Saturnalia was an English folk-psych band that released the album Magical Love on Matrix in 1973. Members: Rod Roach (guitar, backing vocals), Adrian Hawkins (vocals), Tom Crompton (drums), Richard Houghton (bass, keyboards), Aletta Lohmeyer (vocals) Background Saturnalia formed in London in 1972 when two ex-members of hard-rockers Horse, singer Adrian Hawkins and guitarist Rod Roach, […]

Symphonic Slam

Symphonic Slam was a Canadian maximalist rock trio that released a self-titled album on A&M in 1976. Two years later, frontman Timo Laine issued a solo album on Lady Records that bore the band’s nameplate. Members: Timo Laine (guitar, vocals), John Lowery (drums), David Stone (keyboards) Background Symphonic Slam was the brainchild of Timo Laine*, […]


Harmonium was a Québécois symphonic-folk band that released the 1974–75 Célébration albums Harmonium and Les Cinq Saisons, followed by the 1976 CBS double-album L’heptade. Members: Serge Fiori (guitar, flute, vocals), Michel Normandeau (guitar, vocals, 1972-76), Louis Valois (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, 1973-78), Serge Locat (keyboards, 1975-77), Pierre Daigneault (flute, saxophone, clarinet, 1975-76), Robert Stanley (guitar, […]

Woody Kern

Woody Kern was an English psychedelic blues-rock band that released the 1969 album The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk on Pye Records. Members: Steve Harris (drums), Mike Wheat (bass), John Sanderson (tenor saxophone, flute, violin), Rik Kenton (guitar, keyboards) Background Woody Kern formed in 1967 as a Nottingham powertrio comprised of bassist Mike Wheat, drummer […]

John Foxx

John Foxx is an English keyboardist, songwriter, and producer who first emerged as the frontman of Ultravox, a pioneering electro-rock band that released three 1977–78 albums on Island Records. In 1980, Foxx debuted as a solo artist with Metamatic, a collection of minimal wave and ambient-vocal cuts on his own Virgin-imprint Metal Beat. Foxx embraced […]


Jade was an English folk-rock trio that released the album Fly On Strangewings on DJM in 1970. Members: Marian Segal [Marianne Segal] (vocals, guitar, percussion), Dave Waite (guitar, bass, vocals), Rod Edwards (keyboards, bass, vocals) Formation Jade formed in Westminster in 1970 when singing guitarists Marianne Segal and Dave Waite, a folk duo since the […]

Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights was an English band that issued the folk-rock album King Progress on Charisma in 1970. After a lineup change, they moved to Vertigo for the 1972/73 albums The Fifth Avenue Bus, Ragamuffins Fool, and Bump ‘n’ Grind, the latter two influenced by ragtime and music hall. They were one of three bands — […]


Mallard was an American swamp-rock band that released a self-titled album on Virgin in 1975, followed by In a Different Climate in 1976. They were formed by three members of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. Members: Mark Boston [aka Rockette Morton] (bass), John French (drums, vocals), Bill Harkleroad [aka Zoot Horn Rollo] (guitar), John […]


Interview was an English pop-rock band from Bath that released the 1979–80 albums Big Oceans and Snakes and Lovers on Virgin Records. Members: Jeff Starrs (lead vocals, backing vocals), Pete Allerhand (lead guitar, vocals, keyboards), Allan Brain (guitar, vocals), Phil Crowther (bass, vocals), Alfie Agius (bass, vocals), Manny Elias (drums) Formation Interview formed in 1977 […]

Indian Summer

Indian Summer was an English post-psych band from the industrial Midlands that released a self-titled album on RCA/Neon in 1971. Members: Bob Jackson (keyboards, vocals), Paul Hooper (drums, percussion), Roy Butterfield (guitar), Al Hatton (bass), Steve Cotteral (guitar), Colin Williams (guitar, vocals), Malcolm Harker (bass, vocals, 1969-71), Wez Price (bass, vocals, 1971-72) Background Indian Summer […]

I Drive

I Drive was an English post-psych band, formed in Greater Manchester and based in Germany. They released the 1969 two-sided single “Classical Rigby” with (future Twenty Sixty Six and Then) singer Geff Harrison, followed by a 1972 eponymous album on the Krautrock label Metronome. After their breakup, guitarist–singer “Cheese” Hampson and bassist Leslie Graham carried […]

Guns & Butter

Guns & Butter was an American sax-rock/psych band from Boston that released a self-titled album on Cotillion in 1972. Members: Peter Cohen (bass), Lenny Federer (violin, viola), Jeff Lyons (vocals), Richard Ploss (flute, saxophone), Peter Tucker (drums), Paul Cohen (guitar) Background Guns & Butter had its roots in a musical partnership between singer Jeff Lyons […]


Gotham was an American brass-rock/soul band from NYC that released the album Pass the Butter on Motown-subsidiary Natural Resources in 1972. Members: Link Chamberlin [aka Linc Chamberland] (guitar), Schuylar “Sky” Ford (vocals, acoustic guitar), Chris Qualles (bass), Frank Vicari (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Alfred “Peewee” Ellis [aka Pee Wee Ellis] (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone […]

Jericho Jones

Jericho Jones was an Israeli hard-rock band that evolved from The Churchill’s, which made a 1968 pop-psych album in Tel Aviv with ex-Tornadoes guitarist Robb Huxley. They moved to London as Jericho Jones and signed with A&M for the 1971 album Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys, followed by a 1972 eponymous album as Jericho. Members: Robb […]

The Belle Stars

The Belle Stars were an English new wave septet on Stiff Records that released eleven singles between 1981 and 1984, including the hits “Iko Iko,” “The Clapping Song,” “Sign of the Times,” and “Sweet Memory.” In 1986, a three-woman lineup scored the club hit “World Domination.” They featured five ex-members of The Bodysnatchers, another all-female […]

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown was an English psych-rock band that released the single “Devil’s Grip” on Track Record in 1967, followed by a self-titled album (co-produced by Pete Townshend) and the single “Nightmare” in 1968. The band is best known for the shock theatrics of vocalist Arthur Brown, whose hair-lighting antics ignited performances […]

The Dog That Bit People

The Dog That Bit People was an English four-piece that released a self-titled album on Parlophone in 1971. The band was formed by bassist Mick Hincks and drummer Bob Lamb after the breakup of their prior outfit Locomotive. Members: John Caswell (guitar, vocals), Mick Hincks (bass, vocals), Keith Millar (guitar, keyboards, Mellotron, vocals), Bob Lamb […]

The Bliss Band

The Bliss Band was an English–American adult-oriented rock band based in Los Angeles. They made two albums for Columbia: the Steely Dan-inspired Dinner With Raoul (1978) and the West Coast-styled Neon Smiles (1979). Members: Paul Bliss (vocals, piano, keyboards), Nigel Elliott (drums, percussion), Phil Palmer (guitar), Andy Brown (bass, vocals), Alan Park (organ, piano, keyboards) […]


Home was an English rustic art-rock band from London, best remembered for the 1972 epic “Lady of the Birds” and the 1973 concept album The Alchemist. They released three albums on CBS. Members: Mick Stubbs (vocals, guitar, piano), Laurie Wisefield (acoustic guitar, steel guitar, vocals), Cliff Williams (bass, vocals), Mick Cook (drums, percussion), Clive John […]

Heads Hands & Feet

Heads Hands & Feet were an English rustic-rock band that released three albums between 1971 and 1973. Their first, recorded as a six-piece, appeared as a double-album on Capitol (US) and a single album on Island (UK). They trimmed to five members for the 1972 release Tracks and the following Old Soldiers Never Die, released […]


Dust was an American northeast power trio that released two albums, Dust and Hard Attack, on Kama Sutra in 1971/72. Members: Richie Wise (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), Marc Bell [Marky Ramone] (drums), Kenny Aaronson (bass, steel guitar, Dobro, bottleneck guitar) Background Dust formed in 1969 in New York City when guitarist Richie Wise teamed […]

Paper Bubble

Paper Bubble was an English chamber/folk-pop trio that released the album Scenery on Deram in 1970. Members: Terry Brake (vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar), Brian Crane (vocals, guitar), Neil Mitchell (bass) Background Paper Bubble began with a musical partnership between two singing guitarists from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Terry Brake and Brian Crane. They eventually added bassist Neil […]


Gygafo was an English symphonic-folk rock band that recorded an album in 1973 that was ultimately released by archivists Holyground in 1990. The band’s sole release during their own lifetime was a single on small-press Look Records in 1975. Members: John Atkinson (vocals, guitar, mandolin, flute, glockenspiel), Paul Kent (bass), Pete Nickson (drums, percussion), Charlie […]


Greenslade was an English symphonic-rock supergroup comprised of ex-members of Colosseum, Fields, and Web/Samurai. They released four albums on Warner Bros. between 1973 and 1975. Their first two, Greenslade and Bedside Manners Are Extra, feature gatefold cover art by Yes/Uriah Heep/Osibisa illustrator Roger Dean. Members: Dave Greenslade (keyboards), Tony Reeves (bass, 1972-75, 1976-present), Andy McCulloch […]


Trillion was an American AOR|hard-rock band that released the 1978–80 Epic albums Trillion and Clear Approach. Members: Fergie Frederiksen (vocals, 1978-79), Thom Griffin (vocals, guitar), Frank Barbalace (guitar), Ron Anaman (bass), Patrick Leonard (keyboards), Bill Wilkins (drums) Background Trillion had its roots in Whisper, a Chicago bar band formed in 1976 with keyboardist Patrick Leonard, […]


Dragon are a New Zealander rock band that released nine studio albums between 1974 and 1989 and scored Australian hits with “April Sun In Cuba,” “Rain,” and “Are You Old Enough?” They emerged on Auckland’s pub circuit and signed to Vertigo for the 1974–75 albums Universal Radio and Scented Gardens for the Blind, both comprised […]


Mississippi was an Australian rustic harmony-rock band from Melbourne that released a self-titled album in 1972 on Bootleg. They cut three prior singles as Alison Gros, which masqueraded as Drummond on the 1971 novelty hit “Daddy Cool.” Guitarist–singer Graeham Gobel and post-album members Beeb Birtles (ex-Zoot) and Derek Pellicci achieved subsequent stardom in the Little […]


Mouse was an English hard-rock/psych band that released the album Lady Killer on Sovereign in 1973. This was the second of three one-off rock combos during a four-year period for jazz guitarist Ray Russell, who preceded Mouse with Running Man in 1972 and followed with Chopyn in 1975. Members: Alan “Al” Clare (lead vocals, keyboards), […]

Gloria Mundi

Gloria Mundi was an English art-rock/punk band from London that released two albums on RCA Victor in 1978 and 1979. Saxophonist c.c. was already known for credits with The Clash (“City of the Dead”) and Ultravox (“Hiroshima Mon Amour“). Singer Eddie Maelov and keyboardist/singer Sunshine Patteson later recorded as the synth duo Eddie & Sunshine. […]


Ginhouse was an English rock trio from Newcastle upon Tyne that released a self-titled album on B & C and Philips in 1971. Along with contemporary titles by T2, Fuzzy Duck, Leaf Hound, Quatermass, and High Tide, the album has since become a collectible artifact of progressive hard rock. Members: Stewart Burlison (bass, vocals), Geoff […]

Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash are an English hard-rock/jam band from Torquay, Devon, that released eleven studio albums and two live double-LPs on MCA between 1970 and 1981, followed by albums on Metronome, Neat, and I.R.S. during the subsequent decade. They are noted for their twin-lead guitar format, as exemplified on the 1971/72 albums Pilgrimage and Argus and […]


Walrus was an English brass-rock band that released a self-titled album on Deram in 1970, followed by a standalone a-side in 1971. Members: Steve Hawthorn (bass), John Scates (guitar), Noel Greenaway (vocals), Don Richards (trumpet), Roy Voce (tenor saxophone), Bill Hoad (saxophone), Roger Harrison (drums), Nick Gabb (drums), Barry Parfitt (organ, piano) Background Walrus was […]

Velvett Fogg

Velvett Fogg was an English psych-rock band that released a 1969 self-titled album and the Tornadoes cover “Telstar” on Pye Records. Guitarist–singer Paul Eastment recorded a subsequent album with folk-rockers The Ghost. Members: Frank Wilson (vocals, organ), Graham Mullett (drums), Mick Pollard (bass), Ian Leighton (guitar, 1968), Paul Eastment (guitar, vocals, 1968-70) Background Velvett Fogg […]


Hannibal was an English blues-rock band from Birmingham that released a self-titled album on B&C and Philips in 1970. Members: Rolando Alex Boyce [aka Kirk St. James] (lead vocals), Jack Griffiths (bass), Bill Hunt (keyboards), Adrian Ingram (guitar), John Parkes (drums), Cliff Williams (tenor saxophone, clarinet) Background Hannibal formed circa 1969 with two West Midlands […]

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke were an English organ-rock trio that released a 1969 self-titled album on Polydor, followed by two 1970–72 albums and a soundtrack on Capitol. Bassist Tony Ashton and drummer Roy Dyke hailed from the long-running R&B/beat combo Remo Four, which released the 1967 album Smile! Bassist Kim Gardner played in a latter-day […]

The Attack

The Attack was an English psych-rock band that released four 1967–68 singles on Decca. The first two (“Try It,” “Hi Ho Silver Lining”) feature guitarist Davy O’List, who departed for The Nice. Their third (“Created By Clive”) appeared on the same day as a similar version by The Syn. Guitarist John Du Cann joined for […]

Forever Amber

Forever Amber was an English pop-psych band that self-released the 1969 album The Love Cycle. Keyboardist Christopher Parren surfaced behind Hudson–Ford and teamed with Maggie Bell in Midnight Flyer. Members: Michael Richardson (vocals), Anthony Mumford (bass, vocals), Richard Lane (lead guitar, vocals), Christopher Jones (rhythm guitar, vocals), Christopher Parren (organ, piano, harpsichord, vocals), Barry Broad […]

The Collectors

The Collectors were a Canadian psychedelic rock band that released seven singles and the 1968–69 albums The Collectors and Grass and Wild Strawberries on Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. After the departure of single Howie Vickers, the others carried on as Chilliwack. Members: Ross Turney (drums), Howie Vickers (vocals), Claire Lawrence (saxophone, flute, keyboards), Glenn Miller (bass), […]


Christmas was a Canadian post-psych band from Ontario. In 1970, they held an in-studio jam that appeared (unauthorized) on Paragon, followed by the Daffodil release Heritage. In 1974, they resurfaced as The Spirit of Christmas with the ambitious concept album Lies to Live By. Members: Bob Bryden (vocals, guitar), Tyler Raizenne (bass), Rich Richter (drums), […]


Detective was an English-American hard-rock band that released the 1977 albums Detective and It Takes One to Know One, both on Led Zeppelin‘s Swan Song label. The band featured former Silverhead vocalist Michael Des Barres, one-time Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, and ex-Yes/Badger keyboardist Tony Kaye. Members: Michael Des Barres (lead vocals), Michael Monarch (guitar), Bobby […]

Deep Feeling

Deep Feeling was an English studio band that released multiple singles of orchestral pop on Page One and DJM in 1970/71, followed by an eponymous art-rock album that has since achieved cult status. (This Deep Feeling is not to be confused with a namesake earlier band that featured a pre-Traffic Jim Capaldi.) Members: John Swail […]


Mashmakhan was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Montreal that released the 1970–71 Columbia–Epic albums Mashmakhan and The Family and scored an international hit with “As the Years Go By.” Drummer Jerry Mercer later joined Halifax stars April Wine. Members: Pierre Senecal (vocals, keyboards), Rayburn Blake (guitar), Jerry Mercer (drums, 1960-71), Trevor Payne (vocals), Brian […]

Tonton Macoute

Tonton Macoute was an English jazz-rock/psych band from Newbury, Berkshire, that released a self-titled album on RCA-subsidiary Neon in 1971, followed by a standalone single under the abbreviated name Tonton in 1972. Keyboardist/vocalist Paul French reemerged at decade’s end with art-rockers Voyager, which issued three albums between 1979 and 1981. Members: Paul French (keyboards, vocals), […]

Toe Fat

Toe Fat was an English hard-rock/blues band that released a self-titled album on Parlophone in 1970, followed by a second on Regal Zonophone in 1971. The band was led by first-generation rock n’ roller Cliff Bennett and briefly included drummer Lee Kerslake and keyboardist Ken Hensley, en route to their lengthy stints in Uriah Heep. […]


Dark was an English hard-rock/psych band that issued the album Round the Edges on small-press Sis in 1972. Recordings from the band’s remaining years of activity were later released by archivists Kissing Spell. Members: Bruce Duncan (bass, guitar, vocals, 1968-70), Steve Giles (guitars, vocals), Charles Hiams (drums, 1968-70), Martin Moloney (organ, vocals, 1968-71), Clive Thorneycroft […]


Dada was an English brass-rock-soul band that released a self-titled album on Atco in 1970. They featured the husband-wife team of guitarist Pete Gage and vocalist Elkie Brooks. After the album’s release, co-vocalist Paul Korda cleared way for ex-Alan Bown Set singer Robert Palmer. This ushered a reinvention as soul-rockers Vinegar Joe, which released three […]


Jackal was a Canadian post-psychedelic hard-rock band that released the 1973 album Awake on Periwinkle Records. Members: Charlie Shannon (vocals), Steve Hayward, Chris Kellesis (organ), James Kellesis, Lois Mutton (drums), Dave Bernard (guitar, bass) Background Jackal formed in 1969 when organist Chris Kellesis and his bassist brother Jack teamed with singer and schoolmate Charlie Shannon. […]


Moxy was a Canadian hard-rock band that released four albums between 1975 and 1978 on Polydor|Mercury. They gained fame in Ontario and Texas, where import copies of their first album made them a regional phenomenon. Singer Buzz Shearman headed their first three albums: Moxy, Moxy II, and Ridin’ High. He cleared for Michael Rynoski on […]


Dillinger was a Canadian symphonic/hard-rock band from Toronto that released two albums on Daffodil between 1974 and 1976. Members: Jacques Harrison (keyboards, vocals, saxophone, flute, accordion), Robert Harrison (drums, percussion), Paul Cockburn (guitar), Terry Bramhall (bass) Background Dillinger formed in Toronto in 1973 when keyboardist and reedist Jacques Harrison and his percussionist brother Robert teamed […]


Klaatu was a Canadian symphonic art-pop trio that issued four 1973–75 singles, compiled with further material on their 1976 Daffodil–Capitol album 3:47 E.S.T. Rumored to be The Beatles, Klaatu’s members retained their anonymity on the 1977–80 albums Hope, Sir Army Suit, and Endangered Species, then unmasked on their 1981 swan song Magentalane. Members: Terry Draper […]


Garfield was a Canadian art-rock band fronted by musician–songwriter Garfield French. They made the 1976 Mercury album Strange Streets and the 1977 Polydor title Out There Tonight. French continued the Garfield name for the 1979–81 Polydor albums Reason to Be and Flights of Fantasy. Members: Garfield French (lead vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, mandolin), Walter Lawrence […]


Pollen was a Québécois symphonic-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1976 on Kébec-Disc. Frontman Jacques Tom Rivest reassembled the first lineup for his 1979 debut solo album. Members: Jacques Tom Rivest (vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards), Richard Lemoyne (guitar, keyboards, bass), Serge Courchesne (drums, vibraphone, flute, bass, 1973-74), Claude Lemay (keyboards, flute, vibraphone, bass, […]

Et Cetera

Et Cetera was a Québécois symphonic art-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1976 on DIY Apostrophe. Members: Marie Bernard Pagé (keyboards, ondes Martenot, vocals), Denis Chartrand (keyboards, flute, saxophone, vibraphone, vocals), Pierre Dragon (drums, percussion), Robert Marchand (guitars, vocals), Alain Yves Pigeon (bass, cello, vocals) Background Et Cetera formed in Montreal around singer […]

Vos Voisins

Vos Voisins were a Québécois psych-rock band that released the 1971 Polydor album Holocauste à Montréal. Members: Jacques Perron (keyboards, vocals), Pierre Ringuet (drums), Serge Vallières (guitar), André Parenteau (bass) Background Vos Voisins (French for “your neighbors”) sprung from a partnership between keyboardist Jacques Perron and drummer Pierre Ringuet, who first teamed behind singer Louise […]

Three Man Army

Three Man Army was an English hard-rock trio that released the album A Third of a Lifetime on Pegasus in 1971, followed by two self-titled albums on Reprise. They featured guitarist/vocalist Adrian Gurvitz and his bassist brother Paul Gurvitz, the team behind ’60s psych-rockers Gun. The trio first included drummer Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth, The […]


Tempest was an English hard-rock supergroup on Bronze that released a self-titled album in 1973 with guitarist Allan Holdsworth, followed in 1974 by Living in Fear with Patto–Boxer guitarist Ollie Halsall. Drummer Jon Hiseman directed the band between his time in Colosseum and Colosseum II. Members: Allan Holdsworth (guitar, violin, vocals, 1972-73), Mark Clarke (bass, […]


Pan was a Danish psych-rock band that released a self-titled album and standalone single on Sonet in 1970. Members: Robert Lelièvre (vocals, guitar), Thomas Puggaard-Müller (guitar), Henning Verner (piano, organ, vibraphone), Arne Würgler (bass, cello, 1969-70), Michael Puggaard-Müller (drums, 1969-?), Jens Elbøl (bass, 1970-71) Torben Enghoff (saxophone, flute, ?-1971), Nils Tuxen (guitar, ?-1971) Background Pan […]

The Soft Boys

The Soft Boys were an English New Wave/psych band from Cambridge that debuted with a three-song EP on Raw Records in 1977, followed by the 1979/80 albums A Can of Bees (Two Crabs Universal) and Underwater Moonlight (Armageddon Records). Guitarist/vocalist Robyn Hitchcock launched a prolific solo career. Members: Robyn Hitchcock (vocals, guitar), Morris Windsor (drums), […]

Thors Hammer

Thors Hammer was a Danish jazz-rock band that issued a self-titled album on Metronome in 1971. Members: Peter Nielsen (vocals), Michael Bruun (guitar, piano), Jesper Neehammer (saxophone), Henrik Langkilde (organ, piano), Henrik Bødtcher (bass), Simon Koppel (drums) Background Thors Hammer included saxophonist Jesper Nehammer, guitarist Michael Bruun, bassist Henrik Bødtcher, and drummer Simon Koppel, all […]


Storyteller was an English folk-rock band that released the 1970–71 albums Storyteller and More Pages on Transatlantic Records. Members: Caroline Attard [aka Carolyn Bown] (vocals), Terry Durham (vocals), Roger Moon (guitar, vocals), Mike Rogers (guitar, vocals, 1969-71), Rod Clark (bass, ?-1970), Chris Belshaw (bass, vocals, ?-1971), Henry Spinetti (drums, 1971) Formation Storyteller surfaced in 1969 […]

The Planets

The Planets was an English new wave band that released the 1979–80 Rialto albums Goon Hilly Down and Spot. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Lindsey formed the band after three albums with Deaf School. He recorded Goon Hilly Down with assorted musicians and formed a quartet for Spot. Members: Steve Lindsey (vocals, bass), Tony Wimshurst (guitar, […]


Snakefinger — aka Philip Charles Lithman (June 17, 1949 — July 1, 1987) — was an English guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter who headed two albums (1972–74) by rustic-rockers Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers. He backed The Residents on their 1978 release Duck Stab / Buster & Glen and singed to Ralph Records for […]


Ticket was a New Zealander post-psych band that released the albums Awake and Let Sleeping Dogs Lie on small-press Down Under Records in 1972. Members: Eddie Hansen (guitar), Ricky Ball (drums, 1970-73), Paul Woolright (bass, 1970-73), Trevor Tombleson (vocals, 1970-72), Glen Absolum (drums, 1974), Billy Williams (bass, 1974) Background Ticket formed in Auckland in 1970 […]

Clive Langer & The Boxes

Clive Langer & The Boxes were an English new wave band that released the 1979 EP I Want the Whole World on Radar, followed by the 1980 album Splash on F-Beat. Langer served beforehand as the guitarist–songwriter of Liverpool legends Deaf School. He produced subsequent albums by Madness, Elvis Costello, and former bandmate Bette Bright. […]


Stonehouse was an English hard-rock band that released the album Stonehouse Creek on RCA Victor in 1971. Two members moved to the folk-psych combo Asgærd for a further one-off in 1972. Members: Pete Spearing (guitar, vocals), James Smith (vocals), Ian Snow (drums), Terry Parker (bass) Origin Stonehouse hailed from Plymouth, Devon, where guitar/singer Pete Spearing […]

Kensington Market

Kensington Market was a Canadian psychedelic rock band from Toronto that released five singles and the 1968–69 Warner albums Avenue Road and Aardvark. Members: Luke Gibson (vocals), Keith McKie (guitar, vocals), Alex Darou (bass), Eugene Martynec (piano, guitar), John Mills-Cockell (keyboards, 1969), Jimmy Watson (drums) Background Kensington Market formed in May 1967 when singer–guitarist Keith […]


Sindelfingen was an English symphonic/folk-rock band that released the 1973 album ‘Odgipig, now a high-priced collectible. Members: Richard Manktelow (vocals, guitar), Mark Letley (bass, guitar), Roger Thorn (drums, percussion), Roger Woods (glockenspiel, oscillators), Matt Letley (drums) Background Sindelfingen evolved from a jam session by a group of teenagers in Rochester in Kent, England, called together […]


Shiva was an English hard-rock band that released the 1982 album Firedance on Heavy Metal Records. They recorded songs for a second album that ultimately surfaced on a 2004 CD by archivists Majestic Rock. Members: John Hall (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Andy Skuse (bass, vocals, keyboards), Chris D’Avoigne (guitar, vocals, 1979-80), Simon “Jack” Carver (drums, percussion, […]


Samurai was an English symphonic/jazz-rock band that released a self-titled album on the Greenwich Gramophone Company label in 1971. They first appeared as Deram recording artists The Web and made the 1970 Polydor album I Spider as Web. Singer, composer, and keyboardist Dave Lawson subsequently co-founded Greenslade with members of Colosseum and Fields. (For the […]

Sad Lovers & Giants

Sad Lovers & Giants were an English post-punk band that released the 1981 DIY singles “Imagination” and “Colourless Dream,” followed by the 1982–83 albums Epic Garden Music and Feeding the Flame, both on Midnight Music. Drummer Nigel Pollard and guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk formed the break-off band Snake Corps. Members: Garce (vocals), Nigel Pollard (drums, percussion), […]

Mr. Albert Show

Mr. Albert Show was a Dutch sax-rock band that released a self-titled album on Philips in 1970, followed by Warm Motor in 1971. Members: Bertus Borgers (saxophone, flute, vocals), Roeland “Broer” Boogaart (drums), Tom Fautu Bun (bass), Eric Lintermans (guitar, vocals), Bonkie Bongaerts (organ), Floortje Klomp [Fleur Colombe] (vocals) Background Mr. Albert Show formed after […]

Madder Lake

Madder Lake was an Australian rock band that released the 1973–74 albums Still Point and Butterfly Farm and charted with “Goodbye Lollipop” and “12lb Toothbrush.” As one of the earliest clients of Aussie music mogul Michael Gudinski, they played at three Sunbury Pop Festivals and cut the first studio titles on Mushroom Records. Members: Mick […]


Fire was an English psych-rock trio responsible for the freakbeat classic “Father’s Name Is Dad” (b/w “Treacle Toffee World”), released in 1968 on Decca. In 1970, they released The Magic Shoemaker, a folk-rock concept album on Pye. In 1972, frontman Dave Lambert joined Strawbs for a six-year, seven-album run. His solo album, Framed, appeared in […]