Steve Maxwell Von Braund

Steve Maxwell Von Braund is an Australian keyboardist and saxophonist who made the nation’s first electronic album, Monster Planet, released in 1975 on the experimental Clear Light of Jupiter label. Soon after, he formed Cybotron, a Kraut-inspired electronic combo that made three albums between 1976 and 1980. Background Steve Braund (b. 1947) grew up in […]

Cybotron – Cybotron (1976)

Cybotron is the first album by the namesake Australian electronic combo, released in 1976 on Clear Light of Jupiter. Tracklist: A1. “Arrakis” (5:58) A2. “Mumbo Jumbo” (4:16) A3. “Gods of Norse” (4:42) B1. “Parameters of Consciousness” (9:22) B2. “Sonic Overide” (10:07) —i. Gliding —ii. The Riddle —iii. Answer Credits: Steve Maxwell Von Braund – synthesiser, electronic […]

Steve Maxwell Von Braund – Monster Planet (1975)

Monster Planet is an album by Australian electronic musician Steve Maxwell Von Braund, released in 1975 on Clear Light of Jupiter. Tracklist: A1. “Monster Planet” (9:00 — 3:41–6:25) A2. “Shadowfax” (10:02) B1. “Spirit” (14:14 — :01-4:30 | 8:20-14:05) B2. “Crystal Forest” (8:19) Credits: Drums, Bass Guitar – Gil Matthews Synthesizer, Alto Saxophone – Steve Maxwell […]


Cybotron was an Australian electronic combo from Melbourne that released a 1976 self-titled album on Clear Light of Jupiter, followed by Colossus (1978, Champagne) and Implosion (1980, Cleopatra). Their co-founder, keyboardist–saxist Steve Maxwell Von Braund, preceded Cybotron with a 1975 solo album, Monster Planet. Members: Steve Maxwell Von Braund (keyboards, synthesizer, saxophone, percussion), Geoff Green […]