string of singles on Stax-subsidiary Volt between 1962 and 1965, including “These Arms of Mine” and the original “Respect” (later made famous by Aretha Franklin). Over the ensuing two-year period, he recorded multiple albums for the label, charting […]

Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke (March 21, 1940 – Oct. 10, 2010) was an American soul singer who issued a string of singles on Apollo during the late 1950s, culminating with a 1962 self-titled album. Signed to Atlantic, he issued dozens of singles and four albums during the 1960s, scoring hits with “Just Out of Reach (of My […]

The Dells

The Dells were an American soul group, formed in 1952 in Harvey, Ill. Signed to Vee Jay Records, they issued numerous doo-wop singles during the second half of the 1950s, scoring a hit in 1956 with “Oh, What a Night.” During the early ’60s, they issued singles on Argo and Oldies 45. Moving to Chess-subsidiary […]

Etta James

Etta James (Jan. 25, 1938 — Jan. 20, 2012) was an American soul singer who cut a string of singles for Modern Records during the mid-1950s, charting with “The Wallflower.” Between 1960 and 1970, she released 10 albums on the Chess subsidiaries Argo and Cadet, scoring hits with “At Last,” “Tell Mama,” “Something’s Got a […]

Wilson Pickett

Wilson Pickett (March 18, 1941 – Jan. 19, 2006) was an American soul singer who released 10 albums on Atlantic between 1965 and 1971, scoring hits with “In the Midnight Hour,” “Land of 1,000 Dances,” “Mustang Sally,” and “Funky Broadway.” During the 1970s, he released five soul-funk albums on RCA Victor. Pickett was born in […]

Martha and the Vandellas

Martha and the Vandellas were an American soul-pop trio from Detroit, signed to the Gordy division of Motown. Between 1963 and 1972, they released eight proper albums and numerous singles, scoring hits with “Heat Wave,” “Jimmy Mack,” “Nowhere to Run,” and the much-covered AM evergreen “Dancing In the Street.” Members: Martha Reeves (lead vocals), Rosalind […]

ZZ Top

ZZ Top is an American hard-rock/blues trio from Houston that released five albums on London Records between 1971 and 1976, scoring FM evergreens with “Tush” and “La Grange.” After the frontal pair of guitarist/singer Billy Gibbons and bassist Billy Etheridge grew long, matching beards, the band signed to Warner Bros and released another five albums […]

Clarence Carter

Clarence Carter (born Jan. 14, 1936) is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Montgomery, Ala., who first recorded in the C&C Boys with fellow blind singer Calvin Scott, issuing multiple singles on Fairlane and Duke in the early 1960s. As a solo singer, Carter cut three 1966/67 singles on soul-press Fame, followed by […]

Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr (Jan. 21, 1942 — April 2, 2003) was an American soul singer from Nashville who released a string of 1965–67 singles on Detroit soul-press Ric-Tic Records. After Motown’s purchase of that label, he issued four proper albums and assorted singles on Tamla and Gordy, hitting big with the 1970 anti-war shouter “War.” Discography: […]

Happy the Man

Happy the Man is an American symphonic-rock band that released the 1977–78 Arista albums Happy the Man and Craft Hands, both comprised of lavish, intricate pieces (mostly instrumental). Their near-completed 1979 third album appeared posthumously in 1983 as 3rd – “Better Late…” Keyboardist Ken Watkins joined Camel for their 1979 album I Can See Your […]

Café Jacques

Café Jacques was a Scottish trio on Epic–Columbia that released the 1977–78 albums Round the Back and International, both produced by Rupert Hine. Members: Chris Thomson (guitar, vocals), Mike Ogletree (drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals), Peter Veitch (keyboards, accordion) Background Café Jacques formed as a septet in 1973 when guitarist–singer Chris Thomson, an accounting student […]

Loggins & Messina

Loggins and Messina were an American country rock duo that released six studio albums and a live double-album on Columbia between 1971 and 1976. They formed when ex-Buffalo Springfield/Poco member Jim Messina partnered with little-known songwriter Kenny Loggins for the latter’s intended debut solo album. They are most known for the nostalgic hit “Your Mama […]

Major Harris

Major Harris (Feb. 9, 1947 — Nov. 9, 2012) was an American soul singer from Richmond, Va., who was part of the Nat Turner Rebellion during the late 1960s. Between 1971 and 1975, he sang with Philly act The Delfonics. As a solo artist (1974–78), he released two albums on Atlantic and a third on […]


Boxer was an English hard-rock supergroup that released two albums on Virgin and a third-recorded title on Epic between 1975 and 1979. The band marked the third pairing between vocalist Mike Patto and guitarist Ollie Halsall, who had previously played together in the bands Timebox and Patto. Members: Mike Patto (vocals, keyboards), Ollie Halsall (guitar, […]

Godley & Creme

Godley & Creme were an English musical duo and video-production team comprised of multi-instrumentalists Kevin Godley and Lol Creme. They first charted in the comedy-rock act Hotlegs, which morphed into 10cc. After four albums and a string of hits with 10cc, Godley & Creme recorded as a duo, starting with the 1977 triple-album Consequences, a […]

Culture Club

Culture Club are an English new wave and soul-pop band whose first two albums, Kissing to Be Clever and Colour by Numbers, spawned the 1982–83 Second British Invasion hits “Time,” “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya,” “Karma Chameleon,” “Church of the Poison Mind,” “It’s a Miracle,” “Miss Me Blind,” and the reggae-pop evergreen “Do You Really Want […]

Major Surgery

Major Surgery were an English instrumental quartet that was active during the late 1970s. Members: Jimmy Roche (guitar), Bruce Collcutt (bass), Don Weller (tenor sax), Tony Marsh (drums) Roche and Weller had both played with East of Eden amidst assorted other credits. The quartet issued The First Cut on their self-financed Next! imprint in 1977. […]


Chopyn were an English art-rock band that released the album Grand Slam on Jet Records in 1975. The band paired veteran jazz-rock guitarist Ray Russell with singer/songwriter Ann Odell. Members: Denny McCaffrey (vocals), Simon Colclough (vocals), Clyde McMullen (bass, vocals), Ann Odell (keyboards, vocals), Simon Phillips (drums), Ray Russell (guitar, vocals, sitar) Odell had released […]

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy Duck was an English hard-rock band that released a self-titled album on MAM Records in 1971. Their name was partially derived from that of drummer Paul Francis’s prior band, Tucky Buzzard. Filling out the ranks were ex-Andromeda/Killing Floor bassist Mick Hawksworth and fleeting Arthur Brown-sideman Roy Sharland. Members: Mick Hawksworth (bass), Roy Sharland (organ), […]


Container were a Swiss jazz-rock band band that released a self-titled album in 1976 on local-press Image. Three of the members hailed from the Jazz Rock Experience. Saxophonist/keyboardist Bruno Spoerri became a prolific electronic musician. Members: Bruno Spoerri (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, sopranino saxophone, Lyricon, synthesizer, producer), Nick Bertschinger (piano, electric piano, Clavinet, […]


Welcome were a Swiss rock trio active from the mid-to-late 1970s. Signed to the local branch of Columbia Records, the band released its homonymous debut LP in 1976. Members: Tommy Stebel (percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals), Bernie Krauer (keyboards, vocals, 1975-80), Francis Jost (bass, vocals, 1975-77), Helmi Erdinger (bass, 1978-80), Jean De Anthony (guitar, 1979-81) With […]

Blue Motion

Blue Motion were a Swiss avant-classical keyboard trio that sprung from the ashes of Circus. They snuck into a Riehen studio on the night of October 1–2, 1980, and recorded their singular album, released that year on local-press Amos. The clandestine recording was later issued by archivists Laser’s Edge (1992) and Belle Antique (2013). Members: […]

After Shave

After Shave were a Swiss hard rock band that was active during the early 1970s. The band locally released one album, Skin Deep, in 1972. Members: Pierre-Alain “Pakman” Kessi (guitar, vocals), André “Dédé” Pascal (drums, 1968-70), Bruno Zuest (vocals, 1968-70), “Noudi” (bass, 1968-70), Jean-Claude “Cacou” Fontana (vocals, bass, 1970-73), Rodolphe “Jötu” Baumgartner (drums, 1970-75), Barry […]

Intergalactic Touring Band

The Intergalactic Touring Band was a fictitious group of British and American singers and musicians that recorded a sci-fi concept album, produced by Marty Scott and Stephan Galfas and released on Passport Records (US) and Charisma (UK) in 1977. The songs were written and arranged by Danny Beckerman and Wil Malone. Intergalactic Touring Band features […]

First Aid

First Aid were an English symphonic-rock band that released the album Nostradamus on Decca in 1976. The album was based on prophesies of the famed seer, including his prediction that the world would end in 1986, ten years on from the album’s release. Members: Alan Wormald (guitar and vocals), Norrie Tennet (bass), Keith Parkinson (keyboards), […]

Martee Lebous

Martee Lebous (born April 12, 1957) is an American singer and songwriter from New York who released the cabaret/soul-pop album The Lady Wants to Be a Star on Image Records in 1976. A decade later, she resurfaced with the modified surname Lebow and released the 1986 mini-album Crimes of the Heart, followed by the 1987 […]

Lonette McKee

Lonette McKee (born July 22, 1954) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from Detroit who released the album Lonette on Sussex Records in 1974, followed by Words and Music on Warner Bros. in 1978. As an actress, she’s appeared in more than 30 movies, including Sparkle (1976), The Cotton Club (1984), and Malcolm X […]

J. Jasmine

J. Jasmine was the avant-cabaret musical project of American singer, lyricist, and performance artist Jacqueline Humbert and pianist/composer David Rosenboom. The project yielded the self-pressed album My New Music in 1977. Members: Jacqueline Humbert (vocals), David Rosenboom (piano, violin) Discography: My New Music (1977) Sources: Discogs: J. Jasmine Unseen Worlds: A History of “J. Jasmine: […]

The Brains

The Brains were an American new wave band from Georgia that released the 1978 independent single “Money Changes Everything” (later covered by Cyndi Lauper) and the 1980–81 Mercury albums The Brains and Electronic Eden. After their 1982 EP Dancing Under Streetlights, guitarist Rick Price became the bassist of Georgia Satellites. Members: Tom Gray (vocals, keyboards), […]

Tamiko Jones

Tamiko Jones — aka Barbara Tamiko Ferguson (born 1945) — is an American soul singer from Kyle, W.V., who released four albums on Atlantic, A&M, December, and Metromedia between 1967 and 1970. She reemerged in 1975 with the album Love Trip on Arista, followed by Cloudy on Atlantis Records in 1977. Discography: A Mann & […]


Drama were a Dutch hard-rock/psych band that released four singles and an eponymous album on Philips between 1971 and 1973. Members: Polle Eduard (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), Uly Grün (Hammond organ, Mellotron, guitar, vocals), Frank van der Kloot (guitar, vocals), Shell Schellekens (drums) Discography: Drama (1972)


Störung were a Dutch coldwave duo that released the album This Is Future in 1982 on Clogsontronics, followed by a cassette-only live recording on Combinator. Members: Eugenius [Eus Otte] (guitar, vocals), Arian Brunwin [Hylkia de Jong] (synthesizer, vocals) Discography: This Is Future (1982) The Art of Combining (1983)


Tower were a Dutch pomp-rock band that released several singles and the 1982 album Titan on Dureco Benelux. Members: Marian Pijnaker (vocals), Ton Hoogeboom (drums), Cor van Hoogt (vocals, guitar), Henk van Loon (keyboards, vocals), Ben Petersen (bass) Discography: Titan (1982)

Ensemble Pittoresque

Ensemble Pittoresque were a Dutch coldwave band that released two albums on Clogsontronics and Vip Records circa 1983/84. In 2007, a 40-minute demo recorded in 1982 was issued by U.S. specialty label Minimal Wave. Members: Richard Neumöller (vocals, guitar, tapes), Paulus Wieland (synthesizer, piano), Marion Prinz (vocals, synthesizer, 1983-84), Le Biquo (synthesizer, trumpet, 1983-84), Ed […]


Flue were a Dutch coldwave/art-punk band that released a single and two albums between 1980 and 1983 on Torso. Members: Cor Bolten, Edward Gijsen (vocals, guitar, synthesizer, piano, bass), Judith Smorenberg (synthesizer), Hans (drums), Jerome (bass) Discography: “Jerome” / “Ugly People” (1980) One and a Half (1981) Vista (1983) “Some-times (in Arabia)” / “Legacy” (1987)


Mirror were a Dutch symphonic-rock quintet that self-pressed the album Daybreak in 1978. Three-fifths of the band went on to form the similarly styled Lethe. Members: Kees Walravens (guitar), Paula Mennen (vocals, keyboards), Philip de Goey (saxophone, flute, oboe), Johan Saanen (bass), Peter Fransen (drums) Discography: Daybreak (1978)

Third Eye

Third Eye were a Dutch jazz-rock band that released two albums on Ring between 1976 and 1977. Members: Jan Huydts (electric piano, synthesizer, Mellotron), Alfred Haurand (bass, percussion), Leo de Ruyter (drums), Frank Köllges (drums, Mellotron, piano), Steve Boston (congas, percussion), Wilton Gaynair (saxophone), Rob van den Broeck (keyboards), Tony Levin (drums), Alan Skidmore (saxophone), […]